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Fan-Favorite X-Men Character Dazzler Gets One-Shot in June

Fan-Favorite X-Men Character Dazzler Gets One-Shot in June

This June, the X-Men’s resident pop star will headline her own one-shot comic issue in Dazzler: X-Song #1 by writer Magdalene Visaggio and artist Laura Braga.

According to the issue description,

It’s all glitter and glamour in the underground punk scene… until Dazzler stumbles upon a part of her world that’s dangerous and violent. Now, it’s up to Dazzler to protect her dedicated Inhuman fans, even if doing so means that she has to turn to her own past for clues and answers.

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“Dazzler has always been one of my favorite X-Men, and one of the most sadly underutilized,” Visaggio said in a statement. “She’s been wandering for so long, and I’m so excited to help bring her back to her musical roots and the X-family. Anyone who knows my work knows how much I love to frontline women who quite literally rock, and I hope me and Laura can bring some of that same energy and positivity to Dazzler.”

Visaggio and Braga’s Dazzler: X-Song #1 goes on sale June 6. See below for a brief preview and solicit information.

On Sale 6/6/18

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Dark Horse to Publish Incredibles 2 Tie-In Comics

Dark Horse to Publish Incredibles 2 Tie-In Comics

The Incredibles aren’t just returning to theaters. This summer, Dark Horse Comics will release a graphic novel and a three-issue miniseries that tie into Disney and Pixar’s upcoming Incredibles 2 film.

Liz Marsham and Nicoletta Baldari’s 48-page Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2: Heroes at Home graphic novel “finds Dash and Violet doing their best to help out at home while their mom and dad — Mr. and Mrs. Incredible — take on new and very different jobs. First, Dash and Violet must secretly go into Super mode when they interrupt criminal activity on a routine grocery trip to pick up some essentials! Then, helping out at home, their efforts to keep up with their chores are unknowingly obstructed by the innocent mischief of their little brother, Jack-Jack!”

The graphic novel will collect stories geared towards younger readers. These stories will follow Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack as they “balance their everyday lives with being secret Supers.”

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Written by Christos Gage and Landry Q. Walker and illustrated by Gurihiru, J.Bone, Andrea Greppi and Roberta Zanotta, Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2: Crisis in Mid-Life! & Other Stories collects part 1 of “Crisis in Mid-Life!,” part 1 of “Bedtime Story” and a standalone Jack-Jack story. Each issue boasts two original ongoing stories, with Jack-Jack-focused shorts in issues #1 and #2. The stories are set during and after the events of the film. According to the miniseries description,

While dedicating a new submarine, Mr. Incredible is interrupted by the dastardly Bomb Voyage — who is intent on crushing the crowd of onlookers underneath the sub! Mr. Incredible struggles to save the day, which has him questioning his super powers — could something be wrong? In “Bedtime Story” part 1, Bob tells Jack-Jack a bedtime story that has Violet and Dash calling foul: this battle from his glory days seems too amazing to be true. Then in his own adventure, at a visit to the park, Jack-Jack uses his powers to overcome a worthy opponent!

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That these Incredibles 2 comics landed at Dark Horse comes as something of a surprise, as Disney owns Marvel. However, since IDW is also publishing comics for Disney franchises like DuckTales, Tangled and Big Hero 6, it appears as though Disney isn’t afraid to share the love and spread its licenses to other comic publishers.

Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2: Heroes at Home graphic novel goes on sale for $7.99 on June 12, just days before the film hits theaters. The first issue of Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2: Crisis in Mid-Life! & Other Stories goes on sale July 11.

Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2: Crisis in Mid-Life! & Other Stories #1 cover by Gurihiru

Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2: Crisis in Mid-Life! & Other Stories #1 cover by Gurihiru

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Catwoman Adds the Purr-fect Veil to Her Wedding Dress

Catwoman Adds the Purr-fect Veil to Her Wedding Dress

Batman writer Tom King has revealed the veil that Catwoman will wear during her wedding to Bruce Wayne in Batman #44. On Twitter, King shared the dress and veil designs by Joelle Jones, who will provide art for the Catwoman side of the story.

