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What’s The Worst That Could Happen Over Marvel Studios/Comics Split?

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool looked at the causes and timeline of the split between Marvel and Marvel Studios at Disney. We tried to ascertain who was really behind the changes at the company, that saw Kevin Feige heading up Marvel Studios, reporting to Disney rather than to the rest of Marvel, and a split between the two sides of the company, as deep as that between Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

But, we’ll still get the comics, the films, the TV shows… so what’s the worst that could happen?

Kevin Feige, a big time fan of the comics, keeper of plenty of fanboy knowledge, and part of the Marvel team that brought many of the successful movies to fruition – won’t be there forever.

Could be a year, could be ten. At some point he will step down or move on.

But Marvel Studios move away from Marvel and towards Disney has guaranteed that when he does move on, that Marvel Studios will continue to be run by Disney, and not by Marvel. The very thing they promised, that Marvel wouldn’t lose control of its characters when Disney bought them out,  will be gone.

It was what fans feared back then. It was the thing Joe Quesada said wouldn’t happen.

And now it has.

This was what Isaac Perlmutter was trying to prevent. Kevin Feige, with Alan Horn at Disney, has put Marvel’s autonomy as a comic book company in peril.

How long until….

Image by Khary Randolph

Image by Khary Randolph



What’s The Worst That Could Happen Over Marvel Studios/Comics Split?

DC Universe Rebirth #1 Gets A Third Print, While 2nd Prints For Rebirth Titles, Scooby Doo And More

Rebirth-GroupDC Comics have chosen not to increase the price of the DC Universe Rebirth #1 again for its third print in an attempt to see what they can get away with, so for that we can be grateful. It will remain $5.99.

The third printing, on sale on July 6th will have a new Gary Frank cover, so we won’t get to see more of Dr Manhattan.

While all the new Rebirth comics out today will be going to second prints, that’s Batman Rebirth #1, Green Lanterns Rebirth #1, Superman Rebirth #1 and Green Arrow Rebirth #1. These will all be out on June 29th.

And Scooby Doo Apocalypse #1 has also gone to 2nd print.

As has Justice League #50,

And Superman #52.

That DC Comics printer is going to be busy!

Oh also Rem 8 #1 from Rothic  Press has also gone to second print. Worth throwing in there!

DC Universe Rebirth #1 Gets A Third Print, While 2nd Prints For Rebirth Titles, Scooby Doo And More

Everything You Knew About The Marvel Universe Was Wrong?

Marvel have issued the following image with the headline “You Thought You Knew The Whole Story”

bea8152d-2945-4b7f-94dd-57120fe2d2a7A crumpled up, imploding “Now”? The headline and image does seem to suggest a major retcon is coming. Well, it worked for DC Rebirth….


Everything You Knew About The Marvel Universe Was Wrong?

Dan DiDio, Dorothy & The Case For Kool-Aid – Dr Michael Davis, From The Edge

DAN AND DORBCMichael Davis is an artist, writer, mentor, and entertainment executive. He  wrote a column for Bleeding Cool a few weeks ago that we titled Why Are We Still Complaining About Dan DiDio? Abhay Khosla responded to it on Savage Critic. Today, Michael Davis answers back.

Mr. Khosla,

I read your piece, The Case Against Dan Didio.

I’m rarely impressed, but you wrote an impressive article. The attention to detail, footnotes, research and overall thoughtfulness you put into making your case was indeed extraordinary.

I’m a bit taken aback by your use of my article as the motivation to write yours. My article why are we still complaining about Dan Didio had little written about Mr. Didio. It certainly wasn’t a defense of his work nor a damning of it. He and others mentioned were only used to illustrate my outlook.

Much of what you wrote regarding my views and work can do with a bit of clarity. I fear what you’ve constructed in your narrative is somewhat imbalanced and frankly unfair.

For example, placing quotes around a word when no one is speaking gives the distinct impression you don’t believe, care or respect my resume. You choose to describe mentor as such; “mentor.” For the life of me sir I have no idea why you would cast such an adverse slight at me.

