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Colony’s Ryan Condal To Write Logan’s Run

jessicasixThe saga of the Logan’s Run remake continues …

For decades, a number of interested parties have attempted to remake MGM‘s mid-70s science fiction film Logan’s Run. The film starred Michael York as an enforcer in a society where an idyllic life inside a giant mall ends at age 30. When his remaining years are stolen from him, he goes on the run to discover if there is another way of life beyond the confines of his walled society.

Producer Joel Silver has been behind the remake initiative, which counted Bryan Singer among its members for a long time. But as Deadline reports, the new lineup, which features Silver, X-Men producer Simon Kinberg and Greg Berlanti will be awaiting a new script from Colony co-creator and showrunner Ryan Condal.

The film will reportedly feature a female Logan as she faces her Lastday and goes on the run to find Sanctuary, a fabled land for those unwilling to submit to their society’s 30-year lifespan restriction.

Provided, of course, the film ever emerges from its decades of development.

Colony’s Ryan Condal To Write Logan’s Run

Rogue One Reshoots To Alter Tone; Possibly Introduce Key Character

2016_Celebration_KEY_ART-700x700While initial reports of additional shooting on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story suggested doom and gloom, a more positive spin has emerged.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the reshoots were ordered following a screening for Disney executives. The film, directed by Godzilla‘s Gareth Edwards, reportedly skews more toward a war film — as promised at Star Wars Celebration last year — than a Star Wars film. The additional scenes are said to inject some more levity into the film and to “restore a sense of fun to the adventure.”

The site also suggests new Han Solo Alden Ehrenreich may make an appearance thanks to the reshoots.

Rogue One is set in a time just previous to the original Star Wars and details the quest to steal the Death Star plans from Imperial hands. The prompt sounds like Star Wars enough, but early details suggest the film would be told from the grunts’ point of view with little emphasis on the key Star Wars players and no Force awakenings for any of the central characters.

Perhaps Disney has realized moving away from the core Star Wars tone may be more risky than first thought. Which could still spell trouble for the project, but may prove to be its saving throw.

The answer will be revealed when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens on December 16th.

Rogue One Reshoots To Alter Tone; Possibly Introduce Key Character

A New Mary Poppins Has Been Cast For The Upcoming Sequel

It will be hard to follow Julie Andrews, because just like Mary Poppins, she’s “practically perfect in every way.” However, it’s time for Emily Blunt to take over. The actress will assume the role of Poppins in an upcoming sequel from Disney. Lin-Manuel Miranda will play a new character who is a street lamplighter named Jack.


What we know of the plot is that “Adult Michael” and his children are visited by their old nanny after a personal loss. Mary Poppins is then given the task to bring joy to the Banks family once again.

Michael_BanksThe film’s title will simply be Mary Poppins Returns. It’s set to open in theaters on Dec. 25, 2018, so we have quite a bit of time before then. I’ll be interested to see if Julie Andrews weighs in on the matter…perhaps there’s room for a cameo?


A New Mary Poppins Has Been Cast For The Upcoming Sequel

The Strange Case Of The Emoji Movie Trademarks

emojiSony‘s intention to create a new film franchise with The Emoji Movie may be facing one important hurdle: they were denied the trademark to the word “Emoji.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, former video game executive Marco Husges owns the trademark and intends to build his own Emoji empire. “First get into the marketplace and then TV series, web episodes and movies,” he told the site. Curiously, Husges’s Emoji IP does not include the popular set of symbols used by millions everyday. He has set up his own rival lexicon, with the intent to develop a feature film with producers Roy Lee and Adrian Askarieh.

Meanwhile, Sony’s Emoji Movie is still in development and said to revolve around Emoji Valley, a secret world inside the cellular phones of the real world.

It is currently unclear how the rival Emoji projects will settle the possible dispute. In the past, companies have been willing to license out trademarks, but reserving rights to use their marks on certain fronts. In the 1980s, Columbia Pictures — not yet part of Sony — licensed the word “Ghostbusters” from Filmation with the understanding that it would be a feature film venture. When the two companies could not agree to work together on an animated spinoff, Filmation used their claim to release a cartoon called Ghost Busters while the eventual Columbia spinoff was known as The Real Ghostbusters.

Of course, the strange case of The Emoji Movie may prove to be the most entertaining aspect about the whole endeavor.