Per Jones’ concepts, Catwoman will wear a birdcage veil, accompanied by a diamond-studded headband with cat ears. She can also be seen clutching this headband behind her back in the cover of the issue.

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In a story titled “Something Blue” in April’s Batman #44, Jones will split the art duties with Mikel Janin, who will illustrate the Batman portion of the story.

It was in October’s Batman #32 that Catwoman responded in the affirmative to Batman’s unprecedented marriage proposal, and already, the pair’s relationship has been put through the wringer. However, before Gotham City’s costumed power couple makes things official, Batman’s main nemesis, The Joker, will learn about the pair’s planned nuptials. A story in the DC Nation one-shot, written by Tom King and illustrated by Clay Mann, will reveal what happens when the Clown Prince of Crime learns the Dark Knight and the DCU’s most skilled cat burglar are set to be married.

Batman #44 by Tom King, Mikel Janin and Joelle Jones goes on sale April 4, DC Nation #0 is scheduled for release on May 2, and Batman #50 hits stands July 4.

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Gail Simone to Helm Red Sonja/Tarzan Crossover Series for Dynamite

Gail Simone to Helm Red Sonja/Tarzan Crossover Series for Dynamite

Dynamite Entertainment has announced its first-ever Red Sonja/Tarzan crossover miniseries from writer Gail Simone and artist Walter Geovani. According to the official series description, the title will “unite the iconic heroine of swords-and-sorcery with the quintessential jungle adventurer in deadly conflict with Eson Duul — an evil man whose very name makes the powerful quake with fear. ”

“It’s an odd thing about my career, especially being a female writer mostly known for superheroes, but I do get asked a lot to write these incredibly manly characters quite often, and the truth is that I just love them. I like stories that are bloody and sweaty. I love the dark night pulpy stuff. I can’t get enough and it’s a sure way to get me to work on a property,” Simone said in a statement. “Tarzan is the king of them all to me. When I was a kid, I read every Edgar Rice Burroughs book I could find. They had these Neal Adams covers, or Frazetta, or someone equally wonderful. And I just fell into that world in the same way you might fall into Middle Earth. I loved the jungle aspects, the family stories, and I loved how Tarzan had to fend for himself at the start. It was just exhilarating to me.”

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“I wanted a classic-style villain, something that would fit in with an ERB story or a Robert E. Howard story. And what we have is something that is kind of like a Tarzan gone wrong, someone who isn’t content just to dominate; he has to make his targets extinct from the Earth. He’s basically awful, and yet, he’s not completely unlike some real like people with too much power,” she added.

As to her collaborator Walter Geovani, Simone shared, “Walter’s like me — we both love crossovers, and we feel downright possessive of Red Sonja. When he heard this was coming up, we agreed to put aside another project that we were working on for six months so he could draw this; he just wanted in so badly. Me, I’m ecstatic, because it’s honestly a bit difficult for me to write Sonja scripts for anyone but Walter. He just gets my scripts so perfectly. I adore him! And wait ‘til you see his Tarzan!”

Simone and Geovani’s Red Sonja/Tarzan #1 goes on sale in May. The series will boast variant covers by Geovani, Adam Hughes, Jae Lee, Aaron Lopresti and Sergio Davila. You can check out Hughes’ cover below.

Red Sonja / Tarzan #1 cover by Adam Hughes

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Marvel Unleashes Venom 30th Anniversary Variant Covers in March

Marvel Unleashes Venom 30th Anniversary Variant Covers in March

Marvel Comics is celebrating Venom’s 30th anniversary with a slew of variant covers based on the character. Featuring artwork from Mark Bagley, Mike Perkins, Francesco Francavilla, Ron Lim, Inhyuk Lee and more, the variant covers will appear with 20 individual titles.

Spanning books from All-New Wolverine to Black Panther to Thanos, the variant covers will showcase key moments from throughout Venom’s 30-year history. The covers will drop throughout the month of March.

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The following titles will feature Venom variants in March:

20. X-MEN: RED #3 by INHYUK LE

The first wave of Venom variant covers go on sale on March 7th.

