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New Ghost Rider Series Announced

At Marvel's Infinity panel, the publisher revealed that the Spirit of Vengeance would be making his return... to Los Angeles!

Facing off with Mr. Hyde, a brand new person is in the title role and a new creative team has joined the character in the form of writer Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore. So gone is the female Ghost Rider of the last volume and someone new is in the driver's seat... who could it be?

The series launches in March. Stay tuned to IGN Comics for more from NYCC!

Joey is a Senior Editor at IGN and a comic book creator. Follow Joey on Twitter @JoeyEsposito, or find him on IGN at Joey-IGN. He thinks Catwoman is swell.

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Iron Patriot Gets the Spotlight

One of the announcements at Marvel's Infinity panel, the publisher revealed that Colonel James Rhodes will be making his return to the spotlight in the Marvel Universe, as Iron Patriot takes domestic terrorism head on. The series will be written by Ales Kot with art by Garry Brown and is set to launch in March.

Iron Patriot 001 Garry Brown Cover

Stay tuned to IGN Comics for more from NYCC!

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James Robinson Takes Over Fantastic Four

A few months back we learned that Matt Fraction would be leaving the FF and Fantastic Four books to focus on Inhumanity, and now we know who's taking over long term: writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk.

Not only that, but Marvel announced at the Inhumanity panel today that Fantastic Four would be relaunching with a new #1 in February to celebrate the new creative direction.

The story starts at the end, with the demise of the Fantastic Four, and the rest of the series will unravel the mystery of how it happened. Stay tuned to IGN Comics for more from NYCC!

Joey is a Senior Editor at IGN and a comic book creator. Follow Joey on Twitter @JoeyEsposito, or find him on IGN at Joey-IGN. He thinks Catwoman is swell.

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Silver Surfer Gets New Series

Norrin Radd is finally coming back in a big way, and Marvel's found the perfect creators to do it. Announced at the Infinity panel today, Dan Slott and Mike Allred will be launching Silver Surfer #1 in March. He's taking his board into the weird parts of the Marvel Universe, and he's taking an Earth girl along with him! It sounds like Slott's love of Doctor Who is paying dividends here.

Stay tuned to IGN Comics for the first interview with Slott about this book in just a bit!

Silver Surfer 001 Mike Allred Cover

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New Avengers Books on the Way

Naturally, in a world full of Avengers merchandise, Marvel had a few big announcements for new titles in the franchise today at New York Comic-Con. First up was Avengers World, a new title from Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer, and Stefano Caselli that spins out of Infinity.

Taking a cue from Hickman's original throughline for his Avengers run -- "we need to get bigger" -- Avengers World will find Captain America and company building a global team of Avengers to help protect the world at large. The series will debut in January.

Avengers World Arthur Adams Wraparound Variant Cover Avengers World Arthur Adams Wraparound Variant Cover

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IGN Assemble!: The Final Episode

This is the big one! At last we've reached the All-Star Superman retrospective of IGN Assemble! which also, unfortunately, happens to be the last.

As you might've heard, Joey is moving on to create comics full-time, so this is the last of this incarnation of the IGN Comics podcast. Stay tuned to for more about the brand new podcast the guys will be launching soon. You can read more about the situation here.

But that's the bad news. The good news is that Joey, Erik, and Ben Assemble for an in-depth discussion about Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's All-Star Superman.

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Eternal Warrior to Launch Valiant’s “Futureverse”

Back in the original Valiant Universe, the company had done something relatively unprecedented in superhero comics -- it had gone into its own future and built upon its continuity in a significant way. Sure, things like Legion of Super-heroes had toyed with the idea (but even they usually came back to our time instead) and there were plenty of alternate-continuity futures, but the "futureverse" of Valiant was presented as the cold, hard truth.

With the relaunch, fans have been waiting for when we'd return to that futureverse, and it seems the time is now. With Eternal Warrior #5, Greg Pak and Diego Bernard depict Gilad struggling to save humanity from extinction in a new arc dubbed "Eternal Emperor." I had a quick chat with Greg Pak and Valiant's Executive Editor Warren Simons about the new arc and taking Valiant into the year 4001 A.D.

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Forever Evil: Arkham War #1 Preview

Forever Evil has taken over the DC Universe, but not everyone is happy with the new regime. The first of DC's Forever Evil tie-ins, Arkham War by Peter Tomasi and Scot Eaton catches us up with the inmates of Arkham and Blackgate as they flood the streets of Gotham City.

The issue hits on Wednesday.

Joey is a Senior Editor at IGN and a comic book creator. Follow Joey on Twitter @JoeyEsposito, or find him on IGN at Joey-IGN. He thinks Catwoman is swell.

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Hero Worship: Don’t Ruin Movies for Yourself

One of my earlier Hero Worship columns was Are We Ruining Moves For Ourselves?, discussing the idea of overanalyzing early promotional material for the movies we are most looking forward to. Back then, I was talking about the first images of Henry Cavill’s Superman and Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman (I know, right?). But looking back at that piece, it’s sort of like stomping on a few random ants but never bothering to take out the ant hill. Over analytical fandom is just a symptom of a larger epidemic.

While I’ve expressed time and again how I love shared universes and the like, seeing Paul Giamatti talk about the Rhino’s role in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4 (!) when we’re just over a year removed from Amazing Spider-Man 1 is just a little bit grating. That’s not a slight on Giamatti, either, as interviews are typically conducted in a fashion to try and land scoops about these big new franchises. Being a good interviewee, Giamatti answered as best he could. The larger issue is: were we better off knowing nothing about movies until we saw the trailer?

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IGN Assemble!: Origin of Gordon’s ‘Stache

With it being a relatively slow news week leading up to New York Comic-Con, we take on some extra mailbag questions including, but not limited to, a thoughtful discussion about breakfast cereals. We also talk about FOX's Gotham, the first comics we ever loved, and more.

As for this week's comics, we talk: Forever Evil, Green Arrow, Batman: Black and White, All-New X-Men, Fantomex MAX, Savage Wolverine, Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Lazarus, Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight, and Quantum and Woody.

As always, there are spoilers for everything discussed, so you've been warned.

In the interest of self-promotion:

Check out the IGN Assemble! Facebook Group!

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