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Sin City And The Mist TV Shows In The Works From The Weinsteins And Original Filmmakers

It would seem that the big screen filmmakers associated with Sin City and The Mist are preparing to take the story lines to the small screen. Here are a couple of snippets from a New York Times article on The Weinsteins’ TV plans (with thanks to ScreenRant for the heads up):

[Bob Weinstein] is preparing a pilot based on the Scream films for MTV, for instance, and developing a proposed 10-part series with Frank Darabont, based on Dimension’s film version of Stephen King’s The Mist.

Mr. Weinstein said he was also hoping to quickly follow the August release of the film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, with a Sin City television series from Mr. Miller and Mr. Rodriguez.

Well, that’s all worth some debate. Symptom of a brain drain from cinema towards television? Or just Bob Weinstein chasing dollars wherever he can find them?

It does seem like TV is the hot place to work right now, or it’s certainly being said often enough.

I can see Sin City lending itself to a crime anthology quite nicely, and the sex and violence quotient is certainly compatible with cable programming trends. Robert Rodriguez is currently at work on a TV version of From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, for his El Ray Network, so he’s obviously open to the notion of such an adaptation.

And, as far as concerns The Mist, Frank Darabont has had some success on TV already. I rate his episodes of The Walking Dead above the rest of the series and – as everyone will see this week – Mob City is rather exciting too.

You may also recall that Darabont crewed up for the feature version of The Mist by recruiting the team he’d worked with on an episode of The Shield. This project sounds like it could work out very well.

Oh… and if news of the Scream TV show is new to you, there has been some previous coverage.

Sin City And The Mist TV Shows In The Works From The Weinsteins And Original Filmmakers

Oh, Vienna – A Filthy Orphan by Nevs Coleman

Nevs Coleman writes;

If it were up to me, Peter Parker would stay dead.

Same for Jean Grey, Damian Wayne and Professor X. I would have left Johnny Storm in the grave, Along with Janet Van Dyne, Captain Marvel, Steve Rogers, Norman Osborn, Elektra, Thor, Bruce Wayne. Clint Barton is the exception that breaks the rule.

I’ll go one further. The next issue of Batwoman would open with Kathy Kane telling Mr Bones that she was done with the whole gig and going off to get married, with Bones then finding some other lady to become Batwoman until some point where DC could find a way to create a Batwoman comic that J.H. Williams III was happy with working on.

That issue of New Avengers where Tony Stark sat down with Nov-Harr and gave him a very stern lecture on how to behave now that Grant Morrison wasn’t writing him anymore? Nov-Ahh would have kicked Iron Man up the arse, shouting ‘I’M NOT TAKING LIFE ADVICE FROM DRUNKS WHO THROW THEIR MATES INTO THE NEGATIVE ZONE, YOU TOM SELLECK LOOKING TWAT!’ and then stayed there until either Grant or maybe Brendan McCarthy decided to start writing him again.

Probably Shagged Pepper Potts. For A Laugh. And Jon Favreau. For Balance.

In fact, while I have no desire to write comics at all, I do have an idea for a cross company crossover pitch which would read roughly like ‘Fred Hembeck Kills The Marvel Universe.’ (perhaps drawn by Nathan Fox or Eric Powell.) in which Deadpool and Harley Quinn would wander through time, popping up just as any of the above characters were coming back to life and promptly shooting them in the head. And then dismembering them. And then burning each limb. On Earths Two, Three , Shazam and Prime.

There’s a cardinal sin in the world of Sports Entertainment Wrestling, known as the ‘No-Sell’. Most wrestling matches (and superhero comic crossovers, for that matter.) work on this formula: Good Guy (Face) shows off how cool he is and gets some of his popular moves in. At some point, the bad guy (Heel) gets in some kind of sneaky attack, and gets the advantage in. The Heel spends a considerable amount of time beating on the Face until the Face until the Good Guy can rally it together and launch a comeback.

The Face and Heel exchange their more dangerous moves until finally, against the odds, The Face pulls it out of the bag, executes their winning combination and the crowd goes nuts. It’s a winning formula that has made Hulk Hogan an international star. It’s the process you’ll get every time you watch The Undertaker defend his unbeaten streak at Wrestlemania. Which is one of the main attractions to Wrestlemania now.