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Marvel’s Wolverine: The Long Night Podcast Drops First Preview

Marvel’s Wolverine: The Long Night Podcast Drops First Preview

Marvel has dropped a teaser trailer for Wolverine: The Long Night, a scripted podcast starring The Hobbit star Richard Armitage as the X-Men’s Wolverine. The teaser, which is available to listen to on Stitcher’s website, teases a murder mystery that appears to lead back to Logan.

The trailer opens with a man recalling an encounter with Wolverine. He describes Logan as a wild man with a bloody face who runs through the woods with wolves. The teaser then cuts to a flurry of other voices, which refer to Wolverine’s claws and the body of a young girl who was discovered cut “in ribbons” on a hiking trail. It also provides the first clip of Armitage in his role as Logan.

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The synopsis for Wolverine: The Long Night reads:

The story begins with two agents, Sally Pierce (Celia Keenan-Bolger) and Tad Marshall (Ato Essandoh), who arrive in the fictional town of Burns, Alaska, to investigate a series of murders. The duo team up with deputy Bobby Reid (Andrew Keenan-Bolger) to investigate their main suspect, Logan (Armitage), but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Written by Green Arrow scribe Benjamin Percy, the Wolverine: The Long Night 10-episode series will launch on Stitcher Premium on March 12, before arriving on other podcast platforms in the fall.

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Thanos Creator ‘Moving On’ from Marvel After Editorial Dispute

Thanos Creator ‘Moving On’ from Marvel After Editorial Dispute

Thanos creator Jim Starlin is “moving on” from Marvel Comics. The writer, whose graphic novel Thanos: The Infinity Siblings is due out in February, explained that his decision to leave Marvel — and the Mad Titan — behind was due to a dispute with longtime editor Tom Brevoort.

“Just to set the record straight, Marvel Comics didn’t pull me off any books, they just made it clear they weren’t interested in using me on any of the tie-in series to the movies or regular series,” he explained in a post on Facebook. “Even though I lobbied heavily to write the Thanos on-going that task was twice given to other writers, which is Marvel Editorial’s right to do.”

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“What I objected to and what will be keep me from doing any further work for Marvel Editorial was Tom Brevoort approving a plot for the current on-going series, which was pretty much the same as the Thanos story arc in the graphic novel trilogy Alan Davis and I have been working on for Tom for close to the past year. He had 200 pages of script and 100 pages of pencils on this project when he gave the green light to a strikingly similar plot,” he continued. “The on-going will be in print before the graphic novel trilogy. To avoid spoiling anyone’s enjoyment of these two stories I will not be summarizing the striking similarities.”

“At first Tom denied giving his approval to the plot. When that turned out to be false, he switched to claiming there was nothing similar about the two plots,” he wrote. “When that didn’t fly he changed his story to it was all an accident. These changes of excuse and other bits of procrastination ate up a month, by which time the current Thanos on-going art team was too far along for anything to be done about the situation. Too bad for me. So I am moving on.”

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“And, yes, Marvel Entertainment has treated me very well and generously. Them I like,” he added.

Last week, Starlin told CBR that he and Marvel were parting ways “for the last time,” but did not elaborate on the reason why. “Marvel Editorial has made it clear they want fresh takes on the Titan, so who am I to argue with them?” he said at the time. “It’s been fun, Big Guy. Go out and have an interesting and entertaining life after.” With his Facebook post, Starlin provided more context for his decision.

via The Hollywood Reporter

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crews Would ‘Love’ to Illustrate a Comic

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crews Would ‘Love’ to Illustrate a Comic

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews is ready to take on comics. On Twitter, the football player-turned-actor said he would “LOVE” to lend his artistic talents to the comic book industry.

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Prior to his NFL career, Crews was granted an art scholarship at the Interlochen Center for the Arts in Interlochen, Michigan. During his time as a football star, he also illustrated portraits of his peers and sold NFL-licensed lithographs. He has discussed his artistic background and shared his artwork on talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live!. As such, he has proven he has the chops to take on such a project.

At the time of writing, Crews has received offers from comic book editors and creators who are eager to work with him. Black Bolt writer Saladin Ahmed has reached out, as well as Iron Circus Comics publisher/artist Spike Trotman.

