Preacher: Season 1 Finale Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the Preacher season finale follow.

When Preacher began, many involved with the show described the first season as a prequel of sorts to the graphic novel, because while the show is not set in the same continuity as the comics, it was delving into a time period — Jesse still working as a Preacher in Annville — the comics skipped past.

The season finale seemed to really deliver on that promise, as it wrapped up with a couple of scenes that almost literally led into how the comic book began, complete with Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip eating at a diner, as they set off on the road together. As a comic book fan, it was very fun and exciting to see, though it does make you wonder if we needed this much set up. Even if they were going to do a “prequel season,” maybe it could have been just six episodes, not ten?

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