[Preview] The Adventures of Puss in Boots #4

Here is your first look at Puss in Boots #4 from Titan Comics. PUSS IN BOOTS #4 Writers: Alex Matthews, Max Davison Artists: Egle Bartolini, Dave Alvarez FC – $3.99 – 32pp A spate of petty crime plagues the town of San Lorenzo and Puss just can’t put his paw on who’s to blame. In a bid to stay more vigilant, he takes Artephius’ magic potion and things take a turn for the strange… Later, the circus comes to town but these clowns look pretty sinister and it’s not long before Puss is locking swords with his old enemy El

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[Preview] Puss in Boots #3

Titan Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Puss in Boots #3 by Max Davison, Alex Matthews, and Egle Bartolini. PUSS IN BOOTS #3 Writers: Max Davison, Alex Matthews Artists: Egle Bartolini & Various FC – 32pp – $3.99 A mysterious pedlar sets up his shop in San Lorenzo. But when his magic shoes enslave the townsfolk it’s up to Puss and a band of fairytale vigilantes – the screaming Banshee, Shockheaded Peter and Fintin the Salmon of Wisdom- to save the day. And in a special bonus story, Dulcinea is distraught when she finds a vital page is

The post [Preview] Puss in Boots #3 appeared first on Major Spoilers.

Titan To Publish Shrek Spin-Off Puss In Boots Comic

 Coming from Titan Comics in April, a new Puss In Boots comic book, based on the Dreamworks character appearing the Shrek films and his own spin-off movie… And created by Max Davison, Chris Cooper, Egle Bartolini and Dave Alvarez. Outlaw, Hero, Purr-amour! Puss in Boots is back! Short of money and with a long milk… Read more »

Titan To Publish Shrek Spin-Off Puss In Boots Comic

Alien, From The Point Of View Of Jones The Cat

While we´re all waiting (forever) for David Cronenberg to remake Alien from the point of view of the facehugger, here´s “the next best thing.” Film critic Anne Billson has written, and published as a free e-book, My Day by Jones: A Cat’s-Eye View of Alien. It does precisely what she promises. Here´s the opening passage:…