Geek History Lesson #261 – Midnighter: The Complete Wildstorm Series (Book Club)

The Authority’s most dangerous man branches off into his own solo series as he fights his way through the Wildstorm Universe! It’s time for the next installment of the GHL Book Club on Midnighter! Direct Download Support the show on Patreon…

COMICS PORTAL: Hill House Horror

Recently, DC announced that they are going to be offering what is called “a new pop-up line of horror comics to be curated by Joe Hill.” They’ll be called Hill House Comics.
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DC announces The Last God series coming in October

This October, DC delves into a new world of myth, magic and lore in THE LAST GOD, from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson, artist Riccardo Federici, and colorist Dean White.
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Batman Beyond #33 Review

Batman Beyond has been unique in that it takes an even higher tech working against Terry and Bruce. Yes, “our” time Batman has had some incredible technology to overcome, but imagine this taking place pretty far in the future. It’s something few of us …