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Jackie Chan Confirms Role In The Expendables 3

The last time we heard news about The Expendables 3, screenwriter and star Sylvester Stallone was talking about robots and Sigourney Weaver, so intrigue about the film’s possible plotline is understandably high. One thing we can now confirm, however, is that Jackie Chan is planning to join Nicolas Cage as one of the new recruits for the franchise.

The news comes from a press conference for CZ12 in Kuala Lumpar and was reported by Cinema Online (via ComingSoon). Apparently Sylvester Stallone has been chasing Chan since The Expendables 2 and is now going to get his wish. When asked about his possible involvement, Chan had this to say:

Sly had invited me to be in Expendables 2 but I was too busy filming CZ12 and couldn’t make a commitment to the film. But he did extend his invitation to the third movie, which I agreed on the condition that I will be appearing as more than just a minor role with a few scenes.

In Chan’s discussions with Stallone, the possibility of making The Expendables 3 a “buddy-buddy movie” (like a buddy movie but with even more friendship) apparently also came up, and Chan said that Stallone seemed amenable to the idea.

In theory, CZ12 was supposed to be Chan’s last action movie, but it seems that he’s having difficulty pulling away from the genre. In 2013, along with the The Expendables 3, he will also be working on a potential Rush Hour sequel called Skip Tracer, another action film called Police Story 2013, and his autobiographical musical I Am Jackie Chan.

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Garrett Hedlund Confirms Attachment To TRON 3

Plans for the TRON threequel seem to be trundling healthily along now, with a screenwriter, director, and now a lead actor attached. We reported earlier this month that Jesse Wigutor had been hired to write the latest – and potentially the final – version of the script, with TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski still planning to return to the helm.

The latest news from NextMovie is that Garrett Hedlund, who played Sam Flynn in 2010′s sequel, has confirmed he will be reprising his role in the third instalment of the franchise.

At least, I assume he’ll be reprising his role. He might just end up playing one of those computer program twins with monosyllabic names. Only time will tell.

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Lincoln And Argo Lead The 2013 Golden Globes Nominations

Next month will bring the announcement of the 2013 Golden Globes winners, and for those who would like to start placing their bets early we now have the full list of nominees.

Only one of the two Abraham Lincoln biopics released this year have made it onto the list, and it’s Steven Spielberg‘s slightly more sober, vampireless interpretation of events with Daniel Day-Lewis in the leading role. Lewis has been nominated for Best Actor, Sally Field for Best Actress, Spielberg for Best Director, the film itself for Best Motion Picture Drama, Tommy Lee Jones for Best Supporting Actor, with Tony Kushner in line for a potential Best Screenplay award, and John Williams down for Best Original Score.

Another big contender is Ben Affleck‘s directing/acting/producing feature Argo, with five nominations. The Iranian-set thriller, which is loosely based on a true story, will be fighting Lincoln for Best Drama, along with Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained, Kathryn Bigelow‘s Zero Dark Thirty, and Ang Lee‘s Life of Pi. All of the films in the Best Drama category are accompanied by at least another couple of nominations apiece.

Comedy and musical features get their own category, and this year the nominees include Wes Anderson‘s Moonrise Kingdom, and the latest big-screen adaptation of Les Miserables, which snagged Best Actor/Actress nominations for Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman.

The full list of nominees can be found over on the official Golden Globes website. Some solid competition this year, though I’d guess that Argo and Lincoln will probably run off with a few awards each.

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James McAvoy And Mark Strong Star In New Trailer For Brit Action Thriller Welcome To The Punch

If you have a proclivity for gun porn then you might want to make sure the curtains are closed and your mum isn’t in the room when you watch the following video.

This new trailer for Eran Creevy‘s detective action thriller Welcome to the Punch stars James McAvoy as police detective Max Lewinsky, Mark Strong as bald bad guy Jacob Sternwood, and a whole bunch of spent bullet casings.

The best way to describe this trailer would be “gritty and stylish”, in the sense that it’s very blue and shiny. The dialogue we hear is a little uninspired, and the plot doesn’t sound like it’ll win any points for originality, but I’m the first to admit that films of this flavour aren’t really my cup of tea.

The trailer debuted over at The Sun, and the film is set for a March 15th 2013 release.

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The Asylum Finally Have One Of Their Mockbusters Blocked As Lawyers Stop Age Of The Hobbits

I suppose they were going to have to push their luck too far sooner or later. The Asylum, the low-budget film studio behind such classics as Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies, Paranormal Entity, Transmorphers and Almighty Thor, have run into a lawsuit that they can’t duck out of with their “historical drama” Age of the Hobbits.