After he retired from football, Crews turned to acting. In addition to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, he has starred in The Expendables franchise and Idiocracy. His past credits include Arrested Development, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, The Ridiculous 6, The Newsroom and more. He has also voiced the comic book character Blade in Ultimate Spider-Man and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

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DC Metal & New Age of Heroes Descend on NYCC

DC Metal & New Age of Heroes Descend on NYCC

DC Metal and DC New Age of Heroes have arrived at New York Comic Con. Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Steve Orlando, Justin Jordan, Frank Tieri, James Tynion IV, Robert Venditti and Joshua Williamson stopped by the convention to discuss their upcoming DC Comics initiatives.

“First, let me just say thank you, guys… The fact that you guys have sold out all the one-shots… It’s beyond our wildest dreams,” Snyder shared. He recalled how he pitched the story to Capullo and how Capullo wanted in as soon as he heard the title “Metal.”

“It’s largely about waking up and the versions of yourself that you see around you are not the ones you like,” he explained. “It’s a reminder of this medium’s potential… It just gets crazier and crazier… There are Joker dragons!”

“Guess what? Everyone of them has their own evil Batcave,” he said.

“It’s a huge collaborative effort,” he continued.

“We wanted each of these stories to stand alone as something really, truly special,” Tynion added. “My favorite events, going all the way back… but some of my favorite moments… happened in those little crossover miniseries… We want to create an entire ecosystem of freakin’ awesome comics…”

Tynion described the Batman Who Laughs as the version of Batman who killed the Joker. However, in killing the Joker, Batman became infected, which resulted in the shutdown of Batman’s moral centers. When he realized, he brought the Bat-family to the cave and told them of it, only to turn and destroy them.

“Scott usually gives me his thoughts,” Capullo said of his character design. “Sometimes I land close and sometimes I land far. For the Batman Who Laughs, he goes, ‘Maybe he has no eyes.’ For the Aquaman Batman, he told me steampunk… I just take that and kind of run with it…” He added that he had some difficulty describing his approach, as it happens naturally. “The pencil does it for me… let the mind go.”

Williamson spoke on the series Bats Out of Hell. “The core of this is the Justice League vs. the Dark Knights,” Williamson explained. “They go and put them in these elaborate Bat caves… It gets brutal… People are going to come through these four issues changed. Cyborg is going to find himself for the first time plugged into the multiverse… We’re upgrading Cyborg. From this point forward, this is Cyborg 1,000,000…”

Joshua Williamson announced his new series Flash War, featuring covers by Howard Porter and interior art by Christian Duce. The first issue goes on sale January 31. “Let’s see who’s the best Flash… that’s one of the ramifications that comes out of Metal… We have Flash War coming out.”

Co-publisher Dan Didio also introduced The Immortal Men by James Tynion with art and covers by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. “It’s an entire, new layer that Jim and I are sort of adding on… The idea that, if humans can build a cathedral over many lifetimes, then what can an immortal build?”

“I feel like I started in an age where they stopped adding a new thing into these universes,” he explained. “That era was done, and I felt like I kind of missed my chance. So, to be a part of something that takes that classic thing… you’ve got to keep throwing new ideas… and tell new types of stories.” He described the series as “the secret history of the DC Universe.”

“This launches right out of the context of Metal… We might be seeing the Batman Who Laughs in that first issue.” According to Tynion, the Batman Who Laughs knew about the Immortal Men on his own world.

Didio also brought up Damage #1 by Robert Venditti with covers and art by Tony S. Daniel and Danny Miki. “We have Wonder Woman in the first arc,” Venditti shared. “For the second arc, Cary Nord is going to come in and draw… So I made up a story with Poison Ivy and Gorilla Grodd.”

As to The Silencer #1 by Dan Abnett, John Romita Jr. and Sandra Hope, Didio said, “It’s basically the world’s greatest assassin is retired.” However, then Talia al Ghul shows up at her house and brings her back into the fold, despite the fact that she now has a family. “For movie fans, it’s a little bit of Long Kiss Goodnight meets John Wick.”

For Sideways #1 by Dan Didio, Justin Jordan and Kenneth Rocafort, Didio said, “With this one young kid, basically falls through a crack in reality and comes out on the other side of Gotham city.” This will give him the ability to create rifts and step through them, but every rift he creates causes damage to the multiverse.

