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Domino Adopts a Doggo in Issue #1 Preview by Simone & Baldeon

Domino Adopts a Doggo in Issue #1 Preview by Simone & Baldeon

Domino is set to headline her own series come this April, but the fan-favorite mutant won’t be on her own for her first solo outing. Marvel has unveiled the first preview pages for Domino #1 from writer Gail Simone and David Baldeon, and it appears Domino will also bring a dog along for the ride.

“It’s just a huge pleasure having Domino be my comeback to Marvel,” writer Gail Simone said in statement. “She’s everything I love about comics: a kickass female adventurer who lives life at maximum volume. I just adore her. I love writing mercs and mutants again, I love digging deep into what being those things means in a world where nobody trusts them, not even other mercs and mutants.”

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Echoing her statements, Baldeon was quick to note his excitement on getting to join Simone on Domino, saying that the story they’re telling “feels very much like what people will think of when they think of Neena in the future.” He also revealed that the book is sexy and contains some of the best action he’s been able to draw as an artist. “It has drama and humor, and it takes you on one of the most exciting rides out there today,” he teased.

This will mark the luck-altering mutant’s first solo series after co-starring in multiple volumes of X-Force, Cable and X-Force and Deadpool & the Mercs for Money. The character can currently be seen in Weapon X, where she’s stars alongside Old Man Logan and Sabretooth. Domino’s first comic series comes at a time when the character is set to make her big screen debut in May’s Deadpool 2, where actress Zazie Beetz will tackle the role.

Simone and Baldeon’s Domino #1 goes on sale April 11.


Written by GAIL SIMONE



FOC – 3/19/18, On-Sale 4/11/18

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Father Launches Comic Starring Superhero With Down Syndrome For His Son

Father Launches Comic Starring Superhero With Down Syndrome For His Son

When Chip Reece found out his son would have down syndrome, he found himself looking for a character with the genetic disorder in his comics, only to come up blank. It was this realization that led Reece to create a character that his son could see himself in.

Reece’s son, Ollie, was born in June 2010 and spent the first few months of his life undergoing multiple surgeries for two congenital heart defects. While watching his son fight with each surgery, Reece began to recall the Marvel comics he’d grown up with only to realize his son wouldn’t be able to see himself in those heroes. “There’s Iron Man with heart issues. That’s his whole story,” Reece explained to CBS News. “But I wanted a character my son could physically see as himself. Facial features are a big thing.”

So, the comic book enthusiast went on to write his first comic book, along with illustrator Kelly Williams, titled Metaphase. The 10-page comic was originally meant to be just for close friends and family but soon caught the attention of the folks at Alterna Comics who wanted to know if Reece could flesh out the story further. And with the help of a Kickstarter campaign back in 2014, Reece managed to do just that. Not only did the book manage to sell around 1,500 printed copies, but it even made it to the library at Ollie’s school resulting in his fellow classmates calling him “superhero kid.”

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The duo recently made an appearance at The Air Capital Comic Con in support of the comic, and according to Reece, it was the first time his son, who is non-verbal, reacted to the comic.

“He pointed at the book and the character then pointed to himself,” Reece said. “He’s finally realizing that it’s for him.”

Reece is currently at work thinking about the sequel, which he intends to work on over the summer, but in the meantime, readers can purchase the first volume of Metaphase for just $4.99 on Comixology now.

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A Female Creator Will Take Over Jessica Jones When Bendis Leaves

A Female Creator Will Take Over Jessica Jones When Bendis Leaves

Following the news that Brian Michael Bendis would be leaving Marvel after nearly 18 years for an exclusive deal for DC Comics, the prolific writer has been as open as possible on social media as to what fans can expect from both his current Marvel titles and upcoming DC projects. And while he understandably can’t share much, it appears Bendis has already picked the next writer to tackle Jessica Jones.

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While answering a fan’s question on Tumblr regarding the fates of Bendis’ characters such as Miles Morales, Riri Williams, and Jessica Jones, he let it slip that he has already selected a writer to succeed him on Jessica Jones and that “she’s amazing.”

His comment also reveals that he intended on leaving behind the Jessica Jones comic after the current Marvel Legacy arc for a previously planned project that is obviously no longer happening. While it’s unknown what writer is set to take on Jessica Jones following Bendis’ departure, knowing that plans are already in place for the character — who has seen an uptick in popularity following the Netflix series — should ease concerns for any fans that feared the title would cancelled in his absence.

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Bendis currently writes Invincible Iron Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones and Defenders for Marvel. There’s no official word yet as to when his multiyear DC-exclusive agreement will begin, however, Bendis has previously confirmed he’s still writing for Marvel through December.

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Brian Michael Bendis is Doing his DC Comics Homework

Brian Michael Bendis is Doing his DC Comics Homework

After making the move from Marvel to DC Comics, writer Brian Michael Bendis is taking the time to revisit a few DC classics.