My Bad Boy Studio Mentor program has achieved a fair amount of success. By all means feel free to ask Bernard Chang, John Paul Leon, Shawn Martinborough, Aaron McGruder and Brett Lewis, who mentored them.

There are more whom you are welcome to request confirmation from; I’ve been very fortunate to have had a small hand helping numerous young men and women join our beloved profession.

You could also speak to Chris Claremont or director Bill Duke. Both called me looking for a talented young person to work with them.

That girl I referred to Chris was Ali Morales. Ali went on to become DC Comics and perhaps the industry’s first Latino woman editor. Tatiana El-Khouri started as Bill’s assistant and finished running his company; now she’s running her own.

Thinking of my Bad Boys (and girls) swells my heart and moistens my eyes. I dare say those who came from my Bad Boy program are some of the best of the best. It matters little what else I’ve achieved in life nothing compares with the love and pride I feel for them.

I’m sure you can now appreciate why “mentor” cut me to the quick.

Hopefully speaking to any of the above will result in a bit of lucidity into my background If you ever see fit to write about my mentorship program again.

You sir, forgive me for saying so, were a bit heavy handed in your use of conjecture. Nonetheless, it’s not surprising you would write about me in such a manner.

Sadly, that’s the industry model these days. I wrote about such in the very article you referenced so often. The venom and hate displayed in comics today and my hope for a reversal of that trend was the point of my column.

Sir, when you have a moment I’d like for you to clear something up for me. I just can’t fathom why you would use my article to go and do the very thing I wrote may damn us and please spell your name phonetically so if we meet I pronounce it correctly.

And it’s all anyone is talking about.

I mentioned I consider you a wee bit unfair in your analysis of my words.

Please consider the following from my article:

The movies making the most money are from our house. But we’d rather bitch about Dan Didio still running DC than applaud Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics. Eric gave the greatest comic book speech since Uncle Ben told Peter Parker; with great power, comes great responsibility.

“I’d like to talk about the future, but first, we’re going to do some time travel, back to a time when there was no Internet, no Twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram. A time when there were no comic book stores.”

That was Eric’s spectacular opening and it got better from there.

We should still be talking about it. The industry coverage of that speech?

Almost none. Perhaps if Eric had started his speech with the following, we would still be talking about it.

“I’d like to talk about the future, but first, we’re going to do some time travel, back to a time Dan Didio wasn’t screwing up DC, Marvel didn’t suck, and there was no Dark Horse because there shouldn’t be any damn Dark Horse.”

Yep, we’d still be talking about that.

I dare say with your musings put in the manner you put them, we are.

Mr. Khosla, I don’t know you but from your writings, it does appear you are an educated man. You certainly have a passion concerning comic books and I do believe you have comics’ best interest at heart.

I’m very much at my wits end pondering why you transformed what I wrote into something I did not write with your explanations.

I wrote:

I once loved the comic industry with a passion almost incomprehensible even to myself but the industry I loved so is gone. What remains is a fat out of shape ghost of its former self. A snake oil salesman selling a yearly new everything hoping fans will consider it a glorious new tune.

You wrote:

This is how we’re starting a defense of Dan DiDio– by having to acknowledge that comic industry under his supervision has become a “out of shape ghost of its former self.“

Uhm. Okay.  Great argument

And the victim of comic fans, according to Mr. Davis?

Mr. Davis eh? If you insist of addressing me so formally, please afford me the courtesy of doing it correctly. I feel it’s only fair after your “mentor” slights you address me as Dr. Davis as I have a Ph.D., please forgive me for my rudeness if this offends you it is not my intention.

The following is another example of the slanting of my words.

You wrote:

Mr. Davis continues by trying to identify the culprit– not Mr. DiDio, but of course, comic fans:

I wrote:

What slays me and I fear will destroy us all is how we see, speak and represent ourselves. Character assassination over a creative decision. Damning a company, creator or content because someone wrote or drew something someone took issue with, rumors perceived as news, news handled like press releases were all once virtually repudiated as just being silly.”

The problem with comics is the fans are not nice enough to the people who make them.

That is patently unjust my friend and even more so given life for me these days have been incredibly unfair. I won’t burden you with my many tales of woe. However, I do think the following incident is somewhat appropriate to share with you.

