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Opinion: 5 Reasons Why I Loved Batman v Superman

Spoiler warning! If you haven’t seen Batman v Superman and are sensitive to spoilers you might want to skip this. You have been warned.

It has been a week since the release of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman, which, despite an overwhelmingly negative reception from critics, has enjoyed incredible box office success.

While I understand some of the criticisms leveled at BvS, I walked out of the movie with the complete opposite opinion. The film did exactly what I wanted it to and struck all the chords I wanted to hear. While there were some issues -- it’s too long, some storylines are convoluted -- Dawn of Justice is bold and unafraid to make you question its heroes.

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: “Left Behind” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Hey, did you know that Kendra used to be a barista? I’m so thankful this show finds a way to remind us of that crucial fact each and every week. The good news is that the brief, obligatory barista reference was about the worst thing this episode had going for it. “Left Behind” was perhaps the most well-rounded installment so far, and a great showcase for what this series can accomplish when it explores the psychological pitfalls of time travel as well as the physical challenges.

Building on the previous episode’s cliffhanger, Ray, Kendra and Sara found themselves stranded in 1958 after Chronos attacked the Waverider. Given the three-week hiatus, I was glad this episode opened by replaying the final moments of “Night of the Hawk” as a little refresher. The immediate aftermath of that latest disaster did a very good job of establishing the stakes for this episode. Logically, you’d think that there would be no issue for the three stranded heroes. If the Waverider can travel to any point in time at will, why wouldn’t Rip just show up a few seconds later and retrieve his friends? It’s always an uphill battle for this show when it comes to establishing clear rules and ensuring that time travel doesn’t become the magical cure-all to any given problem. And this episode accomplished that by leaving Ray, Kendra and Sara trapped in the past for a total of two years. That, as much as anything else in these first nine episodes, shows the consequences of meddling with time.

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New Mutants: Maisie Williams May Join X-Men Spin-Off

20th Century Fox and director Josh Boone have reportedly found three members of The New Mutants, the studio's X-Men movie spin-off.

According to Hitfix, Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams "is attached now as Wolfsbane, better known as Rahne Sinclair," The Witch's Anya Taylor-Joy will "be stepping up to play Illya Rasputin, aka Magik."

Alexandra Shipp, Maisie Williams, and Anna Taylor-Joy. Alexandra Shipp, Maisie Williams, and Anna Taylor-Joy.

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Batman v Superman: LexCorp Suspends Business

A new piece of viral marketing for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has surfaced online, teasing what's to come for Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor and his company LexCorp in Warner Bros.' DC film universe.

"Due to unfortunate circumstances, LexCorp Industries will be temporarily suspending its global operations," a post on LexCorp Industries' Instagram reads.

"When interviewed about his actions against a fallen alien, Lex Luthor responded with; 'Ding, ding, ding, ding. Are we entering the second round?'" the post continues, with the company attempting to distance itself from Luthor by adding: "We do not understand Mr. Luthor's actions and LexCorp does not take responsibility for his actions. Thank you for being patient."

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Classic Man of Steel Takes Back His SUPERMAN Title in REBIRTH’s ACTION COMICS

Legendary SUPERMAN writer DAN JURGENS returns to the MAN OF STEEL with ACTION COMICS For DC's REBIRTH.

Classic Man of Steel Takes Back His SUPERMAN Title in REBIRTH’s ACTION COMICS

Legendary SUPERMAN writer DAN JURGENS returns to the MAN OF STEEL with ACTION COMICS For DC's REBIRTH.

Classic Man of Steel Takes Back His SUPERMAN Title in REBIRTH’s ACTION COMICS

Legendary SUPERMAN writer DAN JURGENS returns to the MAN OF STEEL with ACTION COMICS For DC's REBIRTH.

The Men Behind The Impossible Collection, The Finest Collection Of Vintage Comics

Bleeding Cool broke the news that The Impossible Collection existed. Which garnered us an invite to the event, on March 23rd, a one night exhibition in London of its DC Chapter, the finest collection of Golden Age and Silver Age DC comic books known to man, including the two highest graded copies of Action Comics #1 as well as original artwork from the likes of Jim Lee, Alex Ross and Dan Jurgens‘ Death Of Superman.

But who put it together?


Stephen Fishler, Ayman Hariri and Vincent Zurzolo

The incredible vintage comic book collection owned by Ayman Hariri, was presented for a one day viewing at the St. Pancras Hotel in London. “When I began collecting 16 years ago, it was never my goal to build a collection like this. I’ve always loved superheroes and what they stand for in the world. I was just collecting comics I liked, Batman being my first. Recently we took a look at what we had built and realized this would be something special to share with the world.”