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The news that Bendis would be leaving Marvel Comics after nearly 18 years for a “multifaceted, multilayered” exclusive contract at DC Comics hit earlier this week, leaving many shocked and surprised. Readers were not only left to question what this meant for his current books at Marvel — including the current Jessica Jones series — but also what projects he’d be tackling for DC. Bendis thus far has been quiet on that end, with his only comment being that news would be coming soon. However, while it appears we may have to wait for news on his potential new projects, Bendis took to Twitter recently to show which DC Comics classics he’s reading ahead of his new gig.

Titles included in his stack? The Justice League International Omnibus, Superman: The Golden Age Omnibus, and Gotham Central Omnibus, just to name a few. Think that’s a lot? In a follow-up tweet, he clarifies that’s one of six current piles of books.

While it’d be easy to assume the stack of books he’s currently reading — and in some instances re-reading — may serve as some sort of a tease of what’s to come, it’s still unknown just what titles Bendis will be tackling for DC Comics.

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Bendis currently writes Invincible Iron Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones and Defenders for Marvel. There’s no word yet as to when his tenure on those titles will end, or when his DC-exclusive agreement will begin.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Suits Up as Marvel’s America Chavez

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Suits Up as Marvel’s America Chavez

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz‏ dressed up as the fan-favorite America Chavez for Halloween.

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Back in May, Beatriz revealed that she’d love to bring the character to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a script by Gabby Rivera, who is the writer behind America’s current comic book series. Sadly, Marvel Studios seemingly has no plans to add the former Younger Avenger to its cinematic line-up anytime soon, but that didn’t stop Beatriz from stepping into America’s famous costume this Halloween. In a tweet posted yesterday, the actress revealed she’d dressed up as America for Halloween this year, sporting both her famous star t-shirt and flag jacket.

The actress posted the full shot of her costume after teasing it a couple hours earlier.

Should the entertainment giant decide to add Chavez to its ever-growing rooster — after all, the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe set to look incredibly different following the conclusion of Phase Three — it’s clear that they won’t have to look too far for an actress to help bring the role to life. After all, as Marvel Entertainment even said, Beatriz ‘nailed it.’

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The character of America Chavez was created by Al Gabriele and Otto Binder and first gained popularity following the Young Avengers run by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. She’s currently starring in her own series written by Gabby Rivera and drawn Joe Quinones, with the eighth issue having been released back on October 25th.

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This Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur Cosplay Wins NYCC

This Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur Cosplay Wins NYCC

As much as conventions are about getting to meet the talent involved in bringing comics — among other things — to life, they also provide fans the ability to express their love of something through cosplay. And while it’s incredibly likely you’re bound to come in contact with numerous Deadpools and Spider-Men when attending a con, some cosplayers tend to surprise, and in some cases, even show up dressed as the convention center hosting the event. But the cutest cosplay to come out of New York Comic Con this year was easily the Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur cosplay posted on Twitter by the man behind Moon Girl/Lunella Lafayette, comic writer Brandon Montclare.

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When Marvel first announced Moon Girl and Deveil Dinosaur back in 2015, the publisher saw it as the opportunity to reach a younger audience as most of their books skewed towards an older demographic. Marvel thought of the character as a way to introduce a Pixar feel to its comics, allowing both adults and kids to have a book that they both enjoyed. And when the publisher announced that nine year old Lunella Lafayette was the smartest person in the Marvel Universe? The character’s popularity seemed to soar to new heights. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that like with Squirrel Girl, another character with a wide demographic, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur have quickly become fan-favorites at conventions. However, there’s a chance none have been as adorable as the below duo.

While it’s hard to top the above cosplay, Montclare also shared a photo of another duo cosplaying as Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur — albeit from the mirror universe.

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The twenty-third issue of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, written by Montclare and featuring art by Natacha Bustos, hit shelves on September 27. The series will return with its twenty-fourth issue later this month, launching a storyline that will see Moon Girl in search of a new partner following the events of the previous issue. The issue will feature numerous guest stars including Ghost Rider, Daredevil and the X-Babies.

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IDW Announces Familiar Name to Write Its Sonic the Hedgehog Series

IDW Announces Familiar Name to Write Its Sonic the Hedgehog Series

IDW Publishing has hired writer Ian Flynn to take the blue blur and his friends in “a fresh, exciting direction” with Sonic the Hedgehog. The announcement was made this afternoon at New York Comic Con.

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Flynn, who has previously written Sonic comics for Archie Comics, said he’s “overjoyed” to return to the character.

“I’ve been a Sega kid for life, and Sonic has been my career for over a decade,” he said in a statement. “I’m overjoyed to keep running with the little blue hedgehog, and especially excited to be expanding my relationship with IDW at the same time. I can’t wait to show you what I’m made of as we reach for the stars and explore the endless possibilities!”

