…And This Is Why I Love Gail Simone… Second Edition

Before you ask, the answer is yes…I’ve had some t-shirts made up that say “Christine Marie Loves Writing About Gail Simone.” My list of reasons to love her continues to grow and here are a few of them…

She’s on point with her political views.

She always has great conversations on social media with fans about fun things like RPG games.

She promotes other awesome creators like herself.

She lets us into her life.

…and she shows us super cute photos of her dogs!

Hopefully you’re all reading her books Surviving Megalopolis, Secret Six, and Clean Room. There’s something for everyone in each of them. Well, maybe not Clean Room. If you’re a scaredy cat…stay away from that one. Oh, and don’t forget to check out my interview with her in the latest issue of Bleeding Cool magazine in stores now!

…And This Is Why I Love Gail Simone… Second Edition