As a studio that predominantly trades in “mockbusters” – shamelessly transparent rip-offs of whatever big movie is about to hit cinemas – this isn’t the first time that The Asylum have had to fend off copyright issues. Another of their recent releases, American Warships, was originally titled American Battleship until Universal began making frowny faces at them.

We reported back in October that Warner Bros. were planning to take The Asylum to court over Age of the Hobbits, and that the latter studio were planning to base their defence upon the claim that their hobbits are nothing to do with Tolkien’s hobbits.

Age of the Hobbits is about the real-life human subspecies, Homo Floresiensis, discovered in 2003 in Indonesia which have been uniformly referred to as ‘Hobbits’ in the scientific community. As such, the use of the term ‘Hobbits’ is protected under the legal doctrines of nominal and traditional fair use. Indeed, a simple Google search of Hobbits and archaeology reveals dozens of articles containing the term “Hobbit(s)” in the title.

A cheekily charming, though not very solid, response. Unfortunately for The Asylum, the California federal judge Philip Gutierrez was not particularly amused by this defence, pointing out that the word “hobbit” is a registered trademark, that there are a number of similarities between the marketing material for Age of the Hobbits and New Line’s The Hobbit trilogy, and that the title of The Asylum’s film is explicitly misleading.

According to the ruling published by The Hollywood Reporter, Gutierrez had this to say in response to The Asylum’s ‘Homo Floresiensis’ defence:

Asylum’s argument appears to ignore the connection between the term used to describe Homo Floresiensis and Tolkien’s hobbits. Asylum treats the use of the two terms as completely unrelated, but the terms are in fact closely related: scientists gave Homo Floresiensis the nickname ‘Hobbit’ because its appearance resembled Tolkien’s hobbits, as described in his novels … Given that Homo Floresiensis received the nickname ‘Hobbit’ specifically because of its resemblance to Tolkien’s fictional hobbits, the Court finds Asylum’s argument that its movie is wholly unrelated to Tolkien’s work because it is about Homo Floresiensis to be disingenuous.

The majority of factors weigh in favor of a finding of likelihood of confusion and no factor weighs against such a finding. Moreover, the finding is particularly strong on the three factors that courts have found to be the most important, especially in the context of the internet: similarity of the marks, relatedness of the goods, and use of similar marketing channels.

Gutierrez has placed a temporary restraining order upon The Asylum to prevent them from releasing the film. There will be a court hearing on January 28th to decide whether the restraining order will be made permanent.

I’ve never seen so much trouble over such a silly word.

Here’s the trailer for one of the hobbit films, anyway.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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J.K. Rowling’s First Post-Potter Novel Already Set For TV Adaptation

That didn’t take long. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling‘s first novel for adults, The Casual Vacancy, was published at the end of September and barely two months later has been commissioned for an exclusive TV adaptation by BBC One and BBC Drama.

The novel is a tragicomedy set in an English suburban West Country town called Pagford. After the death of the local Parish Councillor, an election is called to elect a new councillor, factions develop around the issue of the local council estate (public housing, if you’re reading in the US) and whether or not the town should be dissociated from it. As the war for the much-coveted position of Parish Councillor wages on, dark secrets about the various candidates are uncovered.

According to the article on the BBC News website (not surprising that they got the scoop), the show is expected to air in 2014.

J.K. Rowling seems happy, if not too surprised, that the book has been selected for adaptation.

I’m thrilled that the BBC has commissioned The Casual Vacancy. I always felt that, if it were to be adapted, this novel was best suited to television and I think the BBC is the perfect home.

The Casual Vacancy became the 15th best-selling of 2012 within its first week of publication and sold over a million copies in the first three weeks following release.

The Walking Dead And Super 8 Child Stars Join The Cast Of Stephen King’s Mercy

The central cast for Stephen King short story adaptation Mercy has been rounded out a little more with the casting of the two child leads.

The film is based on Gramma, one of the stories in King’s 1985 collection Skeleton Crew, and will tell the story of  two young boys who go to live with their grandmother, as she is desperately ill and requires their mother as a full-time carer. Little do they realise that the family matriarch dabbles in black magic and made a dark deal some years ago which is ready to resurface.

Frances O’Connor is set the play the mother, and THR have reported that the two boys will be played by Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes on AMC’s The Walking Dead, and Super 8 star Joel Courtney.

The only main role yet to cast now is the grandmother. That’s the casting choice I’m most interested in; everyone loves a good villain.

The script for Mercy was penned by 1408 screenwriter Matt Greenberg, and the film will be directed by Peter Cornwell.

James Gunn Apologises For Controversial Blog Post, Describes It As “Poorly Worded And Offensive To Many”

Guardians of The Galaxy writer-director James Gunn has issued a statement regarding the recent controversy over a blog post on his site, in which he made a number of comments that many, myself included, considered offensive to both women and the LGBT community.

