Gotham: “Mr. Freeze” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Exit Theo, Jerome, and Barbara (for now) and enter Victor Fries and Hugo Strange. For the second half of Gotham’s second season – titled “Wrath of the Villains.”

Oh, sure Tabitha’s still around. And Butch. And they’ve been paired up. He’s now the de facto leader of the underworld, drillin’ folks with his drill hand just for kicks. And she’s looking to partner up again. Using the days she spent torturing him as her psychological foot in the door. Well, that and planting that kiss on him. By the way, Butch has been irreparably tortured and brainwashed twice now, right?

But that’s not the headline here. Gotham’s all about Mr. Freeze and Hugo Strange now. With my excitement leaning way more into B.D. Wong’s Strange than in Nathan Darrow’s Freeze. Mostly because Strange has never been portrayed in person before. He’s been a big part of animated shows and video games, but Wong’s the first actor to play him. And yes, it’s odd (almost used “strange”) to see Strange on a show like Gotham because of how much we associate him with a boner-fied Batman obsession. Because of his role in the Prey storyline from the comics. But here he is without Batman. As head of Arkham. Ready to coldly inflict his “cures” on the mentally ill. Which, for Penguin surely means a lot of drugs and abuse.

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