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Marvel Signs Rogue & Gambit Writer Kelly Thompson to Exclusive Deal

Marvel Signs Rogue & Gambit Writer Kelly Thompson to Exclusive Deal

Kelly Thompson, writer of Hawkeye and Rogue & Gambit, has signed an “exclusive agreement” with Marvel Comics, as announced Friday in a press release from the publisher.

“Marvel was truly my first love,” Thompson said in a statement. “So to be here today, not only writing for Marvel but ‘going exclusive’ with them, is the definition of a dream come true. I remember visiting Disney World as a teen and being so consumed by an issue of X-Men that was due to come out that I was checking newsstands like a girl possessed until I located it. So yeah, this is everything I always wanted.”

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Thompson made her Marvel debut in 2015, co-writing Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps with Kelly Sue DeConnick. Her other Marvel credits include A-Force and Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Captain Phasma. Outside of Marvel, Thompson first made a name in the mainstream comic book world with an acclaimed run on Jem and the Holograms at IDW Publishing.

For more than five years, Thompson was a columnist on CBR.

Thompson’s run on Hawkeye, which was named one of CBR’s Best Comics of 2017, wraps in March with issue #16. Rogue & Gambit, which debuted in January, is a five-issue miniseries. Marvel’s announcement states that word of Thompson’s next projects at the company should come in the next few months and this July at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

“Marvel has been incredibly supportive of and nurturing of my work as a creator and I really cannot wait for everything that’s to come, but waiting to announce projects is sort of like living in a delicious hell,” Thompson said. “It’s torture not to be able to share the things you know with the people you know are going to love them, but it’s also insanely cool not only to know those secrets but to be a creator of said secrets. And right at this moment… all I can say is that there are a lot of cool secrets to come, and some of them are even secrets I got to help create.”

Rogue & Gambit #2, illustrated by Pere Perez, and Hawkeye #15, illustrated by Leonardo Romero, are both scheduled for release on Feb. 7.

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The Hunt for Wolverine to Reveal Mystery Behind Logan’s Return

The Hunt for Wolverine to Reveal Mystery Behind Logan’s Return

Back in September, Wolverine returned in the Marvel Legacy one-shot, a major part of establishing the publisher’s new post-Secret Empire status quo. He’s made scattered appearances since then, but questions have lingered: Exactly how did Logan return from being killed off in 2014’s aptly titled Death of Wolverine miniseries? And when and where will that story be told?

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Those questions will begin to be answered in April’s The Hunt for Wolverine, a 40-page comic by Death of Wolverine writer Charles Soule and Defenders artist David Marquez announced by Marvel on Friday evening. The comic, which appears to be a one-shot, is said to “reveal the timeline of events that leads to Logan’s shocking return to the Marvel Universe.”

In May, The Hunt for Wolverine spins out into four separate stories, each with a different genre bent and furthering the story of the ultra-popular X-Men character’s return: the action-adventure Adamantium Agenda, horror story Claws of the Killer, dark romance Mystery in Madripoor and noir/detective tale Weapon Lost. Format and creative teams for those four stories have not yet been announced.

Hunt for Wolverine #1 cover by Steve McNiven.

In Marvel’s announcement, Soule said that The Hunt for Wolverine is the start of a larger story that will spread across the Marvel Universe. “The Hunt for Wolverine just the opening chapters of a mystery that will reach all sorts of cool hidden corners of the Marvel Universe, and will tell a story that will hopefully have us looking at Logan in an entirely new way.”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how fans start to put the pieces together,” Soule said in Marvel’s press release. “There’s a big payoff coming down the road, and all the interlocking parts of The Hunt for Wolverine build to it. The more you read, the more clues you get. It’s really fun — especially since I have a bit of a reputation in X-continuity for knocking off beloved mutants. This time, it’s nice to be part of bringing someone back!”

Not only did Wolverine return in the Marvel Legacy one-shot, he’s now in possession of one of the most storied objects in the Marvel Universe: an Infinity Stone, specifically the Space Stone. After that comic, his appearances have been limited to “post-credits scenes” in selected Marvel comics, teasing his actions and whereabouts. The first such story appeared in this month’s Captain America #697, and continued in this week’s Mighty Thor,/em> #703 (written by Jason Aaron, who also wrote Wolverine’s Marvel Legacy return).

