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Live-Action Titans Series Casts Dove, Hawk

Minka Kelly and Alan Ritchson have been cast as Dove and Hawk in DC's live-action Titans series.

Kelly (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood) and Ritchson (Smallville, TMNT) are set for recurring roles in Titans Season 1, with series regular backup deals for a potential series 2.

minkakelly Minka Kelly

Hawk (aka Hank Hall) and Dove (aka Dawn Granger) are a vigilante crime-fighting duo who also share a romantic partnership. Hawk is described as "an aggressive, offensive bruiser" while Dove is "strategic, defensive and lithe."

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Drew Goddard is Directing X Force

Drew Goddard has been tapped by Fox to direct X Force, the upcoming superhero flick set in the X-Men universe, centred on Cable and Deadpool.

Deadline reports that Goddard will begin directing the flick, based on a script that has reportedly been written by Ryan Reynolds and Joe Carnahan (The Grey), as soon as he finishes up Bad Times at the El Royale with Chris Hemsworth and Jeff Bridges.

This is Goddard's second chance at helming a big superhero movie. The ex-Daredevil showrunner and Cabin in the Woods director was originally going to direct the Spider-Man villain spinoff the Sinister Six, until that movie was canned when Sony struck the Spidey deal with Marvel (learn about his vision for that movie).

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Patty Jenkins Close to Closing Wonder Woman 2 Deal

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is in final negotiations to helm the sequel.

Though Wonder Woman 2 was officially confirmed at Comic-Con last month, Jenkins' involvement beyond writing a treatment for the film was still up in the air. Deadline reports that the reason behind this came down to Jenkins' negotiations about her salary after Wonder Woman was such a smash hit for Warner Bros, stating that Jenkins has been fighting for a salary on par with a male director in the wake of such a successful first film.

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Justice League: How Much Work Will it Take to Remove Cavill’s Mustache?

Digitally removing the mustache Henry Cavill can't shave off despite needing to appear as a clean-shaven Superman in Justice League is going to take a lot of work.

Business Insider spoke to two VFX artists about the process of removing Cavill's mustache, which the actor is contractually obliged to keep while shooting Mission Impossible 6. The amount of work it will take to remove it depends on how much Cavill will be moving around in any given scene, according to Dave Fleet, the Head of 3D, and Anne Trotman, Lead 2D Artist at The Mill.

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Wonder Woman 2 Set for 2019 Release

Wonder Woman 2 is set to open in theatres December 19, 2019.

Variety reports that the sequel to this year's superhero smash hit will fill the slot that previously housed an "untitled WB event film".

Wonder Woman director and co-scribe Patty Jenkins is currently working on a treatment for the sequel with Geoff Johns, joint overseer of the DCEU. Recent rumors point to it possible taking place during the Cold War in the '80s.

Gal Gadot will return to play Diana in the sequel. Warner Bros. has not yet announced whether or not Jenkins will return to direct.

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The Walking Dead Poster Reveals Season 8 Premiere Date

AMC today released special Comic Con art for The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead key art also reveals October 22nd as the season 8 premiere, which coincides with the series’ 100th episode.

The Walking Dead, Season 8. Photo Credit: Courtesy AMC

Fear The Walking Dead Season 3B, Photo credit: Courtesy AMC

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World of Warcraft Chronicle Vol 3 Coming 2018

Dark Horse and Blizzard Entertainment have announced the third installment in the World of Warcraft Chronicle book series, due to go on sale March 27, 2018.

World of Warcraft Chronicle: Volume III features artwork from Peter Lee, Roman Kenney, Stanton Feng and Joseph Lacroix, while writing duties have been tackled by Chris Metzen, Matt Burns, and Robert Brooks. The third volume of World of Warcraft Chronicle will focus on the events "that shaped the modern history of Azeroth and delves into the backstories of Arthas Menethil, Illidan Stormrage, Jaina Proudmoore, and other iconic World of Warcraft characters."

World of Warcraft Chronicle: Volume III will go on sale March 27, 2018 for USD$39.99. Check out its cover art below.

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Wonder Woman 2 Rumored to Be Set in the 1980s

The sequel to this year's DCEU hit Wonder Woman may very well be set during the Cold War.

As per production details reportedly obtained by Screenrant,  Wonder Woman 2 will be set during the 1980s, and pit Diana against the Soviet Union in the Cold War's last days (The Wrap has subsequently reported that Screenrant's findings are correct). Producer Geoff Johns will return, and is currently developing a script for the sequel with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.

Spoilers for Wonder Woman ahead. 

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New Batman Director Matt Reeves Salutes Christopher Nolan

The Batman director Matt Reeves has promised "a very emotional Batman story," while paying tribute to former Batman helmer Christopher Nolan.

Speaking to Yahoo Movies on a promotional junket for his upcoming film War for the Planet of the Apes, Reeves said that he hopes to tell "a very emotional Batman story", drawing parallels between the Dark Knight and the hero of his Apes trilogy, Caesar.

"I do see a very strong parallel between

 because they’re both damaged characters who are grappling to the do the right thing in a very imperfect world," said Reeves. "A world that’s filled with all of the corruption that is human.”

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Quicksilver Will Be Back for X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Evan Peters will be reprising his role as Quicksilver for Fox's upcoming  X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie.

THR reports that though Quicksilver was not part of the Dark Phoenix comic book saga, he was enough of a fan favourite in the X-Men film series that he's being written into Simon Kinberg's new flick.

The publication also notes that Lamar Johnson (The Next Step) is also joining the packed cast, which includes James McAvoy (Professor X), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), Nicholas Hoult (Beast),Sophie Turner (Jean Grey), Tye Sheridan (Cyclops), Alexandra Shipp (Storm) and Kodi Smit-McPhee (Nightcrawler). It was recently revealed that Dazzler will make an appearance in the movie.

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