The thing is, for that story to work, The Heel HAS to look dangerous. He has to look like his offense is hurting our hero to a point where, .actually, he might not win. This could be the night we see Hogan…lose? That’s why the No-Sell is such a terrible thing. We’re well aware that what we’re seeing is pre-orchestrated in terms of what the finish will be, and rarely will you see something onstage that hasn’t been discussed 1st but the selling of the Heel’s offense is what creates the suspension of disbelief. To No-Sell is shrug off your opponent’s offense as ineffectual, Current WWE Champion John Cena is particularly bad for this, with a career of no-selling that includes particularly ‘You…just don’t GET it, do you?’ moments as being driven face 1st into a concrete floor and then taking out THREE wrestlers within minutes or being lamped with a leadpipe and shrugging off what ought to be a career threatening assault to prance his way to another win. Cena is the most polarising Top End WWE star ever, and I suspect a degree of that dislike he draws from the fans is the instinctive knowledge that he is shattering the illusion with each match. Not in a clever, Fourth Wall bending way, but just out of sheer ignorance of the craft.

Funnily enough, you know what John’s nickname is with people who don’t like him? Super-Cena.

….I wish I’d known about this meme before I spent 2 hours writing the last two paragraphs.

LOLZ NEVZ, WTF? What does wrestling psychology have to with superhero comics?

Glad you asked.

I was trying to work out why I’m quite so opposed to crossover event comics, beyond the cynical decompressed story-telling that requires too many comics to tell not enough story (And really, if I never have to see Tony Stark make a speech about anything ever again, that would be good. In fact, I wish Wanda’s last act had been to say ‘No. More. Speeches.) and what I concluded is a couple of things:

Following my metaphor, Death ought to be the most dangerous offensive move in comics. The Kimura Armbreaker slowly, painfully grinding the hope and fight of our hero before they pass out and that horrible, final ‘CRACK!’ rings out, telling us that whatever we hoped would take place, it’s over. Special funeral mini-series. Sound off the Ten Bell salute, Monologues about only having seen them a week ago, etc. Every crossover for the last decade has purported that our heroes will face The Ultimate Kimura Armbreaker this time, and everything before that has been a build-up.

Except, and here’s what I think my problem is, Death is no danger whatsoever. How many of the people populating the ‘Okay, this is The MacGuffin Of Doom, it’s coming to Earth, and we have to deal with it…Or Die Trying.’ have already died? Older readers may be aware of the joke where people would watch the end credits of Dad’s Army and point out how many members of the cast had passed on. The opening act of most comics events is the reverse of that. And I don’t understand how I’m meant to suspend my disbelief that The Earth, The Multiverse, The Time-Space Continuum, Clapham South can be in any danger when the heroes treat Death like a particularly efficient revolving door. The Avengers should rename themselves The Kamikaze Warriors.

Let’s be honest, when you heard Wanda and Rogue snuffed it in Uncanny Avengers, did you believe it? Deep down, did you honestly think ‘Wow. Marvel will never, ever publish a comic featuring The Scarlet Witch again.’? I bet you didn’t, really. You may well have been pissed off that the only two women in the team had snuffed it, but never for a second did you think ‘They’re done.’ You probably thought ‘How are they going to bring them back?’

If I don’t believe there’s any danger to the Hero, why should I care what the Big Bad’s plan of Doooooom is?


Here’s the 2nd thing:

Most resurrections tend to be a bit….well, I can’t think of a nice way to say this,

One of the best things DC has done is to totally leave James Robinson’s Starman stories alone, unless James himself is writing them. The Starman saga remains, for me, the best superhero story that they’ve published in a very long time. It’s the story of Maturing, really, via a huge backdrop of a city, incorporating James’s obvious love of DC history whilst never making people unfamiliar with it feel like they should have read All-Star Squadron 36 to fully understand what’s going on. It ends very definitely, but the story is rich enough that more opportunistic editors could have piecemealed out various mini-series and such to lesser creators and sold them on the back of the Starman brand. James knew the deal going in that he wouldn’t have any say in what happened to Jack Knight and I open each issue of Previews with a dread that The Mist has joined The Ravagers or something.