The Hunt for Wolverine marks confirmation of where he’ll make his full return as a starring character, and when some of the mystery around his resurrection will begin to be solved.

Hunt for Wolverine #1 has a stunning revelation and the four books that spring from it will each have a mind-bending, status quo changing reveal by amazing talent that I can’t wait to announce,” Marvel editor Mark Paniccia said in the press release.

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Death of Wolverine, by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven (who illustrated the Hunt for Wolverine main cover), was a four-part series showing the death of the Marvel mainstay stemming from the loss of his healing factor. By the end of the story, Wolverine dies of suffocation after being encased in Adamantium. While death in superhero comics in commonplace, it’s still somewhat surprising that a character with the following and mainstream recognition of Wolverine has remained off the board for more than three years.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Marvel has been completely Wolverine-free. Notably, since Death of Wolverine, the former X-23 has headlined her own series as the All-New Wolverine, and Old Man Logan has become a full-time part of the Marvel Universe proper after Secret Wars, becoming a main member of the rosters of both X-Men Gold and the Soule-written Astonishing X-Men, and starring in his own book. What the classic Wolverine’s return means for those two characters is yet to be seen.

Keep reading CBR for the latest on The Hunt for Wolverine.

Hunt for Wolverine #1 variant cover by Adam Kubert.

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EXCLUSIVE: One Mom Goes Through Actual Hell in Her Infernal Descent

EXCLUSIVE: One Mom Goes Through Actual Hell in Her Infernal Descent

You may have heard that a mother will go through hell for their child, and that may never prove quite so literal as in AfterShock Comics’ upcoming Her Infernal Descent. CBR has the first details on the new series.

Her Infernal Descent is written by the team of Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler, of Black Mask Studio’s The Dregs and the incoming writing team on Marvel’s Cable, and illustrated by Roche Limit artist Kyle Charles. Scheduled to debut in April, it’s a five-part story that partly reimagines Dante’s Inferno, except this time starring a middle-aged mom who “descends the nine circles of hell to retrieve her forsaken family.”

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“We really took a deep dive into Dante’s work and thought about how we could make this hellish landscape of sin relevant in a world where traditional, biblical sins have become commonplace,” Nadler said in a statement to CBR. “I dare say they’re even somewhat pleasurable for most people. This allows us to dive into things like online dating, the foodie lifestyle, self-obsession, sexual ideologies, politics, literacy, and so on. We’re really excited about getting to create our own version of hell and we promise it’s like nothing people have ever seen before. It’s not just eternal fires and rotting bodies, but there’s a much weirder spin on this underworld as the series moves forward.”

While that speaks to the high concept of it all, Her Infernal Descent also holds personal significance to both Nadler and Thompson.

“Probably the biggest reason we’re excited about the book is that it’s an extremely personal story for Zac, Kyle, and I in that it’s a tribute to our amazing mothers who have played a big role in our lives,” Nadler said. “I lost my mom a few years ago and writing this has been a cathartic experience that’s helped me come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her influence.”

“Lonnie and I both have strong relationships to our mothers, so we thought what better tribute than sending a middle-aged mom into something horrific and harrowing,” Thompson added. “We both knew that we wanted that central character to be unlike anything people have seen before and in putting the project together we knew we had to model the book off of Dante’s Inferno. We consumed the epic poem and found ways to twist the familiar story within the context of our modern world while bringing our own set of unique influences. It’s deeply personal and completely surreal.”

Her Infernal Descent marks just the start for the Thompson and Nadler duo at AfterShock. (Thompson also has Relay in the works at the company.) The pair have been signed to a non-exclusive “multi-book deal” at AfterShock, which will include at least three new series from the three-year-old publisher. It’s the first such deal for AfterShock.