Gunn acknowledges, in retrospect, that while his intentions may have been humorous or satirical, this did not come across in the writing and he understands why so many were outraged by it.

Gunn has since removed the blog post from his website. In response to an outreach by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, he sent the organisation a statement apologising for the blog post and any offence it had caused.

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog that was meant to be satirical and funny.  In rereading it over the past day I don’t think it’s funny.  The attempted humor in the blog does not represent my actual feelings.  However, I can see where statements were poorly worded and offensive to many.  I’m sorry and regret making them at all.

People who are familiar with me as evidenced by my Facebook page and other mediums know that I’m an outspoken proponent for the rights of the gay and lesbian community,  women and anyone who feels disenfranchised, and it kills me that some other outsider like myself, despite his or her gender or sexuality, might feel hurt or attacked by something I said.  We’re all in the same camp, and I want to do my best to make this world a better place for all of us.  I’m learning all the time. I promise to be more careful with my words in the future.  And I will do my best to be funnier as well. Much love to all.

Under The Dome TV Adaptation Dropped By Showtime And Picked Up By CBS For Next Summer

We’ve just passed the one year anniversary of my last article about Brian K. Vaughan‘s TV adaptation of Under The Dome, a story about people living under a dome. In the far and misty days of November 2011, Showtime hired Vaughan to turn the novel into a 13 episode-long miniseries for their channel. Which he did … on paper.

After making him do all that work, Showtime apparently dropped the project altogether, but the show has been resurrected and slated for broadcast over on CBS. Unlike the original commission, CBS are planning to skip the pilot and go straight-to-series, scheduling it for a summer 2013 run.

Based on the information in the press release, it seems that they’ll still be using Vaughan’s scripts, and he’s also coming onboard as an executive producer.

For those who haven’t read the book (I’ll forgive you, since it’s over 1000 pages long), Under The Dome is about a small town which one day inexplicably sprouts an enormous, transparent forcefield in the shape of a dome, which cuts them off from the outside world and eventually sends most of them batty with dome fever.

While we wait for a proper series trailer, here’s a short trailer for the book.

Click here to view the embedded video.

James Gunn’s Tasteless History Resurfaces As He Preps To Write And Direct Guardians Of The Galaxy

Are you getting excited for 2014′s Guardians of the Galaxy adaptation? The film is being produced by Marvel Studios and James Gunn has been brought on to write and direct the feature. Unfortunately for Gunn, his association with the project has led to people taking an interest in some of his previous academic writings upon the subject of comic books and the characters who inhabit them.

In February 2011, James Gunn wrote an article listing the ‘The 50 Superheroes You Most Want To Have Sex With’, as voted for on Twitter, Facebook, and Gunn’s own website. The article was recently rediscovered and thoroughly lambasted by blog site The Mary Sue.

Now, in concept this list is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, Gunn accepts nominations for both male and female superheroes, so at least it’s equal opportunity objectification, right? Besides which, the list might not necessarily focus on which superhero has the largest breasts or the most toned legs – perhaps it will be a breakdown of the attractive qualities of their personalities. Maybe.

No, listing an as-voted-for-by-the-public list of sexy superheroes (correction: “Superheroes You Most Want to Have Sex With”) wouldn’t be too offensive by itself. But to keep things interesting, Gunn decided to add his own commentary for most of the entries. Oh boy, did he.

Let’s start with the number one spot: Wonder Woman.

For the second year in a row, Princess Diana is the big winner.  It seems like many guys out there are hoping she’ll lasso their penises and make them tell the truth – which is that they want to be inside of Princess Diana!

Well that could have been worse. Admittedly it’s crude and criminally unfunny, but all it really does is reiterate the title of the piece for any who might have missed it.

In the number 3 spot is Catwoman.

This supervillain turned anti-hero has been making my penis feel funny since I was four years old and saw Julie Newmar playing her on TV.

Enjoy the mental image of James Gunn’s four year-old erection. It won’t be the last instance of underage sexuality on the list.

One of the men to make it into the top 10 was Gambit.

My girlfriend voted for this Cajun fruit. I think she’s looking to have a devil’s three way with the two of us.  The idea of my balls slapping against Gambit’s makes me sick to my stomach, but I can’t deny the fellow’s pure HEAT.

Again, we’re simply getting warmed up on the more deeply unpleasant aspects of this list, namely misogyny and homophobia. Perhaps it’s excusable that James Gunn feels physically nauseous at the idea of engaging in borderline homosexual acts. We’ll let him off for that one.

Number 6 on the list, Storm, is at least spared from the sweaty-palmed ardour lathered over the other females in the top 10. Unfortunately, there seemed to be nothing else to say about her other than, “Well, she’s black.”

