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Long Live The King Starts In X-O Manowar #47

We’ve got a preview of X-O Manowar #47, the first part of the Long Live the King story arc that will lead to issue #50, the final one for the series. This issue is written by Robert Venditti and drawn by Joe Bennett and Roberto de la Torre.

Plus each issue, starting with this one and going through #50, will feature a 4″ x 6″ microprint by various artists or original hand-drawn artwork randomly inserted.

Born into battle, Aric of Dacia – heir to the throne of the Visigoth Empire – never knew peace. Raised under the oppressive thumb of the Roman Empire in fifth-century Europe, Aric’s entire existence was spent fighting a never-ending insurgency against history’s most brutal empire…until a far more terrifying enemy revealed itself and changed his destiny forever.

Abducted by a brutal race of extraterrestrials known as the Vine, Aric was forced into slavery on an alien world. Torn from family, his people, and his nation, he spent years plotting his escape…until the day came that he was able to seize a weapon of incalculable destruction – a sentient suit of alien armor – and become X-O Manowar!

Returning to Earth only to find that 1,600 years have passed during his journey across the stars, the world’s most primitive man now wields the universe’s most powerful weapon. Working in concert with Earth’s governments and other super-powered heroes like himself, Aric has defended the planet, brokered peace amongst the powerful, and even rebuilt his kingdom from the ashes of history.

But now he faces a unthinkable new foe far more terrible than any that have come before… They are The Torment – and their name means death. Thought to be a legend by the Vine, they have now become Earth’s violent reality. As old as the universe itself, they have traveled for eons to reach us…in search of Aric of Dacia and the unstoppable X-O Manowar armor. Can Aric challenge a seemingly omnipotent threat with motives beyond the comprehension of mortal men? Will the armor truly be our world’s salvation, just as the Vine’s myths foretold? And is this the beginning of the end for X-O Manowar – or the beginning of something even bigger?

X-O Manowar #47 features covers from Kano (Swamp Thing), Phil Jimenez (Amazing Spider-Man), Khoi Pham (Mighty Avengers), Clayton Henry (Archer & Armstrong), Rafa Sandoval (X-O Manowar), David Lafuente (Ultimate Spider-Man), and Jeff Lemire (Trillium).

XO_047_001  XO_047_002 XO_047_003 XO_047_004 XO_047_005 XO_047_006 XO_047_007 XO_047_008 XO_047_009 XO_047_COVER-A_KANO XO_047_COVER-B_JIMENEZ XO_047_COVER-C_PHAM XO_047_MICRO-PRINT_BRAITHWAITE XO_047_MICRO-PRINT_NORD XO_047_VARIANT_LAFUENTE XO_047_VARIANT_LEMIRE

Long Live The King Starts In X-O Manowar #47

John Krasinski Is The New Jack Ryan

John-KrasinkiJoining a group that includes Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine, The Office star John Krasinski will be the new Jack Ryan.

The actor will star as the Tom Clancy character in a series for Amazon, according to Deadline. Lost‘s Carlton Cuse will produce the series through Paramount TV and Michael Bay‘s Platinum Dunes production company.

While the series has not yet received a greenlight, it is intended to go straight to series instead of appearing a part of Amazon’s pilot season. It will also not be based on any one Clancy novel, but it will use them as source material and see Krasinski’s Ryan “in his prime” as a modern day CIA analyst and operative.

First appearing in Clancy’s The Hunt For Red October, Ryan is the protagonist of nine novels, which chart his early days to the rise to the US Presidency and a number of international incidents.

John Krasinski Is The New Jack Ryan

Corinna Bechko Compares Sheena And Jane In Lords Of The Jungle

Corinna S. Bechko talks Lords of the Jungle #4, on sale in June. Cover is by Felipe Massafera.

LORDS OF THE JUNGLE COVERBYRON BREWER: Corinna, can you compare and contrast, in the reality of your miniseries, Sheena with Jane please?

CORINNA S. BECHKO: Jane is older, and wiser. She’s very brave, but also practical. She doesn’t let her temper get the best of her, having learned that it does no good. Sheena is still pretty unseasoned as far as dealing with a city environment, and sometimes lets her emotions get the best of her. She likes to solve problems directly, and right away. Sheena has a natural rapport with animals, much as Tarzan does, whereas Jane has had has had to learn that ability. Instead, she’s good with people, something that Sheena hasn’t quite mastered.

BB: How might this team-up been different, in your mind, had we seen Sheena join forces with the Ape Man in his very early days, barely away from Kala’s arms?

CSB: I think Tarzan would have been a lot quicker to judge and slower to ask questions. Sheena’s probably lucky she didn’t meet him then.

BB: How different would this have been in the jungle rather than London?

CSB: The jungle is the place that both Tarzan and Sheena are most at home, so they would have a much easier time there. In London, they have very few resources other than their wits and their finely honed senses. With few friends and a lot of enemies, it’s not easy to navigate a city!

BB: I know you did a lot of Tarzan research before you began this mini. What was the one or two things from all the diverse portrayals of Tarzan you viewed/read that you knew you did NOT want to use?