Her Infernal Descent #1 is scheduled for release on April 18. CBR has the first look at Charles’ cover and solicitation text for the first issue, below:

Her Infernal Descent #1

  • $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 04.18.18
  • Writers: Lonnie Nadler & Zac Thompson
  • Artist: Kyle Charles
  • Colorist: Jordan Boyd
  • Letterer: Ryan Ferrier
  • Cover A: Kyle Charles w/ Jordan Boyd
  • Cover B: Robert Hack
  • A tale of loss told in five parts. Any good mom would march through the inferno of HELL to get her family back.
  • Unable to cope with the burden of grief, a middle-aged mom descends the nine circles of hell to retrieve her forsaken family. Guided by the ghosts of William Blake and Agatha Christie, this no-nonsense mother journeys deep into a bizarre underworld filled with celebrity sinners, surreal landscapes, and absurd tasks. Her Infernal Descent is a retelling of Dante’s Inferno that updates the themes for a modern audience.
  • From the writers of the break-out hit The Dregs, and the artist of Roche Limit, this is HELL like you’ve never seen before.

CBR also has a look at Charles and Boyd’s interior art from the series:

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Marvel Hires New Publisher, Industry Veteran John Nee

Marvel Hires New Publisher, Industry Veteran John Nee

Marvel has hired a new publisher to oversee its print and digital comics line: John Nee, a former executive at DC Comics and co-founder and co-CEO of games and cards company Cryptozoic Entertainment.

Nee succeeds Dan Buckley, who had held the position of Marvel publisher since 2003, and in Jan. 2017 was promoted to President of Marvel Entertainment. Buckley will now focus full-time on his duties as president. The news was first reported on Tuesday by

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Nee’s position is described in the article as overseeing the “health” of the print and digital comics line, ensuring quality, managing budgets and guiding marketing strategy. Nee is the former President of Jim Lee’s WildStorm imprint, which was acquired by DC Comics in 1998. Nee remained with DC as VP, General Manager of WildStorm, and also oversaw the CMX imprint, DC’s line of translated manga. In 2007, Nee was promoted to Senior Vice President of Business Development, DC Comics. He left DC in 2008.

Cryptozoic was founded in 2010, and has produced licensed card games of properties including DC Comics superheroes, Rick and Morty, Attack on Titan, The Hobbit and Adventure Time.

“As the publisher, John will lead our business strategy for publishing as a whole and focus on growing the comics and prose business,” Buckley told “All business aspects of publishing report up to John. Creative and editorial planning will still have oversight from C.B. Cebulski, Joe Quesada, and myself.”

Nee joins Marvel after what was, by many accounts, a tough 2017 for the publisher. While Marvel ended the year as the the direct market leader in both unit and dollar shares — along with scoring the top-selling comic of 2017, the $5.99 Marvel Legacy one-shot — the gap between Marvel and DC has decreased. In 2015, Marvel ended the year with 41.82 percent of the direct market’s unit share, compared to DC’s 27.35 percent; in 2017, that divide narrowed to Marvel’s 38.30 percent versus DC’s 33.93 percent. Additionally, Marvel has seen recent public relations stumbles, including the revelation that recently hired Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski used the penname “Akira Yoshida” in the mid-2000s, purporting to be a writer of Japanese descent.

Buckley addressed Marvel’s up and down year in the article.

“We need to keep listening, change what doesn’t work, and bring in the best talent to make our stories a reality,” Buckley said. “This year, we think we can do better.”

As President of Marvel Entertainment, Buckley oversees nearly every aspect of the company’s business except for its film division, Marvel Studios, which is headed by Kevin Feige. Buckley’s current job is said to include “brand management, oversight of animation, digital media and brand/franchise planning.”

Keep reading CBR for the latest on Marvel.

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Archie’s Dick Tracy Reboot Canceled Due to Licensing Error

Archie’s Dick Tracy Reboot Canceled Due to Licensing Error

The announced Dick Tracy reboot series from Archie Comics won’t happen after all, due to a “preexisting licensing deal” preventing the comic book from going forward.

The Tribune Content Agency, license-holders of Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy, confirmed the news on Tuesday via Twitter. In a series of three tweets, the Tribune Content Agency wrote, “Due to an unfortunate error on our part, Tribune is sad to announce that there will not be a DICK TRACY comic book series from Archie Comics. While we had high hopes for the book and Archie Comics negotiated the deal in good faith and is not at fault, we discovered a preexisting licensing deal that precludes us from continuing with this project. We apologize to Archie Comics, the very talented creators and their many fans.”