Rising a full 24 places, Storm is once again our highest ranking woman-of-color and considering most of our other women-of-color on this list are green or blue or pink, that’s quite a feat.

Sadly, Storm is one of the few to make it through the list without getting too sticky. Enjoy this selection of Gunn’s witty character analyses from the rest of the DC and Marvel nominees, and just pray that your own favourite character doesn’t show up.

Natasha Romanov (Black Widow): “… Is the highest debut on the list, and, considering she’s fucked half the men in the Marvel Universe, it’s much deserved.”

Sue Storm (Invisible Girl): ”A+ choice, guys!  Just once wouldn’t you want to look back and forth from a pretty blonde’s face, to your penis actually having an orgasm inside of her vagina?!  I know I would.”

Black Canary: “I sometimes think that the Black Canary is the hottest chick in the DC Universe until I remember that she, uh, fucks Green Arrow.”

Alison Blaire (Dazzler): “Disco Dazzler, Rave Dazzler, and Punk Rock Dazzler, they all have one thing in common – a friggin’ GREAT vagina.”

Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman): “The whole time I’m fucking her I can’t get her face out of my mind as the skrull leader who tried to conquer the world. I know it’s not her fault, but I just can’t help it. So I finish on her face to help block out the painful memories. There. That’s better.”

Wally West (The Flash):”Many of the people who voted for the Flash were gay men. I have no idea why this is. But I do know if I was going to get fucked in the butt I too would want it to be by someone who would get it over with quick.”

Stephanie Brown (Bat Girl): “Being a teen mom and all, you know she’s easy. Go for it.”

Since we started with the tamest entries, it only seems fitting to end with the two most offensive. First up is Laura Kinney, AKA X-23, Wolverine’s sort-of clone who was first introduced in the X-Men: Evolution animated series before getting her own spin-off comic. X-23 is an example of a character type known as a “loli” (from Nabokov’s Lolita): an underaged character who is nevertheless portrayed in a variety of titillating or provocative outfits. Even so, surely the fact that she’s under eighteen should be enough to keep her off this list. Right?

Another debut, and a pretty good choice. Except, uh, isn’t she supposed to be fifteen years old? And after you fictionally fuck her fictional police are going to arrest you and put you in fictional jail for being a very real pedophile.

Gunn acknowledges the fact that X-23 is underage, turning it into a hilarious paedophile joke, but one can’t help but question why he accepted nominations and votes for this character, and went on to place her on the list and call her a “good choice”.

I promised that we weren’t quite done with homophobia, and it’s time to deliver.

When Kate Kane was reintroduced as Batwoman in 2006 as a homosexual and former member of the U.S. military, kicked out under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, many saw it as a huge step forward for LGBT representation in mainstream comics. According to Gunn, however, the character simply needs a millionaire playboy to put her right.

This lesbian character was voted for almost exclusively by men. I don’t know exactly what that means.  But I’m hoping for a Marvel-DC crossover so that Tony Stark can “turn” her.  She could also have sex with Nightwing and probably still be technically considered a lesbian.

Needless to say, many of Gunn’s fans took less than kindly to this list. A quick glance through the comments section suggests a few reasons why the list was eventually taken down and now only exists as a webcache.

“Wow if you’re gonna write GotG with this kind of attitude to women then I don’t even want to watch it anymore.”

“jesus fuck, you’re revolting.”

“You are sickening. I can’t believe you treat these characters like blow up dolls for your own misogynistic fantasies. I was really looking forward to GotG, but now I can’t even begin to…. Ugh. Seriously dude, you sound like a college frat boy who’s had three to many. Grow up and get your hand out of your pants for once.”

“Well, guess I’m not going to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanks for saving me the money, douchebag.”

“You’re really creepy. God damn.”

“Out of curiosity, are you aware that punitive rape of lesbians in order to “turn” them is a thing that happens? Fairly frequently, too. And by joking about Tony Stark having sex with Kate Kane, even though you meant consensually (and I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here), you’re implicitly supporting the notion that doing such a thing can change a woman’s mind about her sexuality. Hey, all lesbians just need a good dicking, right? The rest of this list is sleazy as fuck, but that part really took the cake. ”

Let’s face it: the internet is a big place and large sections of it are rampant with the very worst specimens that society has to offer. Most of the time it’s barely worth mentioning. But Marvel Studios will soon be giving James Gunn many millions of dollars to spend on bring the Guardians of the Galaxy (including female superhero Gamora) to the big screen. If this counts as part of his research, I’m not sure I want to see the end product.

Update: Rachel Edidin, editor at Dark Horse Comics, has weighed in with her opinion of whether this can be called satire and, if so, whether that’s a justification for it.