“So he’s a kid who’s grown up rather as we did, looking at superheroes…. He’s like, ‘Alright, I’ve got superpowers. Obviously, I’ve got to be a superhero,'” Jordan explained.

Next, Didio moved onto The Terrifics by Jeff Lemire, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. “We came up with a fantastic idea,” Didio said to a round of laughs.

“He pitched this idea to me while I was working on Metal,” Snyder recalled. “Metal is largely just one step in sort of a longer design for you guys… Any crazy thing can be out there, and we want the DCU to feel that way to you guys… There might be a whole other realm of the DC Universe that you don’t know.” According to Snyder, Lemire wants “to explore the unknown” with the book.

Didio announced The Curse of Brimstone #1 by Justin Jordan and Philip Tan, which goes on sale February 14. “This is our horror book,” he said.

“It’s about a kid, he’s about 20-years-old… he’s watched the town die in his lifetime,” Jordan explained. This character will meet a person called the Salesman, who gives him the ability to turn into a character called Brimstone. Anytime he uses Brimstone, it’s “worse than whatever he’s trying to fight.” “It’s kind of looking at that idea of when you make a bargain for power out of desperation, then you have to live with that for life,” he said. “We’re taking a look at that horror aspect.” He compared Brimstone to lighting a forest fire to end a forest fire.

Next up, Didio offered Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Josh Williamson, Doug Mahnke and Ivan Reis. “We had more story than we could use,” Snyder explained. “Detective Chimp, Flash, Cyborg… the Dark Knights are chasing them through all the worlds that Grant [Morrison] created.”

“Detective Chimp is this passion character for me,” he added.

Orlando weighed in on his series The Unexpected. “It’s a team of enemies that just happen to hate each other slightly less than anything else going on in this universe… These are all people who have made huge mistakes…” Neon the Unknown will be a member of the team. Ascendant, the ruler of the world who comes from a species of orc, who Orlando described as “the Jane Goodall of humans”; Firebrand, “our main connection to Metal who was injured and experimented upon” and must get in a fight every 24-hours to survive”; and Viking Judge, “the continuation of Viking Prince and… Viking Commando,” will also be on the team. Viking Judge is connected to her axe and lives through the body of her descendant.

“They’re all people who think they’ve done something unforgivable,” he explained.

“After Metal… Metal sets up things in every book in a way… we’re going to moneyball all the teams, so you get Starro, Sinestro, Superman for a special story that rolls out of Metal,” Snyder revealed. 

Written by Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo, Dark Knights: Metal #3 goes on sale October 11.

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NYCC: Marvel Legacy’s Next Big Thing

NYCC: Marvel Legacy’s Next Big Thing

Marvel Comics’ Marvel Legacy initiative has kicked off, and editor Nick Lowe, editor Mark Basso, writer Ed Brisson, writer Gerry Duggan, artist Javier Garrón, artist Erica Henderson, writer Matthew Rosenberg, writer Rainbow Rowell and writer Charles Soule stopped by New York Comic Con to discuss what that means for the future of their comics.

Lowe asked Brisson what X-Men villain Sabretooth is doing in Iron Fist. “He debuted in initially in Iron Fist,” Brisson explained. “Iron Fist and Sabretooth have a longstanding beef… they have to work together, and it’s super awkward… Sabretooth does not forget. He hold grudges… they’ve got to somehow get past it together.” Ultimately, they will have to save Kun L’un together.

Asked what he was doing in Daredevil, Soule said, “I gave the city away. I gave it away to Mayor Wilson Fisk,” he revealed. “The idea of this came from the idea that Daredevil and Wilson Fisk both love New York very much. They just have very, very different ideas… What would be a bigger thing than Wilson Fisk having all the power of the mayor’s office?”

Fisk has got “everything he need to make Daredevil’s life hell… The premise of this is that the Kingpin is not just the Kingpin. He’s the King.”

Daredevil #600 will be “a massive story,” which Soule hopes is something that has never been done with the characters before.

In Punisher, Rosenberg will give Frank Castle the War Machine Armor. “He is going to take the War Machine armor while no one is using it,” since James “Rhodey” Rhodes has died. “We give him a nuclear weapon and send him off to war… In a lot of ways, I think the book is taking what Frank is and accelerating it.”

