Episode 106: Winter and the Farmer’s Daughter are Coming.

This week in On Shelves Now we review Generation Hope 4, Uncanny X-Force 5.1,  X-Men 9, and Uncanny 534.

We then brace ourselves for the return of the Fastball Special.

And in Retro Reviews we summarize X-Terminators 1 and X-Factor 35.

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Episode 105: The Hamster Weekly

Ladies and gentleman… the Uncanny X-Cast has gone weekly!!! That’s right.  More shows! Shorter shows! Faster turnaround!  That’s the plan at least.

In this first shorter episode we review Age of X 3 and 4 (Legacy 246 and NM 23), X23 6, and X-Factor 215 and 216.

We then go Inside the Mansion with Grant Morrison’s favorite frenchman, Fantomex!

And in Retro Reviews we look at Uncanny 238 and the beginning of INFERNO in Uncanny 239.

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Episode 104: Decocting Ed Bloemendal

This week we review Generation Hope 3, Legacy 245, New Mutants 22, X-23 5, X-Men 8, Uncanny X-Force 5, Uncanny X-Men 533, X-Factor 214 and Astonishing 36.


We then turn down the lights and do a little Roleplay.


In Retro Reviews we summarize New Mutants 70, and Excalibur 4 and 5.


And we thank the Comic Forums for being down and sparing us having to stay awake to do a Fastball Special.
You can download it right here or on iTunes.  Don’t forget to visit us at our forum!