Within the last year, I’ve lost three dogs. I cannot express to you the pain that caused me. No, you have not caused me any pain sir. That’s not the reason I’m sharing that with you.

After some time, I intend to get another dog to that end it just so happens your article appeared on the day I was wondering when the next time I’d have to teach another little bitch not to sh-t in my house.

It seems that day is today and the time is now.

We interrupt this professional rebuttal for a word from the wrong nigga to f-ck with:

Motherf-cker where the F-CK did you see Dan’s name ANYWHERE near the quote you used? WHERE did you read I blamed the fans?


I’m simply amazed how you pulled that ‘response’ to my article off. No one points out the level of bullsh-t that you shovel down their throats. Sure, I’ve seen people disagree with you, but I have yet to see anyone take you to task for the little fact that NOTHING you contribute to me exists anywhere in the article.

Nowhere. Like the emperor, the little bitch has no clothes.

The industry is eating up what is the comic book equivalent of weapons of mass destruction. Just like Bush you picked a target to attack because it was convenient and you made a convincing case by writing smoke and mirrored attack on me.

Just like Bush there was nothing there. It didn’t exist it was all bullsh-t.

I didn’t defend Dan’s leadership at DC anywhere in my article.

I also didn’t dismiss Dan’s leadership at DC anywhere in my article.

I don’t write in riddles my friend; don’t write leaving room for interpretation and I don’t write in some vague style, so later I can wiggle out of what I said.

Within my writings there is no need for deliberation, you don’t have to ponder sh-t nor is there any reason to think there is a hidden meaning. I write what I mean; say what I mean. You used me and my work to advance your agenda.

That was a bad idea.

I could give you a list of people and companies who tried that and but for one they all wrote me a check. The one that hasn’t got a pass up to now.

Relax dude; I’m not going to sue you. You’re a hell of a writer. That’s not a backward dig I mean that. Where you need help is in reading comprehension

Help is here, Bitch, get out a pencil and paper because you’re about to get schooled.


How many words were there between:

“I once loved the comic industry with a passion almost incomprehensible even to myself but the industry I loved so is gone. What remains is a fat out of shape ghost of its former self. A snake oil salesman selling a yearly new everything hoping fans will consider it a glorious new tune. “


Dan DiDio may be the most hated man in comics and for what?




The answer A. 325.

How the hell did you tie the two together? Oh wait, you used the weapons of mass destruction technique. Attack somebody who had nothing to do with the attack you wanted to make. Like Bush, you thought you could get away with it.


If I may paraphrase the immortal words of Bill Duke, BITCH, you know you done f-cked up, don’t you?

How many words are there in the entire article?

A. 2564

B. 10,000

C. 1278

The answer is A. 2564

You gave every impression I’d devoted all my article to Dan. Apparently the people who backed you did not read what I wrote, or they are drinking the stupid flavored Kool-Aid.

Of the 2564 words how many words were written about Dan?

A. 2563

B. 2567

C. 190

The answer is C.190

I’ve heard about it but never tried it. How is the stupid Kool-Aid?


Using the following paragraph below show where Dan first appears.

“I once loved the comic industry with a passion almost incomprehensible even to myself but the industry I loved so is gone. What remains is a fat out of shape ghost of its former self. A snake oil salesman selling a yearly new everything hoping fans will consider it a glorious new tune. “

Where is Dan first located?

A. 325 words before

B. 325 words After

C. In the same paragraph

The answer is B 325 words AFTER the quote.

Can you get addicted to Kool-Aid?


When did Michael Davis stop working with DC?

A. He never stopped working with DC

B. 1993

C. 2016

D. The day DC realized he was Black

E. The day he told a DC executive to suck his dick

F. The day he refused to shut up about how F-CKED up DC was treating him while at Milestone.

G. The day they a VP at DC tried to prevent him from becoming President & CEO of Motown Animation and Filmworks

H. The day the earth stood still

I. The day Abhay Khosla realized DOCTOR Davis has no goddamn reason to kiss DC’s ass, never has, never will.

The answer is late 1993. That’s 23 years.

