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For Neal Adams, A Happy Ending To A Megacon Disaster

IMG_6275 (1)

Earlier today, Martin Dunn tweeted out an appeal to Bleeding Cool. We got in touch. He told us.

In a nutshell, I was hosting the last comic related panel of the day and this meant I didn’t get back to the CAE Studios booth until after 5:30pm. The show closed at 5, and I didn’t want to brave the unforgiving traffic. Being local and doing Megacon every year, I know it’s a circus. So we (The CAE team) just sort of sat around and talked. We finally started loading our stuff around 10 pm, and as I was on my final walkthrough to the loading dock, I saw a bright floral bag on the floor mixed in with a pile of trash.

IMG_6318 (1)

My curiosity got the best of me and I took a look. Inside was what felt like several picture frames, but it was all wrapped in a black fabric. I was being a little rushed by my fiance, who was hungry. So I just grabbed it and figured we’d take a look when we got home. When I got home, I was so tired I just unloaded everything and went to bed. Yesterday I spent Memorial day relaxing and hanging out with my kids. This morning, I was in my office and the bag was sitting on my sofa. I was waiting on the kids to finish getting ready for school, so I decided to take a look. The bag contained 8 pieces of art by Neal Adams and some that are labeled as being inked by Frank Miller. This was both shocking and exciting. So, I sent out the tweet. Hopefully, I can get these back to Mr. Adams as soon as possible.

IMG_6319 (1)

So I e-mailed Neal Adams who responded extremely positively. I set Martin up to talk to Neal. And this is Neal’s story.

Okay, here’s the story: at the various conventions around the country we’ve been hearing about more and more things stolen, purses stolen, comic books stolen, and stuff stolen, etc. Last week, at Planet Comic Con in Kansas City, Marilyn, my wife, who carries our IDs and cash, had that purse stolen. We believe it was stolen while we were at the booth and during the commotion that happens at the end of the show with last minute interviews, chatting between pros, and the beginning of wrap up. We have been recovering terribly since then by applying for new passports, getting new social security cards, new drivers licenses and state IDs, and totally unable to make up the money that was also in the purse.

Thinking all this was over, and we were getting through the disaster that was caused by some damned thief whose job it is to steal purses without regard to the consequences, we had spent the week applying for all these other things. So we’re at Mega Con and for us, a really terrific con, in fact, a terrific con for all the artists there selling their own prints. Perhaps not so good for artists that are selling prints that are not their own, which, as many know, has become an object of discussion lately. And once again we were packing up to leave, lots of commotion, we shipped all our stuff, we went to the hotel, exhausted, for a quiet dinner, got up in the morning, and we all contacted each other and said, “You have the flowery bag with all the big pieces of art and the paintings, right?” to which we all said, “No.” We lost a bag of art and we had to go to the airport. So we began calling everyone, resolved to get it back. We called Dave, who is so good at this sort of thing, and is the angel of these conventions to help us. We called the police. We called the security at the convention. Then we got on the plane to suffer through the flight. We started a police report that evening which we were going to finish up with a detective this morning when we got an email from Bleeding Cool who passed on an email from Martin Dunn. Martin Dunn has a company called Cae Studios, and, he was leaving the convention and noticed a floral bag in a pile of trash. Curious, he grabbed it, took it home thinking he had found a floral bag and there was something wrapped in it, and he too was exhausted. He didn’t open it until this morning and found all our artwork. Right away he got in touch with Rich from Bleeding Cool and sent out a tweet and got a hold of us. And right now, my wife is on the phone talking to Martin Dunn, CEO at CAE Studios, and arranging for the return of the bag and the artwork.  The greatly loved David Wray will be picking up the art from Martin in Florida, and will get it back to us. We have no possible way at this moment to think of to thank this fellow. We don’t know how the bag got in the trash, we don’t know how we got so stupid to leave the bag to get thrown in the trash. But this is a story that has a happy ending.

Epilogue: That is not to say there is more and more thievery going on at conventions, more and more people scalping exhibitor passes, and more people realizing there is money to be stolen at these conventions. Security must be heightened because I can tell you getting your ID back and making up the thousands dollars you may lose, the collector books you may lose to these scoundrels, and anything else you may lose to these very bad people is not a good experience.

Today we have had the best experience of all, and we have made a new friend.”