That’s an example of a creative type pouring their heart and soul into creating a character and world that is rich, fitting within the framework of what’s been defined, and selling enough to sustain itself, and a publisher having the option to exploit the brand for short-term gain but choosing not to employ it. It’s an ideal situation.

This. Buy this.

And then there’s Elektra.

While I’m quite happy that there will be an ongoing Elektra comic next year, just because I believe one more female lead mainstream comic book that’s both well-done and has top talent that could lead to it selling well (Which is still entirely up to you, by the way, dear reader. If it doesn’t sell, it’s not because Marvel didn’t publish it nor us retailers didn’t order it, but because you didn’t buy it. Bear that in mind before composing tweets of outrage.) , the thing is…

Carrying on the Sports Entertainment analogy, Resurrection in Comics is what would be called ‘A Cheap Pop’. Someone like Mick Foley would come out to interrupt the Heel and cut off their monologue to say something like ‘And I don’t think you’ve taken into account the good people…RIGHT HERE, AT BLEEDING COOL!’ For some reason, people really like it when you mention the name of the town you’re in. I’ve never understood it myself, but nonetheless, it’s a tried and tested formula for getting people on your side.

In Comics terms, those final few pages where the tomb opens, or the monologue from the Big Bad reveals that it’s been The Red Skull or The Winter Soldier or Johnny Storm all along are a Cheap Pop. Everyone gets excited in a ‘OMIGOD! BUT HOW?’ way. Then there’s the explanation of exactly how Steve ran through Time or that The Green Goblin had been hanging about in ‘Europe’ or whatever. But then…what?

Has there ever been a comic published featuring any resurrected character that had any of the emotional impact or in-depth characterisation that made their death so powerful in the 1st place? Is there anything Elektra has done since her return that any number of scowling dark-haired Marvel Ladies With Knives couldn’t have done, considering no one has touched on her personality beyond ‘Being Quite Good At Stabbing People Quietly.? Ultimately, what I’m asking is…was it worth it? Maybe someone will produce a comic with the imagination, innovation, range, subtext and morality of Elektra: Assassin featuring someone who had been dead, but as it stands, could every appearance of Elektra since ‘Fall from Grace’ been replaced with Psylocke or Lady Deathstrike or such?

What i think I’m saying is, while it is legal for Marvel or DC to say ‘Well, Frank Miller created Elektra as part of the Daredevil story, which we own.’ or, more recently DC to say ‘We are more interested in our perception of Batwoman than J.H. Williams III’s vision.’, I think it’s been proved, historically that certain characters are clearly driven by the people who work on them, flesh them out, give them life, and they might not be the action figures that can be theoretically be passed around to any freelancer kicking about for a gig and get the same results, creatively. This is my nice way of saying I think Batwoman will be cancelled within a year because J.H. Williams III isn’t working on it.

So Problem A: The lack of consequence of Death has obliterated any suspension of disbelief that’s required to properly invest in The Big Crossover Events

Totally taking to you. In a Bill Hicks to Jon Bon Jovi way.

B) Most resurrections haven’t been worth the effort as they’re generally not done by the person who created the character and after the initial ‘WTF!’ Buzz moment. Within a year of their return, they might as well have not died, meaning the whole signifiance of their death was a total waste of time.

Here’s a possible solution:

New standing rule: If you’re going to kill someone, the publisher isn’t allowed to use them in any form for say, 20 years real time with the person most responsible for their current state of popularity being consulted on how and if they should be brought back. So if Hawkeye dies, Matt Fraction is asked what he thinks about the resurrection. Deadpool? Joe Kelly. No toys, no movies, no Elseworlds style minis. (One of the things that totally took away from the impact of Batman’s death a few years back was seeing him alive and well in the Kevin Smith minis, Batman Confidential that were being published at the same time as Bruce had died/turned out to be sent back in time because Final Crisis Reasons. I can’t miss you if you haven’t gone away. ) That character is retired for anything that would create revenue from their appearance.