For comic novices and collecting veterans alike, the Impossible Collection is a feast for the eyes. The crown jewels of the collection are the two highest-graded copies of the first appearance of Superman in Action Comics #1 from 1938. The complete Impossible Collection, both the DC and Marvel Chapter, will go on a public tour, beginning in London. Once the dates will be announced, details of the tour and the collection will be available through Hariri’s “True to Life” social media app Vero. The mission of the Impossible Collection is to share the importance and history of the characters created within the pages of these comic books. The ever-increasing popularity of superheroes around the world, through comic books, TV, animation, and movies like the recently released blockbuster Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, show that now is the right time for the Impossible Collection to begin its tour.


Vincent Zurzolo races the New Flash, Ezra Miller.

But who were the architects behind Hariri’s Impossible Collection? Fresh off the premiere of the Impossible Collection, the co-owners of Manhattan based Metropolis Collectibles, the world’s largest dealership for vintage comic books, Stephen Fishler and Vincent Zurzolo sat down to talk about the challenges of making the impossible possible.

“We didn’t start with the Impossible Collection as our goal. This was a collection of characters that Ayman liked. It was our job to find the pieces of the puzzle and put them together,” states Vincent Zurzolo, Metropolis COO. “Being in the vintage comic market for over 40 years, there is one thing in particular I learned, and that is patience,” offers Metropolis CEO, Stephen Fishler. “Slowly and methodically, we hand-picked each piece for the collection. Sometimes we waited years for the right piece to make itself available from a collector who was finally ready to pass the comic on to a new collection.”


“In a way we are treasure hunters. We scour the earth to find vintage comics. I’ve traveled to five different continents buying and selling vintage comics. It’s my passion and I feel so fortunate to be doing this for over 30 years,” adds Zurzolo. “Even with over 150,000 vintage comics in inventory we are still buying every day. I guess it’s the thrill of the hunt” states Fishler.

After 16 years, with a great sense of satisfaction, Mr. Hariri says he feels his collection is complete. “We’ve built many great collections for collectors and investors around the world, including actor Nic Cage’s, but nothing is quite like the Impossible Collection, states Fishler. “Seeing the collection on display in the amazing St. Pancras Hotel was sheer nirvana for us. The Hansom Room, with its high ceilings, gothic arches and industrial yet classic Victorian feel, was one part Hall of Justice, one part Bat Cave and one part Fortress of Solitude. Hosting the event, giving tours to hundreds of people and getting to talk comics all day and night was just such a thrill for me. I can’t wait to do it again when the tour kicks off,” exclaims Zurzolo.


“Other than the breadth and quality, what sets it apart is the fact that most collectors don’t share their treasures with the public. This is a very unique situation. The wonderful thing about bringing it from out of the shadows to the public is that this is another way to state to the world that the comic book, as an important art form, has arrived. It is hard to label comics as “just for kids” when you see a collection like this on display,” adds Fishler.



The Men Behind The Impossible Collection, The Finest Collection Of Vintage Comics

Wynonna Earp: Series Premiere Review

Note: Wynonna Earp premieres Friday, April 1 at 10/9c on Syfy.

Syfy's Wynonna Earp is the type of show where you'll know right away if it's for you. The new series stars Melanie Scrofano as a modern-day descendant of famed lawman Wyatt Earp. In the premiere, we learn the Earp family has a curse on it: when each new heir turns 27 (*shrugs*), they give rise to all manner of demons and monsters in the typical western town of Purgatory, and the only way to kill them is by using Wyatt's "Peacemaker," a long-barreled Colt .45.

If all that sounds comic booky to you, that's because it is. The show is based on an IDW series that followed the demon-hunting adventures of a deadly, buxom blonde with a penchant for latex pants and corset tops. On the show, however, Wynonna is more of a brooding, Jessica Jones-type who doesn't know the first thing about gunslinging -- and that's something the premiere plays with to good effect. While the character is inexplicably kick-ass at fisticuffs, she can't shoot a gun for crap, and that's something she'll have to learn as she goes.

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Daredevil #8 Changes Story And Artist, From Night Court To The Poker Table

STL006551Daredevil #8, out in June from Marvel looks like it’s a very different comic to the one just solicited.

Daredevil #8 was to be written by Charles Soule and drawn by Ron Garney,

Losing a big case has landed A.D.A. Matt Murdock in night court for the foreseeable future–meaning less time to clean up the streets as Daredevil. Luckily Blindspot’s around to pick up the slack. But the young hero might be in over his head when he stumbles upon a horrific crime scene–one that will terrify even The Man Without Fear.

Instead it will be drawn by Goran Sudzuka

Where’s the least likely place you’d find MATT MURDOCK? How about at a poker table halfway around the world? What kind of scheme is he trying to bust…or pull off? A story of international mystery, mayhem and more aces up a sleeve than you can throw a Billy club at.

A poker table halfway around the world when he’s still got Night Court duties? No wonder they switched it out…

Daredevil #8 Changes Story And Artist, From Night Court To The Poker Table