For Neal Adams, A Happy Ending To A Megacon Disaster

The Strange Case Of The Emoji Movie Trademarks

emojiSony‘s intention to create a new film franchise with The Emoji Movie may be facing one important hurdle: they were denied the trademark to the word “Emoji.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, former video game executive Marco Husges owns the trademark and intends to build his own Emoji empire. “First get into the marketplace and then TV series, web episodes and movies,” he told the site. Curiously, Husges’s Emoji IP does not include the popular set of symbols used by millions everyday. He has set up his own rival lexicon, with the intent to develop a feature film with producers Roy Lee and Adrian Askarieh.

Meanwhile, Sony’s Emoji Movie is still in development and said to revolve around Emoji Valley, a secret world inside the cellular phones of the real world.

It is currently unclear how the rival Emoji projects will settle the possible dispute. In the past, companies have been willing to license out trademarks, but reserving rights to use their marks on certain fronts. In the 1980s, Columbia Pictures — not yet part of Sony — licensed the word “Ghostbusters” from Filmation with the understanding that it would be a feature film venture. When the two companies could not agree to work together on an animated spinoff, Filmation used their claim to release a cartoon called Ghost Busters while the eventual Columbia spinoff was known as The Real Ghostbusters.

Of course, the strange case of The Emoji Movie may prove to be the most entertaining aspect about the whole endeavor.

The Strange Case Of The Emoji Movie Trademarks

Civil War II And The Shape Of The Marvel Universe Today… (SPOILERS)

Invincible Iron Man, The Road To Civil War II sees Tony Stark, in disguise and wielding a light sabre (don’t ask) discovering another Inhuman who is causing him all manner of grief.

IMG_3104If he were the Tony Stark from the films, he might hold a grudge. But, in actual Civil War II, he seems a lot more sanguine about them all.


Almost as if he wasn’t having hot-headed irrational reactions to certain pieces of news, as opposed to when he tried to kill Bucky in the Civil War movie. Because this is the level headed Marvel comics version of the character.

So when he finds out what has happened to one of his best friends…


You know he’s not going to…


Oh wait, yes he is. As today’s Amazing Spider-Man points out.


‘Twas ever thus, now it’s just in the title as well. Of course, this is a world in which Mary Jane Watson has turned down working for Tony Stark…


And yet has also taken the job, in Amazing Spider-Man, and giving death news in Civil War II.


Schroedinger’s Mary Jane? And, yes, things change. As for Peter Parker’s worries…


…Tony does have them too.

However in today’s Civil War flashback Contest Of Champions, in an alternate universe, everything worked out well for him…


See, Obama in the Marvel Universe at least) was right in Civil War #0…

Though Tony does have a few issues with his future.


We have thought about it, Tony. Lot’s have people have thought about it, and it sounds like a good thing. Even at death’s door. But Tony Stark has a monologue.


Basically… Tony Stark hates spoilers. Which, given that the first issue was comprehensively spoilered on Neogaf back in January is understandable.


It really was, wasn’t it? Though fair play to Marvel for sticking to their guns and only changing Homer’s name to Ulysses, and not giving us an Armageddon 2001 moment.

But not everyone agrees with Tony.


See! She-Hulk likes spoilers! Even if it kills her! I guess Bleeding Cool is going to have to be #TeamCarol on this one.

Meanwhile Old Man Logan is making threats…


…for which karma takes her revenge in All-New Wolverine.



While in A-Force, another mutant falls prey to the plague of M-Pox…

And we even get a reprise of that still-unexplained moment from original Sin.IMG_3118

And while you might not be able to wait for the second issue of Captain Hydra, here at least is another chance to read Traitor Cap stories, heading up Thunderbolts. Which used, of course to be Baron Zemo’s team…
IMG_3121So best end on a happy note, yes? Spider-Woman should be able to help out…. breastfeeding superheroes are still not all that common.


Civil War II And The Shape Of The Marvel Universe Today… (SPOILERS)

The Night Manager’s Susanne Bier Reportedly On Bond Director Shortlist

007While the saga of Daniel Craig and his 00 status remains unresolved, the search for a new Bond director is underway.

Skyfall and Spectre director Sam Mendes announced he will not return to the director’s seat and, according to the Radio Times (via The Hollywood Reporter), a shortlist of replacements already exists. One name on that list may be of interest to those championing actor Tom Hiddleston as the next 007: Susanne Bier.

Bier directed Hiddleston in The Night Manger, the BBC1 series which debuted on AMC in April. And while adding fuel to the speculation that Hiddleston could be the new Bond, Bier’s appointment as director — should it happen — would also lead to the first film in the series directed by a woman. But it remains to be seen if that would quell Bond’s chauvinistic attitudes.