Obviously, there’d be some leeway for someone writing a World War 2 story if Cap had died or suchlike, but if I knew coming in that the rule was in place and Darkseid twatted Dick Grayson in the 1st chapter, that would give me pause to think, given how much money is tied up in the brand of Nightwing. Because as it stands, I’m all too familiar with ‘Last Act, Heroes appear to win. Final MacGuffin kills a Hero. Fall out One-Shot/Mini-Series dealing with Death. Period Of Time passes. Character returns in expensive comics.’ I understand what you’re selling, and I’m not buying it.

I’m really not buying it.

So, it’s an idea. Am I wrong? Come argue with me on Twitter. I’ve seen the message boards and I don’t think I’ve had enough inoculations to survive extended periods in that swamp.

Oh, Vienna – A Filthy Orphan by Nevs Coleman

Protecting History To Save The Future – The Clock Maker’s Legacy

Benjamin Soto writes for Bleeding Cool:

I’ve always loved stories. They’re amazing. When you think about it words are amazing. As a species we’ve developed a way to make sound represent ideas and emotions. It’s spectacular! Those sounds turned into written language and that wonderful tradition of drawing sound has stuck with us throughout the ages.

We are the stories we tell. Stories are how we communicate, expression love and joy, and how we represent our memories. They’re how we deal with our fears, learn, and grow. We are all part of that one BIG story, and at this specific moment we’re sharing the same story. My part in this BIG story is to be a mirror and a window by telling my own stories. That’s what brings us to The Clock Maker’s Legacy.

It’s steampunk. It’s adventure. It’s action, comedy, betrayal, and hope. It’s filled with colorful characters that get to play in a lavish universe rich with life and history. People make choices, people suffer the consequences, and technology is created and represented in a way alien to what we know but familiar in idea.

Corban Hunt was an airship Captain in the Crystal City Airfleet. He’s a man of action betrayed by the powers that be. The foundation of what he thought to be true was shaken to the core, and he’s been running away from his past ever since. He is the reluctant hero that does what he does because he must. The world has burned him, and he’s been trying to recover ever since.

Byron Taubes is the naive youth that believes in the goodness of people. He believes in the science of the world, and that everything has a logical explanation. Expressing emotions can be difficult for him, and having lived a sheltered life makes an excursion into the world of The Clock Maker’s Legacy that much more harrowing. He is brave, and it is the type of brave that is founded in a wonderful mix of ignorance and a genuinely good nature.

Together, Byron and Corban embark on an adventure to save the world that they know. They protect the history of this world in order to protect its future.

The Legacy of the Clock Maker, his story, is of a horrible weapon that saved humanity at a great cost centuries in the past. Corban’s lineage goes back to this inventor, and his lineage is the key to understanding the piece of this ancient device that makes it work: the clock piece. Without the clock piece the weapon is useless. No creation can live without a heart.

This story is a mirror to the things that make us human. We see ourselves in not only these two characters, but the rest of the players that make The Clock Maker’s Legacy alive. This story is a window into a world that doesn’t exist, but that I’ve been fortunate enough to visit and share with you. It is a world alive with varying terrains, steam power on levels never dreamed of, electrical equipment and designs thought to be pure fantasy, and people as rich and alive as the ones you pass on the street everyday.

I was able to capture this world by drawing the sounds we use everyday into a specific sequence that triggers the images needed for the experience. The artwork of Katie Gamb helps enhance the journey, and if you visit our kickstarter page you’ll see that another journey is coming to end.

The time to get the funding needed to bring this project to life for others will be over on Sunday, December 1st. Take a look at the story. Experience it for what it is. We are at the eleventh hour, and can use the type of optimistic hope so prevalent in Byron Taubes.

From this point on keep telling your stories. Tell them wonderfully using all the brilliant words you can imagine. Maybe one of those stories will include how you crossed paths with a story called The Clock Maker’s Legacy, and how you helped bring it to life.

Protecting History To Save The Future – The Clock Maker’s Legacy

Striking The Heavenly Chord: Jon Lock And Nich Angell Talk Indie, Ambition And Guitar Swords

Alasdair Stuart writes;

One of the last panels at Thought Bubble saw Jon Lock and Nich Angell take the stage.  Jon is the creator of Afterlife Inc, currently on volume three, that follows the industrialization of the afterlife by a charming grifter with a prehensile tie. Nich is the creator, writer and artist of 7 String, a fantasy series, about to launch it’s second volume. 7 String is Final Fantasy meets Saturday morning cartoons, the story of a boy with a guitar sword in a world ruled by the Gods of Music.