Sega announced the end of its 24-year partnership with Archie in July, only to reveal a new deal with IDW mere days later.

The new Sonic series is set to launch in April with a four-week event; the artists will be named at a later date.

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Along with a new comic series, it was recently revealed that Paramount Pictures is developing a Sonic the Hedgehog movie with Deadpool director Tim Miller attached as a producer. Directed by Jeff Fowler, film features a script by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller. No release date has been announced.

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Marvel and The Weeknd Team-Up for Starboy Comic

Marvel and The Weeknd Team-Up for Starboy Comic

Ahead of New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics and The Weeknd teased something was brewing, though fans of the musician were unsure just what the two had planned. Would they be teaming up for variant covers? Or would he be making a guest appearance in an upcoming comic?

The answer appears to be neither, as it has been revealed by the Weeknd that he’s actually working with the publisher to launch a comic titled Starboy, named after his most recent hit album.

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The musician announced the comic news in a tweet just ahead of a signing at New York Comic Con this afternoon. It’s unknown exactly when the comic is set to launch. Going off the tweeted image, all we know is Starboy is set to hit sometime in 2018.

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The collaboration between Marvel and the Weeknd is the latest in a long line of project created alongside musicians. Marvel famously announced it would team with the Black Eyed Peas for Masters of the Sun earlier this year, and has been releasing variant covers that homage classic Hip-Hop album cover art since 2015.

The Weeknd first rose to fame in 2011, following the release of three nine-track mixtapes, “House of Balloons,” “Thursday,” and “Echoes of Silence.” He later went on to release a studio album in 2013, titled “Kiss Land,” followed by “Beauty Behind the Madness” two years later, which quickly became a hit on the Billboard 200. His latest album, “Starboy,” was released last year and included the titular hit.

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Quesada Comments on Abandoned Marvel/Northrop Grumman Deal

Quesada Comments on Abandoned Marvel/Northrop Grumman Deal

Yesterday, Marvel announced a partnership with defense contractor Northrop Grumman to produce a custom comic book series. The announcement quickly led to backlash online from both fans and talent who found the partnership to be insensitive, especially in light of the Las Vegas shootings, which itself led to Marvel an dNetflix canceling their New York Comic Con Punisher panel.

Less than 24 hours later, Marvel revealed that it had pulled out of the partnership with the corporation. Now Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada has offered his own comments on the matter.

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During his “Cup O’ Joe” panel at New York Comic Con, Quesada was asked by a fan to comment on the controversial partnership between Marvel and Northrop Grumman. According to Quesada, he was made aware of the partnership when everyone else was and he feels the proper steps have since been taken to rectify the issue. “I’ll be honest with you, I saw it for the first time as you guys,” he said. “I think there were some messaging issues. It was really about science and education.”

Marvel Comics is known for teaming up with various companies for custom comics, including the likes of ESPN, Visa, the NBA, and even the Florida Department of Citrus. However, none have been met by a reaction as negative as the Northrop Grumman collaboration. While these types of custom comic projects have traditionally be handled by a department separate from Marvel’s day to day comic book creation, the reaction to this one has most certainly had an impact on public perception of Marvel Comics and will most likely lead to adjusted guidelines when it comes to accepting future partnerships.

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Oni Press Lands Distribution Deal With Simon & Schuster

Oni Press Lands Distribution Deal With Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster and Oni Press have entered into a sales and distribution agreement which will allow Simon & Schuster to handle Oni’s sales and worldwide distribution to the book trade for the comic book and graphic novel publisher.

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The agreement between the two publishers will commence on March 1, 2018, and present Oni Press’ wide range of publications to a larger marketplace of readers. Oni’s impressive catalog includes the fan-favorite Scott Pilgrim, Courtney Crumrin, Lucky Penny and The Coldest City to name a few. Also included in their line-up are the popular comic books and graphic novels based on Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, and Nickelodeon’s Invader ZIM.

Regarding the partnership, the Vice President of Client Sales and Marketing for Simon & Schuster Michael Perlman, said his company is “delighted” to partner with the comic publisher and welcome it to S&S’s family of distribution clients. “They have clearly found an audience of enthusiastic readers for their licensed and original titles, and we look forward to helping expand that audience world wide.”

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Oni Press’ James Lucas Jones stand that partnering with the publishing giant to help distribute his company’s titles is something it has been working towards for some time, as One has always made it a point to seek readers beyond the direct market. “Working with Simon & Schuster’s incredible team, we are elated to bring our books to new readers, retailers, and libraries.”

This marks the second big announcement for Oni Press following the reveal that is would be launching a tabletop boardgame brand titled Oni Games.

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