Fun fact: E, F, G, and H are all true. You think perhaps there was no love lost between DC and me?

Rich Johnston changed my original title which was What’s Love Got To Do With it? Why are we still complaining about Dan Didio is ALL Rich and being the Johnston that he is he knew full well someone would take his bait.

I like Richard. He’s an important part of our industry. He’s got his critics, but a man without critics is a man with no success. I let what he does slide because he knows his audience.

But, like anyone else if I have an issue with him I voice it, and I have two. Editing my work, so you get F**K instead of what I wrote and that so-called comics power list.

But I digress. Peter David! Hey! As always I look forward to seeing you at my annual Comic-Con party!

Your article paints me as defending Dan with a passion; I didn’t. In fact, I gave an example of how I stood by him when he was at ABC and he, for whatever reason, has not shown me the same courtesy since being at DC.

That to me is a dick move but if that’s how he wants to be let him be that. I got other sh-t to do, and I certainly don’t need DC Comics to pay my mortgage. Yeah, I’d like to work with them again and on paper, I should be.

I have a long albeit novel relationship with Dan. I met Diane Nelson when she was still at Warner Consumer products, and we still exchange the occasional email. Lastly, Jim Lee and I have been in business together it was Image who published my Machineworks imprint.

I think fondly of the 3 am meeting I had with Image at the Hyatt during Comic Con way back when. I bare no one at DC any malice, and I’m glad to see each of those people whenever our paths cross.

Fun Fact: DC Comics is still my choice universe, and I’ve said that regardless of the state my relationship is with them.

But, like I said I got other sh-t to do.

Why’d you do it? NOTHING in my article was interpreted correctly so again, why’d you do it?

The first step is to admit you have a problem. It’s the Kool-Aid isn’t it?

My clearly made point was this; all this negative energy spent on Dan would be best spent trying to create a forward movement for the industry. People have been trying to get Dan fired for well over a decade.

How the f-ck is that working out for you?

I’m always amazed when someone’s goal in life is to f-ck up someone else’s.

You’re like a guy who desperately wants to date a girl. When she repeatedly says no you set out to impress her even more. Flowers and candy don’t work so you post something sweet on her Facebook page a poem. Danielle is her name and your name for your little limerick.

She blocks you.

You then embark on a campaign to make her pay. Your poem becomes a book-length attack designed to shame, sadden and hurt her.

You post; The case against Dan Didio, I mean Danielle secure in the knowledge this will destroy her.

She laughs it off. She laughs you off.

Soon you realize a cruel irony. Like Baum’s Dorothy who wanted nothing but to find a way home, she realized the way was her.

She became her way home.

The thing most wanted from “Danielle” is what you’ve become.

A little pussy.

The truth that you damn well knew unless you’re a f-cking idiot was Dan made a minor part of an extensive article.

Nothing you attribute to me concerning Dan, fans and my point of view is accurate. The article’s use of my work is not just inaccurate ZERO is written remotely slightly, somewhat or vaguely like you describe.

I’m a simple guy I don’t write in riddles I don’t write with conjecture as my primary source. I never blamed the fans for anything.

BOTTOM LINE, If you want to pick apart something I’ve done, criticize something I wrote, have at it just DON’T REWRITE IT TO SUIT YOUR PERSONAL BULLSH-T.

I wrote:

While many in the industry continue to turn on each other, some even creating another tempest of hatred once the last storm has lost the wind that propelled it Len Wien just writes another story creates another character all done without a hateful word towards his fellow creators.

Did you skip over that?


You’ve just being a DICK?

Pick a side, pussy? Dick? Which one are you? You can’t be both, unless you pronounce your last name Kardashian.

Oh and one more thing about being a “mentor” you might want to check with Walt Simonson also. Walt came to my studio to see how I ran my mentorship program after accepting a teaching position at the School Of Visual Arts.

Fun fact: Rosamond Bernier did the same when she decided to add a young adult series to her career. I never assume anything, but I have a feeling you’ve never heard of her.

Google her; that may give you a small window into who you’re dealing with and at what level I operate.