The next film, the twenty-fifth in the official series, is not yet scheduled for release.

The Night Manager’s Susanne Bier Reportedly On Bond Director Shortlist

#LGBTSuperheroes Say It’s Time For All Superheroes To Be Portrayed Accurately

By Joe Glass


On the weekend, at the huge MCM London Comic Con at the ExCel Convention Centre, there was a slightly different screening. Different because this trailer screening featured something as yet pretty much unseen on the big screen: LGBT superheroes.

While I was tabling at the convention with my own LGBT superhero book, the director and stars of a special trailer, made to highlight the lack of LGBT diversity in modern superhero movies, despite the presence of characters who in the source material are LGBT, and say no more.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 23.40.07

In a twist of fate, I later met one of the stars of the trailer, Kane Surry. We were, at the time, both completely unaware of the others projects.

“Would you like me to give you the pitch?” I ask the gentleman casually browsing the comics on my table.

“Sure, go on.”

“Well, it’s all about a team of LGBT superheroes…”

“No way, really? You won’t believe where I just came from.”

Where he’d come from was a special pre-screening of the trailer he and the cast and director were giving an eager audience at the MCM Comic Con, made in partnership with the event.

We discussed ideas of LGBT representation in superhero movies and comics, and it was wonderful to see that our thoughts on the subject seemed to be in sync: despite superhero movies becoming a permanent and majorly important fixture of the Hollywood landscape for over a decade now, we still have yet to see an on-screen LGBT superhero or main character.

A number of characters who have been in the movies are in fact LGBT in the comics. Characters like Mystique and Catwoman are portrayed as bisexual, but there’s no suggestion of that in any of the many movies in which they have appeared. And whilst the trailer does also point to Iceman, an important distinction which may be highlighted there is the character didn’t come out as canonically gay until after his last appearance in the movies. However, what is also of note, whilst openly queer director of the majority of the X-Men franchise, Bryan Singer, has included plenty of gay allegory scenes (the Iceman ‘have you tried not being a mutant?’ scene is a particular stand-out) he has never included an actual LGBT character in the movies, or at least presented them as such. In that franchise alone, there are a huge number of LGBT characters that the director and studio can chose from, but they never do.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 23.43.45

Superhero movies aren’t the only part of Hollywood missing out on LGBT diversity, but many other parts of Hollywood and genres of film have been getting increasingly open, with many more featuring lead LGBT characters. Superhero movies, however, have been distinctly heteronormative.

Something that director Mike Buonaiuto and his team hope to change.

“This project has been completely created by volunteers. We hope that we can demonstrate to the studios that there is a huge audience for accurate LGBT portrayal on the big screen, and it won’t deter cinema-goers to buy tickets.”


Coming off a week where the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend trended and received a great deal of media attention (made all the more interesting after a certain reveal occurred), it’s hard to argue with them.

And to those detractors that are sure to come out of the woodwork to hit the comments sections stating that as heterosexual viewers they couldn’t POSSIBLY relate to an openly LGBT superhero or plot, why not? We the LGBT audience have had to relate to heterosexual characters for decades. We even have to see characters that do openly represent us erased or turned into straight characters, so isn’t it time we had some on the big screen too?

The trailer, from Kane Surry, George Longworth, Conor Boru, Mike Buonaiuto, Lauren Kay-Lambert, Leighton Cox and the rest of the Shape History team can be viewed below, and you can add your voice here.

Joe Glass is a Bleeding Cool contributor and comics creator. He’s the writer and creator of LGBT superhero series, The Pride, which is available on its own online store and on Comixology. He is also the co-writer of a horror comedy set in South Wales called Stiffs, which is available here and on Comixology. 

#LGBTSuperheroes Say It’s Time For All Superheroes To Be Portrayed Accurately

DC Rebirth’s Latest Ad Features Superman About To Punch A Child

Steve Cook has worked on comics from 2000AD, Deadline, album covers as well as designing covers and logos for the Big Two. He has also  photographed comic book glitterati over decades, has recreated comic book characters with models and reported on comic shows for Bleeding Cool,

He is now an Art Director at DC Comics, and behind the new advertising campaign that they are running for DC Rebirth. Here is his latest…


Why is Superman so cross with that kid? He looks like he’s going to punch him!  Did he shoplift that comic?

We saw his Batman version here…

DC Rebirth’s Latest Ad Features Superman About To Punch A Child

In Green Arrow Rebirth, He Literally Calls Himself A “Social Justice Warrior”. And So Does Black Canary.


