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Secret X-Men Movie ‘143’ Reportedly in the Works

A new X-Men movie is reportedly in the works at Fox with prolific comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis on script duties and Deadpool helmer Tim Miller in the director's chair, and if substantiated it looks like it's a Kitty Pryde solo movie.

Deadline reports that little is known about the project other than it is set in the X-Men Universe, and has the title '143'. X-Men comic fans might surmise that the title could refer to Uncanny X-Men #143, in which Kitty Pryde faces off against a demon in the X-mansion at Christmas-time. Indeed, with Miller attached and the 143 nod, all signs point to the solo film for Kitty Pryde that was rumored last month. This could still be interrupted by the Disney buyout of Fox, however.

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Captain Marvel Confirmed for Avengers 4

Scarlett Johansson has confirmed that we'll be seeing Brie Larson's Captain Marvel in Avengers 4.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Johansson said that Larson is getting her "feet wet" shooting the Infinity War sequel before shooting her solo movie.

"She’s so great", Johansson said, "but a really cute thing happened the other day where Hulk is standing next to her and

Joe Russo told her to put her hand in front of Mark

’s face to stop him, and she’s like, “In front of his face?” And they explained, “that’s where his chest is,” and she looks up and yells, “I’m new! I’m new!”"

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Infinity War Casting Leak Leads to Young Avengers Rumors

A new casting call for Marvel's The Avengers: Infinity War has fans speculating that the Young Avengers could be in Marvel's future.

Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War casting ahead (in case that wasn't clear). 

A notice on calls for the casting of twin boys, aged two, for two days of filming on the Infinity War set in December. The casting call has led fans to speculate that the twin boys could potentially be the sons of Vision and Scarlet Witch, who have a romantic relationship in the comic books but are yet to have one solidified in the films.

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Henry Cavill: DC Films Would’ve Struggled “Even If Marvel Didn’t Exist”

Henry Cavill has acknowledged that DC's cinematic universe - or whatever we're calling it now - hasn't exactly had the smoothest ride.

In an extremely candid interview with The Rake Magazine (captured by this Tweet), the Superman actor said that comparisons to rival Marvel haven't exactly been its biggest problem.

"Even if Marvel didn't exist, we'd struggle," he told the publication. "There was a style that

were going for, an attempt to be different and look at things from a slightly different perspective, which hasn't necessarily worked."

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James Gunn Sick of The Fighting Over BvS

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has had enough of people arguing about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In a Twitter thread, Gunn pointed out that every time he mentions DC his timeline inevitably fills up with people getting into heated arguments over the divisive film.

"Every time I mention anything DC, no matter what, my feed becomes an endless screaming match about BvS," Gunn said. "You guys are never going to convince each other - it’s just a bunch of wasted energy. At least when you’re screaming at each other about Trump, it’s something of international importance. But it’s a 2 year old movie that some people like and some people don’t. Why is someone else’s opinion so important to you. As Marvel and DC super fans you have way more in common with each other than you do with the rest of the world. So why do you spend so much time raging at each other? It’s silly. Please just stop it. Stop engaging in that way.

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Thor: Ragnarok – First Reactions Twitter Roundup

Disney and Marvel have held their first media screening for Thor: Ragnarok, and allowed press to talk about the movie on social media ahead of official reviews.

IGN's Jim Vejvoda shared his thoughts after the screening, calling it "the best Thor movie" but "good, not awesome."


SlashFilm's Peter Sciretta also thinks it's the best Thor film thus far, and was one of many who praised its score.


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Live-Action Titans Series Casts Dove, Hawk

Minka Kelly and Alan Ritchson have been cast as Dove and Hawk in DC's live-action Titans series.

Kelly (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood) and Ritchson (Smallville, TMNT) are set for recurring roles in Titans Season 1, with series regular backup deals for a potential series 2.

minkakelly Minka Kelly

Hawk (aka Hank Hall) and Dove (aka Dawn Granger) are a vigilante crime-fighting duo who also share a romantic partnership. Hawk is described as "an aggressive, offensive bruiser" while Dove is "strategic, defensive and lithe."

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Drew Goddard is Directing X Force

Drew Goddard has been tapped by Fox to direct X Force, the upcoming superhero flick set in the X-Men universe, centred on Cable and Deadpool.

Deadline reports that Goddard will begin directing the flick, based on a script that has reportedly been written by Ryan Reynolds and Joe Carnahan (The Grey), as soon as he finishes up Bad Times at the El Royale with Chris Hemsworth and Jeff Bridges.

This is Goddard's second chance at helming a big superhero movie. The ex-Daredevil showrunner and Cabin in the Woods director was originally going to direct the Spider-Man villain spinoff the Sinister Six, until that movie was canned when Sony struck the Spidey deal with Marvel (learn about his vision for that movie).

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Patty Jenkins Close to Closing Wonder Woman 2 Deal

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is in final negotiations to helm the sequel.

Though Wonder Woman 2 was officially confirmed at Comic-Con last month, Jenkins' involvement beyond writing a treatment for the film was still up in the air. Deadline reports that the reason behind this came down to Jenkins' negotiations about her salary after Wonder Woman was such a smash hit for Warner Bros, stating that Jenkins has been fighting for a salary on par with a male director in the wake of such a successful first film.

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Justice League: How Much Work Will it Take to Remove Cavill’s Mustache?

Digitally removing the mustache Henry Cavill can't shave off despite needing to appear as a clean-shaven Superman in Justice League is going to take a lot of work.

Business Insider spoke to two VFX artists about the process of removing Cavill's mustache, which the actor is contractually obliged to keep while shooting Mission Impossible 6. The amount of work it will take to remove it depends on how much Cavill will be moving around in any given scene, according to Dave Fleet, the Head of 3D, and Anne Trotman, Lead 2D Artist at The Mill.

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