CSB: Well, there were some pretty “of their time” portrayals of women and people of color that definitely didn’t age well. That stuff isn’t much fun to read now, and some of is downright painful. I also didn’t want any scenes of Tarzan killing animals. That’s something that often turns me off in literature and film, so you won’t see any of that in this story.

For more information on Lords of the Jungle #4, click here.

Corinna Bechko Compares Sheena And Jane In Lords Of The Jungle

The Bigger Bang Gets Even Biggerer


By George A. Tramountanas

The big bang is the prevailing theory for how our universe began. But this raises a few questions that most folks don’t consider – what existed before the big bang? Did our “bang” wipe it out of existence? And what if the bang was actually the birth of a superhero?

Okay, so no one asks that last question, but writer D.J. Kirkbride and artist Vassilis Gogtzilas decided to answer it anyway in their IDW miniseries The Bigger Bang. In this comic, the universe gives birth to an adult hero named Cosmos, but in doing so, it causes a big bang that wipes out our earth and several other planets populated with life.


Cosmos is fully aware of what his birth has wrought, as are the individuals on planets that were not affected by Cosmos’ bigger bang. Due to this fact, the hero is seen as a destroyer wherever he goes; although, the truth is he just wants to help and be loved. Eventually, Cosmos crosses paths with someone whose only goal is destruction, and through this confrontation, he is able to show others who he is and teach them about the true nature of power.

Like most great science fiction stories, this is a morality tale. The series (and trade paperback) was initially published in 2015. Now the creators of the book have come back to bring readers a four-issue follow-up titled – appropriately enough – The Biggest Bang. The first issue arrives in stores on May 18, so we thought we’d catch up with the writer and artist to see if we could learn more about the aftermath of their bigger bang…


BC: To begin with, how did the sequel come about? While the book seemed to enjoy critical acclaim, it didn’t exactly burn up the sales charts the first time around. Then again, as IDW publishes the other books you both work on (AMELIA COLE, ADVENTURES OF AUGUSTA WIND), it does appear they enjoy your creations…

DJ: As you say, no, we didn’t burn up the sales charts – but we found a large enough audience to make IDW interested in another miniseries. A lot of the credit goes to our editor, Justin Eisinger. He championed us to get The Bigger Bang off the ground, and the numbers for it made him confident in pushing for this sequel. I figured that if Vass, Justin, letter extraordinaire Frank Cvetkovic, and I dig these comics enough to make them, there are like-minded readers who will enjoy them too.

I appreciate IDW’s willingness to take a chance on the books Vass and I have worked on, together and with other teams. Publishers going for new ideas is what keeps the comics industry interesting.

VASSILIS: IDW gave us a great opportunity to create a more experimental and unconventional comic book with the first series. Freedom is the key to creation, and for that we are both grateful. There’s a great quality to IDW’s productions and a wide variety of themes…I think that’s what draws us together.

the biggest bang 1a f c final

BC: When I picked up the first series, I thought it might be a Superman-type of story, but it felt much bigger – like one of the old Kirby Silver Surfer tales. As it doesn’t really lend itself to a simple logline, how do you usually describe the book to people?

DJ: While Vass’s design for Cosmos is that of a very big, musclebound superhero-type, your Silver Surfer take is one that I’ve mentioned when describing the book to others. I’d throw a little Doctor Who in there too. Everything we do is influenced by the stories we enjoy, but ultimately, Cosmos is his own character with unique flaws and as well as strengths.

BC: The first story seemed like an allegory of sorts. It felt as if you were trying to say something about those who hold power and what they do with it. In your mind, are Cosmos and Thulu supposed to represent specific organizations or people? Or were you just trying to tell a really cool superhero story?

DJ: THE BIGGER BANG can be read as a really cool superhero story (thanks for calling it that), but, yes, we were trying to say more. A lot of times with me, as a writer, it all comes from my gut, and I don’t try to intellectualize it as it’s happening. While Cosmos and Thulu aren’t representatives of any specific organizations, they are broadly archetypes. They’re incredibly powerful polar opposites. Day and night. Light and dark. And Wyan, though a very extreme character in many ways, is the one in the middle – a gray area that could go either way.

Power itself is neither good nor evil, it’s what one does with it that can be judged. In the end, what I really wanted to come through in this crazy, goofy space opera is that it’s not about the past or origins, it’s about what one chooses to do with the present looking toward the future that counts.

the biggest bang 13a f

BC: Vassili’s art has a very rough, somewhat surreal feel to it – like something out of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. It almost feels like you could tell several different stories with the images he draws. What is your working process like?

DJ: I normally write tight scripts with the understanding that the artist I’m lucky enough to work with can make changes to best fit the story. This is a little too constrictive for Vass, though, so I had to adapt. I have an overall story for the entire series that I break down issue-by-issue. Once Justin and Vass are on board with the direction, I’ll dig into an issue and write the story with suggestions on how many pages each scene should take, along with temp dialogue and captions where necessary to give Vass an idea of how much space to leave for words. He takes that and breaks each page down, laying them out as he sees fit.