You’re passionate about the industry I get that. I’ll be the first to tell you I’ve made many mistakes, and I own up to them.

Many years ago I labeled Bob Chapman, a racist. I was young and hotheaded and saw things through a lens of bigoted pain. Bob isn’t a racist he and his family are salts of the earth.

I wrote and published Bob an apology the very next week when I was proved wrong. When next I saw him I did so in person then I found his wife and then so again. I was young and hotheaded, but I was not stupid. I was wrong, and I owned up to it.

You are wrong. Do the right thing.

You may think I’m writing this in anger. I’m not, this is FAR from reaching my level of rage.

I’m saddened by the amount of work you put into this was used to fuel yet another fruitless attack on for better or worse one of the leaders of our industry. You’ve added another reason comics get no respect. Hollywood should be our partners, but instead, we are their bitch.

Lastly, if you want to get Black boys into your van, it’s easy. Simply tell them you’re a little pussy.

You’re not in Kansas anymore.


Dan DiDio, Dorothy & The Case For Kool-Aid – Dr Michael Davis, From The Edge

For Neal Adams, A Happy Ending To A Megacon Disaster

IMG_6275 (1)

Earlier today, Martin Dunn tweeted out an appeal to Bleeding Cool. We got in touch. He told us.

In a nutshell, I was hosting the last comic related panel of the day and this meant I didn’t get back to the CAE Studios booth until after 5:30pm. The show closed at 5, and I didn’t want to brave the unforgiving traffic. Being local and doing Megacon every year, I know it’s a circus. So we (The CAE team) just sort of sat around and talked. We finally started loading our stuff around 10 pm, and as I was on my final walkthrough to the loading dock, I saw a bright floral bag on the floor mixed in with a pile of trash.

IMG_6318 (1)

My curiosity got the best of me and I took a look. Inside was what felt like several picture frames, but it was all wrapped in a black fabric. I was being a little rushed by my fiance, who was hungry. So I just grabbed it and figured we’d take a look when we got home. When I got home, I was so tired I just unloaded everything and went to bed. Yesterday I spent Memorial day relaxing and hanging out with my kids. This morning, I was in my office and the bag was sitting on my sofa. I was waiting on the kids to finish getting ready for school, so I decided to take a look. The bag contained 8 pieces of art by Neal Adams and some that are labeled as being inked by Frank Miller. This was both shocking and exciting. So, I sent out the tweet. Hopefully, I can get these back to Mr. Adams as soon as possible.

IMG_6319 (1)

So I e-mailed Neal Adams who responded extremely positively. I set Martin up to talk to Neal. And this is Neal’s story.

Okay, here’s the story: at the various conventions around the country we’ve been hearing about more and more things stolen, purses stolen, comic books stolen, and stuff stolen, etc. Last week, at Planet Comic Con in Kansas City, Marilyn, my wife, who carries our IDs and cash, had that purse stolen. We believe it was stolen while we were at the booth and during the commotion that happens at the end of the show with last minute interviews, chatting between pros, and the beginning of wrap up. We have been recovering terribly since then by applying for new passports, getting new social security cards, new drivers licenses and state IDs, and totally unable to make up the money that was also in the purse.

Thinking all this was over, and we were getting through the disaster that was caused by some damned thief whose job it is to steal purses without regard to the consequences, we had spent the week applying for all these other things. So we’re at Mega Con and for us, a really terrific con, in fact, a terrific con for all the artists there selling their own prints. Perhaps not so good for artists that are selling prints that are not their own, which, as many know, has become an object of discussion lately. And once again we were packing up to leave, lots of commotion, we shipped all our stuff, we went to the hotel, exhausted, for a quiet dinner, got up in the morning, and we all contacted each other and said, “You have the flowery bag with all the big pieces of art and the paintings, right?” to which we all said, “No.” We lost a bag of art and we had to go to the airport. So we began calling everyone, resolved to get it back. We called Dave, who is so good at this sort of thing, and is the angel of these conventions to help us. We called the police. We called the security at the convention. Then we got on the plane to suffer through the flight. We started a police report that evening which we were going to finish up with a detective this morning when we got an email from Bleeding Cool who passed on an email from Martin Dunn. Martin Dunn has a company called Cae Studios, and, he was leaving the convention and noticed a floral bag in a pile of trash. Curious, he grabbed it, took it home thinking he had found a floral bag and there was something wrapped in it, and he too was exhausted. He didn’t open it until this morning and found all our artwork. Right away he got in touch with Rich from Bleeding Cool and sent out a tweet and got a hold of us. And right now, my wife is on the phone talking to Martin Dunn, CEO at CAE Studios, and arranging for the return of the bag and the artwork.  The greatly loved David Wray will be picking up the art from Martin in Florida, and will get it back to us. We have no possible way at this moment to think of to thank this fellow. We don’t know how the bag got in the trash, we don’t know how we got so stupid to leave the bag to get thrown in the trash. But this is a story that has a happy ending.

