Retro Review: Venus #1 (August 1948)

The Golden Age of Comics was on the wane, and the superhero/adventure genre was waning, with romance on the rise.  Good thing Atlas Comics was ready to merge the two!  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Venus #1 awaits! VENUS #1 Writer: Uncredited Penciler: Ken Bald (Unconfirmed) Inker: Lin Streeter Colorist: Uncredited Editor: Stan Lee Publisher: Atlas (Marvel) Comics Cover Price: 10 Cents Current Near-Mint Pricing: $3,000.00 Previously in Venus:  I’m gonna be honest: When I started this week’s Retro Review, I was considering 1950s Marvel Boy #1, one of Marvel/Atlas Comics’ attempts to rekindle the fires of their comic

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