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Archie’s Dick Tracy series was announced in Dec. 2017, with the creative team of co-writers Alex Segura and Michael Moreci, with art by Thomas Pitilli. The series was to focus on Dick Tracy’s early days as a detective.

“To say we’re bummed is a huge, huge understatement,” Segura, also Co-President of Archie Comics, said via Twitter. “I’m not going to say much else about this. Co-writing a Dick Tracy comic was a dream come true for me, and getting the chance to work with Michael, Tom and Archie Comics was an amazing experience. Sometimes things just don’t line up. On to the next thing. Thanks, as always.”

Archie’s Dick Tracy series was scheduled to debut in April. There’s no public world on what preexisting deal killed the Archie comic, but it’s not the first time something like this happened — word surfaced in 2010 that the Powers creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming were offered a Dick Tracy comic, but that was stopped by Warren Beatty, star of the 1990 Dick Tracy film, who still held some licensing rights to the character.

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Oscar Winner to Explore ‘The Other History of the DC Universe’

Oscar Winner to Explore ‘The Other History of the DC Universe’

With DC Entertainment’s “DC in D.C.” event taking place this weekend, the publisher has announced a new miniseries titled The Other History of the DC Universe, written by Academy Award-winning screenwriter John Ridley. No artist has yet been announced for the series.

The miniseries aims to reexamine key parts of DC Comics history, now told through the lens of characters from minority and marginalized backgrounds. DC’s press release says the series will “analyze iconic DC moments and chart sociopolitical gains through the perspectives of DC Super Heroes who come from traditionally disenfranchised groups,” and focus “on the lives of those behind the costumes, and their endeavors to overcome real-world issues.”

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Supergirl, John Stewart, Extraño, Vixen, Katana and Rene Montoya are all named as DC characters included in the story. The series is scheduled to debut in winter 2018. The format and number of issues has not been revealed, but DC has dubbed it a “prestige comic book miniseries.”

The scope of The Other History of the DC Universe fits the overall theme of the DC in D.C. event, which looks to unite entertainment and public service in Washington D.C., the federal capital of the United States.

“I could not be more excited by the opportunity to excavate the canon of the DC Universe through a vast array of characters who’ve earned their seat at the table,” Ridley said in a statement. “I’m very impressed with DC’s commitment to making their history as reverent and urgent as it is engaging and entertaining for all its many fans.”

Ridley is slated to discuss the series at “The Many Shades of Heroism: DC Heroes Through the African-American Lens” panel, scheduled to take place at 11 a.m. Eastern on Saturday, Jan. 13 as part of the DC in D.C. event.

In 2014, Ridley won the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for 12 Years a Slave. He was also the creator of acclaimed ABC series American Crime, which ran from 2015 to 2017. His most notable comic book work was The American Way, originally released in 2006 as part of the WildStorm imprint and illustrated by Georges Jeanty. Its sequel, the six-issue The American Way: Those Above and Those Below, debuted this past summer under DC’s Vertigo imprint. The Other History of the DC Universe marks his first DCU work.

Keep reading CBR for coverage from the DC in D.C. event this weekend.

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REPORT: Bendis Will Make His DC Debut in Action Comics #1000

REPORT: Bendis Will Make His DC Debut in Action Comics #1000

One of the biggest questions in the mainstream comic book industry the past two months has been when and where Brian Michael Bendis would make his debut as a newly exclusive DC Comics writer. Now, it looks like the answer may have been revealed: A back-up story in April’s Action Comics #1000, illustrated by Jim Lee.

Word of Bendis contributing to the milestone Action Comics issue arrived Thursday via DC declined comment on’s story; CBR has reached out to DC and has not received a response as of publication of this article.

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On Christmas Day, Bleeding Cool reported that according to “sources spinning out of a recent Brazilian comic convention,” Bendis’ first ongoing series at DC Comics would be the main Superman title, joined by artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. If that proves true, a Superman story in a major issue of Action Comics, illustrated by DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee, would certainly be a conspicuous launch to his run — though it’s important to note that neither Bendis or DC have confirmed either report.