Epilogue: That is not to say there is more and more thievery going on at conventions, more and more people scalping exhibitor passes, and more people realizing there is money to be stolen at these conventions. Security must be heightened because I can tell you getting your ID back and making up the thousands dollars you may lose, the collector books you may lose to these scoundrels, and anything else you may lose to these very bad people is not a good experience.

Today we have had the best experience of all, and we have made a new friend.”

For Neal Adams, A Happy Ending To A Megacon Disaster

Civil War II And The Shape Of The Marvel Universe Today… (SPOILERS)

Invincible Iron Man, The Road To Civil War II sees Tony Stark, in disguise and wielding a light sabre (don’t ask) discovering another Inhuman who is causing him all manner of grief.

IMG_3104If he were the Tony Stark from the films, he might hold a grudge. But, in actual Civil War II, he seems a lot more sanguine about them all.


Almost as if he wasn’t having hot-headed irrational reactions to certain pieces of news, as opposed to when he tried to kill Bucky in the Civil War movie. Because this is the level headed Marvel comics version of the character.

So when he finds out what has happened to one of his best friends…


You know he’s not going to…


Oh wait, yes he is. As today’s Amazing Spider-Man points out.


‘Twas ever thus, now it’s just in the title as well. Of course, this is a world in which Mary Jane Watson has turned down working for Tony Stark…


And yet has also taken the job, in Amazing Spider-Man, and giving death news in Civil War II.


Schroedinger’s Mary Jane? And, yes, things change. As for Peter Parker’s worries…


…Tony does have them too.

However in today’s Civil War flashback Contest Of Champions, in an alternate universe, everything worked out well for him…


See, Obama in the Marvel Universe at least) was right in Civil War #0…

Though Tony does have a few issues with his future.


We have thought about it, Tony. Lot’s have people have thought about it, and it sounds like a good thing. Even at death’s door. But Tony Stark has a monologue.


Basically… Tony Stark hates spoilers. Which, given that the first issue was comprehensively spoilered on Neogaf back in January is understandable.


It really was, wasn’t it? Though fair play to Marvel for sticking to their guns and only changing Homer’s name to Ulysses, and not giving us an Armageddon 2001 moment.

But not everyone agrees with Tony.


See! She-Hulk likes spoilers! Even if it kills her! I guess Bleeding Cool is going to have to be #TeamCarol on this one.

Meanwhile Old Man Logan is making threats…


…for which karma takes her revenge in All-New Wolverine.



While in A-Force, another mutant falls prey to the plague of M-Pox…

And we even get a reprise of that still-unexplained moment from original Sin.IMG_3118

And while you might not be able to wait for the second issue of Captain Hydra, here at least is another chance to read Traitor Cap stories, heading up Thunderbolts. Which used, of course to be Baron Zemo’s team…
IMG_3121So best end on a happy note, yes? Spider-Woman should be able to help out…. breastfeeding superheroes are still not all that common.


Civil War II And The Shape Of The Marvel Universe Today… (SPOILERS)

DC Rebirth’s Latest Ad Features Superman About To Punch A Child

Steve Cook has worked on comics from 2000AD, Deadline, album covers as well as designing covers and logos for the Big Two. He has also  photographed comic book glitterati over decades, has recreated comic book characters with models and reported on comic shows for Bleeding Cool,

He is now an Art Director at DC Comics, and behind the new advertising campaign that they are running for DC Rebirth. Here is his latest…


Why is Superman so cross with that kid? He looks like he’s going to punch him!  Did he shoplift that comic?