It’s not quite Marvel-style and is actually more labor intensive in a lot of ways than writing a full script, as it usually involves some redrawing along with a lot of rewriting and adjustments in the scripting phase. The positive that comes from this, though, is that we end up creating something that neither of us would do on our own. It becomes very organic. It’s messy and exciting and makes these comics what they are. It’s a crazy process that works for us.

the biggest bang issue 2 page 4a

BC: What is the story of the sequel about? Do we discover what happened to the evil Thulu at the end of the last book? Or does the story focus more on Cosmos and Wyan’s budding relationship? Or both?

DJ: We focus on Cosmos and Wyan’s relationship with each other and the new post-Thulu universe. While the heroes won in THE BIGGER BANG, their actions had some surprising ramifications for both themselves and the many alien races in this universe.

We get to expand the scope, seeing new cultures and worlds we never even had a chance to mention in the last series. The crux of the plot hinges on religion and the worship of power. It’s all done with crazy monsters and fun superhero action, of course, but we touch upon some serious topics and a whole lot of humanity.

the biggest bang issue 2 page 6a

BC: What ideas are you hoping to explore in this sequel? Do you continue with some of the themes from the first series, or do you veer off in a completely new direction?

DJ: The cool part about crafting a finite tale and then being given the chance to do more, is that we’ve really made a true sequel with THE BIGGEST BANG. Issue 1 of this series is not simply issue 5 of THE BIGGER BANG. Time has passed, and the characters have changed. We recap what went on before and we build off of the themes, but there is a new status quo and new characters are introduced.

Cosmos and Wyan are very much co-leads of this new miniseries. Whereas THE BIGGER BANG had Cosmos trying to do good to atone for something that really wasn’t his fault (i.e. his birth), THE BIGGEST BANG has Wyan dealing with very similar issues of guilt. The key difference in their situations, however, is that she truly is responsible for the horrible crimes committed in her past. We get into the why’s of this and how she’s changing, but hers is a different journey than that of Cosmos.

Interested readers should know that the new series can be read without knowledge of the last one. So while fans of THE BIGGER BANG may have more backstory knowledge and will get shout-outs to the original miniseries, THE BIGGEST BANG can stand alone as a new adventure – just as odd, yet exciting, in its own ways.

The Bigger Bang Gets Even Biggerer

Secret Six #13 Review

In order to save the life of her makeshift family, Strix has agreed to join the fearsome League Of Assassins…  Your Major Spoilers review of Secret Six #13 awaits! SECRET SIX #13 Writer: Gail Simone Artist: Tom Derenick Colorist: Jason Wright Letterer: Travis Lanham Editor: Jim Chadwick Publisher: DC Comics Cover Price: $3.99 Previously in Secret Six: After dealing with the systematic collapse of magic in the DCU, the Secret Six returned home to find the deadly Lady Shiva on their doorstep, seeking out Strix and not willing to take no for an answer.  In order to save her friends,

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Doorman Delayed Delivery….


Here are the delayed and potentially spoilery covers to the final issue of The Doorman #4, the last one in the series and oversize. The first cover by Kendall Goode

DOORMAN_COVER_VariantColors-SM And the variant by Geoff Shaw…

Doorman Delayed Delivery….

Robert Downey Jr. Open to Returning for Iron Man 4

Is Robert Downey Jr. planning on coming back for another Iron Man movie? The actor offered some hope for fans wanting him back for Iron Man 4 during an interview with ABC's Nightline.

The late night news show ran a package about Captain America: Civil War from a visit to the set of the movie's epic airplane fight sequence. During the video, Robert Downey Jr. said, "I feel like I could do one more."

This is the just latest time Downey Jr. has flipped on the subject. He recently told USA Today Iron Man 4 probably isn't "in the cards," saying Civil War is "my little Iron Man 4." Back in September 2014, Downey Jr. first said there wouldn't be a fourth Iron Man movie, before saying there would be one only a month later.

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Chloe Bennet Answers Marvel Fan’s Questions

The Ask Marvel videos are a mixed bag. Sometimes the questions are great, sometimes not so much. I have to say that this batch with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD star Chloe Bennet are in the not so much category, but she has fun answering them. Though I’d like to have seen more questions about Daisy Johnson and the Inhumans and less about which cast member dances the best and smells the best.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Chloe Bennet Answers Marvel Fan’s Questions

Ryan Reynolds And Leslie Uggams Talk Wade And Blind Al

To go with the Digital HD release of Deadpool, the study has released this featurette focusing on the character of Blind Al. Ryan Reynolds and Leslie Uggams talk about the relationship between Wade and Al and the producers talk about why Al had to be blind.

Deadpool is available on Digital HD now and will be released on Blu Ray / DVD May 10th.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Ryan Reynolds And Leslie Uggams Talk Wade And Blind Al

Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Superhero Movie Edition

What superhero movie do you most want to see made into a Hollywood blockbuster?

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