DC first revealed initial Action Comics #1000 publication details this past October at New York Comic Con. The oversized issue will have a main story written by current Superman writer Pete Tomasi and current Action Comics write Dan Jurgens (no illustrators were named at the time), along with back-up stories “featuring an all-star talent lineup,” including one co-written by DC Entertainment President and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Richard Donner, director of the 1978 Superman movie. Action Comics #1000 is scheduled for release on April 18, 80 years to the day of the release of Action Comics #1, the first appearance of the Man of Steel.

Along with the issue itself, DC has announced a hardcover book commemorating 1,000 issues of Action Comics, celebrating 1938’s Action Comics #1 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and the decades of pop culture history that followed.

DC Comics announced on Nov. 7 that Bendis has exclusively joined the company in a “multiyear, multi-faceted deal.” The news shocked fans and industry observers, as Bendis had made Marvel his main publishing home for 17 years and is strongly associated with the brand, writing nearly all of the company’s major characters with runs on series including Ultimate Spider-Man, Daredevil, Guardians of the Galaxy, All-New X-Men and New Avengers. He also co-created major characters such as Miles Morales and Jessica Jones.

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In December, Bendis revealed that he suffered a serious illness as the result of a “surprise MRSA infection.” As such, his timetable of wrapping up his current Marvel work shifted. Late last month, Bendis confirmed that Invincible Iron Man #600, likely scheduled for release in May 2018, would be his final Marvel issue.

Keep reading CBR for more on Bendis and his future at DC Comics.

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Valiant Superhero Faith Inspires Size-Inclusive Clothing Line

Valiant Superhero Faith Inspires Size-Inclusive Clothing Line

Valiant Entertainment’s Faith has attracted positive press in recent years being a “plus-size superhero,” and now the character has inspired a real-life clothing line based on her costume. Revealed by Valiant on Monday, “The Faith Collection” is a partnership between the comic book publisher and Catherine Elhoffer of Elhoffer Design.

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The collection, first seen on Bustle, consists of three items (two aimed at women customers and one unisex), available exclusively on ThinkGeek. True to the character’s emphasis on body positivity, the items are available at a variety of sizes.

There’s a Longline Cardigan, available for $49.99 in sizes XS to 4XL:

A Cropped Cardigan, available for $49.99 in sizes XS to 4XL:

And a Harbinger Unisex Sweater, available for $59.99 in sizes XS to 3XL:

“It was an absolute honor and pleasure to not only be approached by Valiant Entertainment to design and create this collection, but to get to work with such an exciting and welcoming team,” Elhoffer said. “Valiant has been downright fantastic to team up with, and I hope to create even more with them in the future! Faith is a superhero that is close to my heart, as I’m also a plus-size girl. She’s inspired me to help save the world in the way I know how: making fashion that helps everyone feel empowered and invincible!”

The full line is available for order now via ThinkGeek.

Faith, also known as Zephyr, first appeared in 1992’s Harbinger #1, and was created by Jim Shooter and David Lapham. The character saw newfound popularity in 2016, when the first Faith solo series debuted, written by Jody Houser and illustrated by Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage. Faith is scheduled to be a part of the in-development Harbinger live-action feature film, in the works at Sony Pictures, produced by Neal Mortiz’s Original Film.

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Marvel Cancels Gwenpool, Generation X, Hawkeye and Potentially More

Marvel Cancels Gwenpool, Generation X, Hawkeye and Potentially More

Marvel has cancelled The Unbelievable Gwenpool, Generation X and Hawkeye, and the fate of several more series are unclear after the release of the publisher’s March 2018 solicitations.

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Marvel’s latest round of solicitations didn’t include six previously ongoing series: The Unbelievable Gwenpool, Generation X, Captain Marvel, Defenders, Luke Cage and America. Marvel editor Heather Antos confirmed the end of Gwenpool on Twitter, stating that February’s issue #25 will the series finale. Generation X writer Christina Strain let fans know via Twitter that her X-team book is indeed ending, writing, “Today I submitted the last script pages for Generation X.”