We saw his Batman version here…

DC Rebirth’s Latest Ad Features Superman About To Punch A Child

In Green Arrow Rebirth, He Literally Calls Himself A “Social Justice Warrior”. And So Does Black Canary.


It’s not every comic book that opens with a reference to singer/songwriter Woody Guthrie. “This Machine Kills Fascists” is what Woody used to have written on his guitar, and it was picked up by others, including Billy Bragg, which is where I encountered it first.



Also, an excellent chance to pay tribute to artist Otto Schmidt, rocking a strong Sean Gordon Murphy vibe with this comic.

In a Newsarama interview, writer Ben Percy said that “Green Arrow is a social justice warrior. Green Arrow has his finger on the pulse of the moment.”

Well, in this issue, Green Arrow says it too, self-identifying himself in monologue…

And he says it to other people, without a hint of irony., And they say it back…


The nature of Arsenal to the hostory of Green Arrow and heroin has been a little up-in-the-air as far as the New 52 was concerned. Well, looks like Wally West managed to jiggle out a new bit of continuity in his run across Dr Manhattan’s chest in DC Universe Rebirth….IMG_3116And that’s not the only memory, as Rebirth also showed us….


And this issue goes there. Or as close as it dares…


As the writer says,

Green Arrow Rebirth #1 by Ben Percy and Otto Schmidt is published today from DC Comics.


In Green Arrow Rebirth, He Literally Calls Himself A “Social Justice Warrior”. And So Does Black Canary.

Did Green Lanterns Rebirth Just Swipe From Quantum & Woody? Klang!

 Christopher Priest and MD Bright brought us Quantum And Woody for Acclaim/Valiant back in the day.


That’s them. Dubbed the world’s worst superheroes, one was a middle class, strait-laced army vet. The other a dropout unable to take anything seriously. Their power set meant that they had to knock energy bands every 24 hours or dissipate. JHilarity ensued as this new odd couple gave birth to their subtitle, The World’s Worst Super-Hero Team.

Well, in today’s Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan gives the new Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz an ultimatum.


Welcome to the new world’s worst superhero team.

Shame Christopher Priest is busy writing Deathstroke, he’ll be too busy to notice…

Green Lanterns Rebirth #1 is by Geoff Johns, Sam Humphries, Ethan Van Sciver and Ed Benes, published today by DC Comics.




Did Green Lanterns Rebirth Just Swipe From Quantum & Woody? Klang!

Superman Is Dead. And Not Even Superman Can Bring Him Back In Superman Rebirth #1

Batman Rebirth #1 has a scene in which Calendar Man gives birth to himself. Superman Rebirth #1 is all about asking the question of whether the dead, departed Superman of the New 52 Earth can be brought back from the dead, asked by the Superman of the Pre-52 world. After all, he came back from the dead after being killed by Doomsday, after all.

I am noticing a theme.

We were previously told that the New 52 Superman died at the hands of Doomsday. In Action Comics, Lois and Jimmy met at the memorial to his death.


And yes, nicely appropriate last line there. And we also knew how he died…


Although that call got rather complicated (and never adequately resolved) by the subsequent Doomed storyline.

And in this issue, as the Pre-52 Superman explains his death and resurrection, Lana Lang reacts as if this never happened to the New 52 Superman. That he never died before.


But today? The Pre-52 Superman expects the whole thing to happen again. For the New 52 Superman to be reborn.


It’s not the worst assumption to make. Except we now find a new difference between the New 52 and the Pre-52 world.

IMG_3105 The Regeneration Matrix!IMG_3106 They don’t have one! So Superman (the other one) has to stay dead!

Did Dr Manhattan nick it when no one was looking?

Superman Rebirth #1 by Pete Tomasi, Patrick Gleason and Doug Mahnke, is published today from DC Comics


Superman Is Dead. And Not Even Superman Can Bring Him Back In Superman Rebirth #1