The Strange Case Of The Emoji Movie Trademarks

The Night Manager’s Susanne Bier Reportedly On Bond Director Shortlist

007While the saga of Daniel Craig and his 00 status remains unresolved, the search for a new Bond director is underway.

Skyfall and Spectre director Sam Mendes announced he will not return to the director’s seat and, according to the Radio Times (via The Hollywood Reporter), a shortlist of replacements already exists. One name on that list may be of interest to those championing actor Tom Hiddleston as the next 007: Susanne Bier.

Bier directed Hiddleston in The Night Manger, the BBC1 series which debuted on AMC in April. And while adding fuel to the speculation that Hiddleston could be the new Bond, Bier’s appointment as director — should it happen — would also lead to the first film in the series directed by a woman. But it remains to be seen if that would quell Bond’s chauvinistic attitudes.

The next film, the twenty-fifth in the official series, is not yet scheduled for release.

The Night Manager’s Susanne Bier Reportedly On Bond Director Shortlist

Robot Chicken Parodies Batman v Superman

Adult Swim has posted this new video from Robot Chicken spoofing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It picks up form the “Do you bleed line” and then goes in a very different direction. They also posted one about the death of Lois Lane and how they may be looking for a super killer.

Neither of these are really safe for work, but they are funny.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Robot Chicken Parodies Batman v Superman

X-Men Spinoff Legion Gets Series Order From FX

legionLegion, the series based on the exploits of Professor Xavier’s son, has received a series commitment from FX.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the debut season will run eight episodes and focus Dan Stevens’ David Haller, a trouble young man who learns his visions may not be a symptom of schizophrenia, but part of a real conflict brewing in the world.

The series will also feature Aubrey Plaza as Lenny, a friend of David’s, and Jean Smart as a psychiatrist trying to help David with his problems. Rachel Keller will also appear as an unnamed character said to be “a mix of Rogue and Spyke.”

Legion was developed by Fargo mastermind Noah Hawley, who will serve as showrunner on the series. It will debut in early 2017.

X-Men Spinoff Legion Gets Series Order From FX

Civil War Did Not Cause The Big Split At Marvel Comics – The Rot Set In With Iron Man 2



In a series of recent interviews, the Russo Brothers, directors of the recent Captain America movies, with Avengers to follow, believe that disagreements over plot points in their Civil War film may have led to the splits within Marvel.

These splits saw Kevin Feige take the movie-making side of the company, Marvel Studios, away from the rest of Marvel so that he reported directly to Disney’s Head Of Studios Alan Horn rather than Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter. This also meant that Captain America: Civil War is the last of the movies to have direct input from Marvel and the Marvel Creative Committee.

The timing and content of the interviews does seem curious when lined up with  a number of other interviews, such as with Shane Black, and others that throw shade on Isaac Perlmutter and the rest of Marvel. I’ve been aware of considerable Hollywood and comics industry upset and dissent over the last few weeks at what some see as a conspiracy, and with convention season heating up, people are talking. And not just David Meisel.

The fact that it seems to have happened just as the final Marvel Studios film that the comic book side of the company had a say was released seems more like a planned hit. And one that Disney has approved of.

Let’s dig in.

I’ve talked to a number of sources who disagree with the Russos’ specific take on the cause of the big split at Marvel. Rather than occurring during Civil War, its origins are with Iron Man 2. And what happened when Marvel executives  freaked out after seeing an early cut of the movie. A lot of money had been spent, Marvel wasn’t willing to go back to the drawing board. But changes had to be made.

Do you remember the scenes with a drunken Tony Stark in the suit? Originally, they were far worse. Scenes which showed Stark falling down drunk, and being cruel, demeaning and frankly misogynist to Pepper Potts were cut, reedited and reshot in order keep the character from being totally irredeemable by the end of his first sequel. Though some of the drunkenness still exists in the final cut, in a more comedic fashion.

Kevin Feige encountered opposition by the rest of the Marvel team for a lack of judgement over how he allowed the creative team on the movie to treat Marvel’s up-and-coming franchise.  And he was overruled.

But the opposition to his choices appears to have begun the tensions that would lead him to move Marvel Studios away from the comics side. It certainly fostered resentment towards Marvel.

This rift was deepened when Feige seemed to start taking credit for the conceptualising of the Avengers movie, a series of Marvel films that would lead up to that coming together of the characters and the strategy behind that. But when that was being decided, by the likes of high-level executives Isaac Perlmutter, Alan Fine, Avi Arad, David Meisel and others, Kevin Feige wasn’t in the room.