Hawkeye is ending as of March’s issue #16, though series writer Kelly Thompson has hinted that she may not be done with the character. As she wrote on Twitter, “As some of you are guessing from that cover, #16 will be our last issue of #Hawkeye. Obviously I’m disappointed, but I’m really proud of our book & 16 issues is a solid number in modern times. And there’s maybe something interesting coming next? We’ll see!”

Captain Marvel doesn’t appear in Marvel’s March 2018 solicitations, but writer Margaret Stohl took to Twitter to let fans know that the series has not been canceled, and that she and the rest of the book’s team are “hard at work on all things Carol Danvers even now!” While that’s surely assurance for the character’s dedicated fans, it’s not yet clear if the book’s absence in the March 2018 solicitations is simply a break in the book’s shipping schedule or a sign that it’s being relaunched soon (a new #1 tying in with the 2019 film certainly seems possible).

That leaves the status of Defenders, Luke Cage and America currently unknown. CBR reached out to Marvel for comment, but has not received a response as of publication.

The absence of Defenders could credibly be attributed to the health issues that series writer Brian Michael Bendis has encountered as of late. Given he’s been adamant that Marvel has given him time to wrap up his current storylines before he starts his tenure at DC Comics, it seems unlikely that one of his ongoing series would end early.

Luke Cage appeared in Marvel’s February 2018 solicitations with issue #170, the fifth chapter in the “Caged” story arc. In an interview with CBR last month, series writer David F. Walker expressed uncertainty about the future of the series. “We’re still figuring things out,” Walker told CBR. “I pay attention to what my sales are like and I’ve had some ideas for some great story arcs, but the question is will sales support us going into those arcs?”

America was also last seen in the February 2018 solicitations, with issue #12, the second part of “The Midas War” arc. There’s no definitive word yet on the status of the series.

Several of the comics recently cancelled or with unclear futures represent Marvel’s recent push towards greater diversity in their characters, with each of them starring female, Black and/or queer characters.

None of the series ending would be a major surprise, sales-wise, as all were among Marvel’s lower-selling titles as of November 2017’s direct sales charts, All of the above series were part of Marvel’s ongoing Marvel Legacy publishing initiative, meant to be a return to a more classic Marvel feel following the controversial Secret Empire event. Keep reading CBR for the latest on these titles.

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Afterlife with Archie and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Will Return

Afterlife with Archie and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Will Return

Despite erratic shipping schedules, both Afterlife with Archie and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are still actively being worked on, Archie Comics Chief Creative Officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, writer of both series, has assured CBR.

Aguirre-Sacasa has been more visible than ever lately, as executive producer and showrunner of The CW’s Archie-based hit series Riverdale. But comic book shelves haven’t seen as much of him lately. It’s been since Aug. 2016 that a new issue of Afterlife with Archie went on sale, and the most recent issue of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was released this past August, with no release date scheduled for the next issue of either title.

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Yet even though Aguirre-Sacasa has been busy with Riverdale and the Netflix-bound television version of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, both comic book series remain in production. Aguirre-Sacasa told CBR, in an interview focused on tonight’s midseason finale of Riverdale, that Afterlife artist Francesco Francavilla and Sabrina artist Robert Hack are currently at work drawing the respective horror series.

“Both Robert and Francesco are drawing,” Aguirre-Sacasa told CBR. “It’s been a crazy balancing act to do the shows and the comic books. But they are not dead, those books. They are slowly chugging along.”

Afterlife with Archie debuted in 2013 to widespread acclaim. The series depicts a zombie invasion in Riverdale and the effect it has on the Archie gang, with considerably more graphic content than traditional Archie Comics releases. Its success inspired the Archie Horror imprint and the 1960s-set Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which debuted in 2014. Ten issues of Afterlife have been released, and eight issues of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

When reached by CBR, Archie Comics stated there was no new update on the shipping schedule of either title.

Both comics have sparked a current wave of horror titles at Archie Comics, including the current Jughead: The Hunger (featuring Jughead as a werewolf) and the upcoming Vampironica (starring a vampire Veronica).

Check back with CBR for our full interview with Aguirre-Sacasa on the midseason finale of Riverdale.

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