It’s not every comic book that opens with a reference to singer/songwriter Woody Guthrie. “This Machine Kills Fascists” is what Woody used to have written on his guitar, and it was picked up by others, including Billy Bragg, which is where I encountered it first.



Also, an excellent chance to pay tribute to artist Otto Schmidt, rocking a strong Sean Gordon Murphy vibe with this comic.

In a Newsarama interview, writer Ben Percy said that “Green Arrow is a social justice warrior. Green Arrow has his finger on the pulse of the moment.”

Well, in this issue, Green Arrow says it too, self-identifying himself in monologue…

And he says it to other people, without a hint of irony., And they say it back…


The nature of Arsenal to the hostory of Green Arrow and heroin has been a little up-in-the-air as far as the New 52 was concerned. Well, looks like Wally West managed to jiggle out a new bit of continuity in his run across Dr Manhattan’s chest in DC Universe Rebirth….IMG_3116And that’s not the only memory, as Rebirth also showed us….


And this issue goes there. Or as close as it dares…


As the writer says,

Green Arrow Rebirth #1 by Ben Percy and Otto Schmidt is published today from DC Comics.


In Green Arrow Rebirth, He Literally Calls Himself A “Social Justice Warrior”. And So Does Black Canary.

Did Green Lanterns Rebirth Just Swipe From Quantum & Woody? Klang!

 Christopher Priest and MD Bright brought us Quantum And Woody for Acclaim/Valiant back in the day.


That’s them. Dubbed the world’s worst superheroes, one was a middle class, strait-laced army vet. The other a dropout unable to take anything seriously. Their power set meant that they had to knock energy bands every 24 hours or dissipate. JHilarity ensued as this new odd couple gave birth to their subtitle, The World’s Worst Super-Hero Team.

Well, in today’s Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan gives the new Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz an ultimatum.


Welcome to the new world’s worst superhero team.

Shame Christopher Priest is busy writing Deathstroke, he’ll be too busy to notice…

Green Lanterns Rebirth #1 is by Geoff Johns, Sam Humphries, Ethan Van Sciver and Ed Benes, published today by DC Comics.




Did Green Lanterns Rebirth Just Swipe From Quantum & Woody? Klang!

Xbox One Gets A Price Cut Ahead Of Expected New Model


The Xbox One has been selling alright, with an expect number of around 20 million-ish (Microsoft don’t release numbers) in the wild. It seems that if you were holding off to get one though, the time might be now.

The console has just seen a price drop to $299, and that goes for bundles too like Quantum Break, Gears of War: Ultimate EditionForza Motorsport 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Rare Replay. Microsoft are saying this is a limited time offer, but it would seem some retailers have already pushed the price down.

What’s expected to make this stick is that a Slim version of the console is expected to be announced (and possibly launch) during E3. This is pretty common practice before a new console variant, so read that as you will.

Thanks Ars Technica.

Xbox One Gets A Price Cut Ahead Of Expected New Model

Superman Is Dead. And Not Even Superman Can Bring Him Back In Superman Rebirth #1

Batman Rebirth #1 has a scene in which Calendar Man gives birth to himself. Superman Rebirth #1 is all about asking the question of whether the dead, departed Superman of the New 52 Earth can be brought back from the dead, asked by the Superman of the Pre-52 world. After all, he came back from the dead after being killed by Doomsday, after all.

I am noticing a theme.

We were previously told that the New 52 Superman died at the hands of Doomsday. In Action Comics, Lois and Jimmy met at the memorial to his death.


And yes, nicely appropriate last line there. And we also knew how he died…


Although that call got rather complicated (and never adequately resolved) by the subsequent Doomed storyline.

And in this issue, as the Pre-52 Superman explains his death and resurrection, Lana Lang reacts as if this never happened to the New 52 Superman. That he never died before.


But today? The Pre-52 Superman expects the whole thing to happen again. For the New 52 Superman to be reborn.


It’s not the worst assumption to make. Except we now find a new difference between the New 52 and the Pre-52 world.

IMG_3105 The Regeneration Matrix!IMG_3106 They don’t have one! So Superman (the other one) has to stay dead!

Did Dr Manhattan nick it when no one was looking?

Superman Rebirth #1 by Pete Tomasi, Patrick Gleason and Doug Mahnke, is published today from DC Comics


Superman Is Dead. And Not Even Superman Can Bring Him Back In Superman Rebirth #1