Then in 2012 Alan Horn joined Disney as the Head Of Studios. In this role, he did nothing to smooth out the issues at Marvel, or bring the two slowly fracturing parts of Marvel together. Indeed, he seems to have fostered that split.

He had form in this regard. At Warner Bros, Alan Horn was the man who drove the stake through any remaining connection between DC Comics and WB Studios. Something he seemed he was choosing to do at Marvel as well.

It may be worth pointing out that Horn has never been the best friend to comics. It was his Warners VP meeting a decade ago that saw DC Vertigo forced to change their creator owned contracts to be more restrictive regarding media rights, something that saw Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison and others take their projects elsewhere, a creative brain drain that Vertigo never recovered from.

He insisted that Marvel Studios move out of the Marvel offices and relocate on the Disney lot, suggesting it would be beneficial on a creative level. The move finally occurred in 2013.

Feige was now well looked after by Horn and Disney execs who now had instant access to him, and were allowing the fights between Marvel Studios and Marvel to get worse. The inevitable outcome was that Feige and Studios no longer reported to Marvel but directly to Alan Horn himself. Mission accomplished.

But before that split was official, a little over a year ago, Isaac Perlmutter played peace maker –  he invited the entire Marvel team to a meeting in Florida in an attempt to clear the air and get back to the business working better together.

It was that meeting when Feige stated his desire to be a part of Disney and not Marvel. This was the point of no return, and when Alan Horn and the rest of Disney learnt of this, they were happy to let the inevitable happen.

So while Ike Perlmutter and Kevin Feige have been seen as Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, Alan Horn is seen as playing at Baron Zemo, pulling the strings of the  Civil War, pitting Marvel against itself and putting them on a self-destructive path.

So even though the Russos see their movie as what caused the split, it was merely the last straw.

The TV shows, for ABC, Netflix and others, including Agent Carter, Jessica Jones and Agents Of SHIELD are still part of Marvel. Though they have lost alignment and co-ordination between the movies and the TV shows which would otherwise have co-promoted each other. You may have noted that this season’s Agents Of SHIELD had a scene where the cast talked about what was happening in Civil War – basically after the writers had got to see the almost-finished film.


But Doctor Strange in November will be the first Marvel Studios film without the input of Marvel.  It will be the first true test of Marvel Studios-without-the-comics.

Civil War Did Not Cause The Big Split At Marvel Comics – The Rot Set In With Iron Man 2

Will Thor: Ragnarok Have Elements Of Planet Hulk?

hulkandthorWe recently heard more casting for Thor Ragnarok including both Jeff Goldblum and Karl Urban being added to the cast. Now, is claiming to have some knowledge of the plot of the film. Their sources say that the film will include elements of Planet Hulk, the Greg Pak storyline that dropped the gamma irradiated monster into gladiatorial games. Many fans have been calling for Marvel to adapt this film into live-action (as it has been done for animation).

The third Thor film will combine elements of Ragnarok with Planet Hulk where Thor (Chris Hemsworth) ends up on a planet where Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) is competing in gladiator tournaments hosted by the Grandmaster (Goldblum). Word is that Hulk will be wearing armor similar to his appearance int he comic series. Thor will look different as well, with the Thunder God losing his long hair for a portion of the film.

As for why Thor is on the planet, he is looking for a weapon that will set the world right again and prevent Ragnarok. Odds are the weapon is somehow tied to one of the two missing Infinity Stones.

Its interesting to see the Grandmaster being brought in here in that he is a member of the Elders of the Universe along with The Collector who was introduced at the end of Thor: The Dark World before appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy. The original Contest of Champions was set up as a wager between the two.

Will Thor: Ragnarok Have Elements Of Planet Hulk?

Photos Of The Potter Family Surface With First Public Preview In One Week

Did you ever think you’d see a photo of Harry Potter as a grown adult? Well Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has granted that wish. With one week left until the first public preview, photos of the Potter family have been revealed.

Here is Harry himself…

His wife Ginny…

…and their son Albus!

What could be better than a Potter family portrait?

I’m incredibly impressed with the casting. They really do look like older versions of the original cast. J.K. Rowling has yet to comment on the photos, but she has been retweeting them.

The only bit we know about the plot is that we pick up nineteen years after the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Harry works in the Ministry of Magic, and his son “struggling with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted.” Makes sense to me!

Photos Of The Potter Family Surface With First Public Preview In One Week