Punisher: The Platoon by Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov will follow “Frank Castle’s first tour of Vietnam,” Lowe explained. “You’ll recognize one of the characters… if you’ve read the MAX comics before… a young woman named Li. She causes some new problems for Frank and his platoon.”

Garrón also spoke about Secret Warriors. “The Inhumans group of characters… they are in a unique position. So dramatic!” he shared. “We have people who don’t seem to fit… The thing is, they work together as a team because they face something as a team that is greater than anything that is anything they faced as individuals… Things are not as simple as it seems.” As such, the team will start to “fall apart.”

However, he promises the book will have “humor.” “It has a little bit of everything. It has action. It has humor… It doesn’t feel forced. It comes out natural. It all comes from Inhumans vs. X-Men,” he explained. “Everything continues to evolve in the second arc.” The second arc will be a “direct consequence” of the first arc.

“They’re look for a cure for this in a certain way… a cure for the death of their people,” Rosenberg pitched in and revealed that Mister Sinister will appear in the series. “So we added someone to the roster who’s a little more used to going up against Mister Sinister,” he added, revealing that Magick will appear in the story.

“When Nick [Lowe] and I started talking a few years ago, I was desperate to bring Runaways back,” Rowell shared. “It’s about these kids who are thrust together when they realize their parents are super villains.”

In the first arc of the new series, Rowell will give the characters the choice to decide whether or not they want to be Runaways. “All of the characters that you remember… which is difficult, because some of them are dead… we kind of get them back together,” she explained. “[Kris Anka’s] artwork is stunning… His character designs tell so much.”

“We’re going to space!” Henderson said of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. The character will run into Galactus again, who is looking for “all the money” from the planets he visits.

Duggan spoke about his run on Guardians of the Galaxy. “In Legacy, we started a lot of fires… Gamora is a quest for the Soul Stone,” Duggan said. There are other people questing for Stones now… In Legacy, the Nova Corps has been sabotaged from within.” A former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, who became a Nova Corps member, will reach out to the Guardians for help.

In Guardians, the Nova Corps will have a new headquarters. “They are mining an asteroid and selling off the pieces to pay for being the Nova Corps,” Duggan explained.

Ant-Man Scott Lang, a new member of the team, will find a personal reason to stay on the team in the upcoming arc.

Duggan revealed that Adam Warlock won’t be the only character coming back in Guardians of the Galaxy. “The Adam Warlock is a thing I think we haven’t seen before. It introduces a new wrinkle to the Stone quest,” he said.

He also touched on his Deadpool run, which will explore the consequences of Secret Empire. “In this particular moment, that’s when Strife comes calling, and he owes four names,” he explained. “We’ve done some really awful things to Wade, and this feels like some of the worst stuff.”

Lowe announced a new series titled Weapon H, which will arrive in March 2018. “It is the most eight-year-old idea… and I love it,” he shared.

As to the Runaways show and her current comic about the characters, Rowell said, “We kind of just keep them separate. Do what you need to do. I was writing inside comics continuity… I believe the show is an origin story. We were able to keep those universes separate… I wrote it so that you could come on board… I don’t know if you’ve ever read fan fiction. Something that fan fiction has taught me is that we can recognize the soul of a character in many different ways.” She hopes that both versions of the characters will resonate with fans.

Lowe also addressed the Fantastic Four’s absence. “They’re in the multiverse, cataloging,” he said. “They’re very busy!”

When a fan asked after Beta Ray Bill, Lowe said that the name had come up at the last Marvel summit. “You will see Bill in the pages of Guardians,” Duggan added.

When a fan asked about Black Widow and her recent death, Rosenberg said, “There’s a book coming up that’s coming up in December, called Tales of Suspense… and that is the story of people are dying, people that the Black Widow didn’t like, and they’re dying in Widow-esque ways.” He revealed that Hawkeye and Bucky will investigate these murders, even though they don’t get along, because they believe she could still be alive.

The Marvel Legacy initiative kicked off September 27 with Marvel Legacy #1, a 50-page one-shot from writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribic that told the “startling origin of the Marvel Universe” and underscored how “it’s all connected.”

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