Both books have a unique look, remarkable, precise world building and real passion behind them. Despite this, being indie creators, Lock and Angell aren’t especially well known. That’s about to change and at Thought Bubble, they explained why.

-They talked about how indie creators can struggle to get noticed, even after producing and successfully promoting their work. The solution that they put forward to this is simple; stop thinking about money, and start thinking ambitiously.

-Jon cited his own experience as an example. Unable to draw (He’s actually being modest by the way, his design work is really good), he decided to pay an artist. However, he couldn’t afford to pay much, so found himself writing short, complete scripts. This episodic format informed Afterlife Inc’s structure, allowing him to explore the colossal world from various angles.

-This led into a typically British discussion about their limitations as artists, with both men talking about the faceless characters in their books. One of Nich’s music gods has a tuning fork for a head, for example. Jon also pointed out that Nich was underselling himself and 7 String featured a keytar sword as well as a guitar sword. That got a smattering of extremely deserved applause. Jon also expressed huge relief that Nich could draw, meaning he could legitimately write ‘This page features a seething mass of violin robots’ and know he didn’t have to draw them.

Nich asked how many people had seen Iron Man 2. They then asked how many people had seen the after credit sequence with the hammer. Another show of hands. They responded with ‘Great, because we’ve totally ripped it off!’ and showed us this.

-The 7 String guitar sword, on the outskirts of the Empyrean from Afterlife Inc. But how? Why? Say hello to The Heavenly Chord, a crossover between the two titles. They talked at length about how this is one of the first times two indie creators have done something like this. They also tied it back to their earlier point about thinking ambitiously and the fact that just because they’re indie creators doesn’t mean they can’t use the same storytelling techniques as the big companies.

-They showed us art of the villain, a demented supernatural conductor named for music for the dead.

-And speaking of music, they explained that the book has a soundtrack. The playlist is accessible via a QR code in the book. There’s some great choices on there too, especially the MC Frontalot track.

-Jon and Nich also announced the formation of Big Punch Studios, their new imprint, named for Jon’s first comic. Again, this was tied back into the idea that being indie doesn’t have to mean thinking small. Heavenly Chord is just the first collaboration and the next one, an entirely new story, should be out next year.

-They closed by talking about some of the obstacles they’d faced.  The conflict between cash and time is always a concern but adversity, they’ve found, can actually stimulate creativity. Nich pointed out how much he’d learned from his first, failed kickstarter whilst Jon talked again about how the short episodes that he’d had to write ended up helping the book. He also made an interesting point about Big Punch. If Jon and Nich were just working together, Jon would have to pay Nich a page rate. As co-owners of the imprint, they share all profits, eliminating the need for a page rate and putting them both on equal footing. If this works, and it shows every indication it will, this may well be a model a lot of indie publishers will follow.

Shot through with humor and enthusiasm, this was a really inspiring hour, and the love they have for their work is clear in every word Jon and Nich say. They’re concerned with two things; getting the work done and having fun doing it. Based on what I saw this weekend, the fun is only just beginning.

Striking The Heavenly Chord: Jon Lock And Nich Angell Talk Indie, Ambition And Guitar Swords

Did This Black Friday Comics Deal See You Coming?

First, a word from Harry Enfield;

Click here to view the embedded video.

Daily Steals is giving an amazing Black Friday deal, that still seems to be on. $500 worth of comicbooks for only $35. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

And certainly there are some fun comics there/ But $500? Even $35? We’re talking quarter box, with a couple more recent Thors and X-Men that might increase the value to, ooh, $10? If we’re generous?

The listing says;

Nothing exercises our imagination more than reading an exciting piece of literature. Since the introduction of the comic book format in 1933, the world has embraced these works of literature revered just as highly as classic novels. The most valuable American comics have combined rarity and quality with the first appearances of popular and enduring characters. The set being offered today is truly a rarity and give you the opportunity to take advantage of treasure pieces of literature and collectibles at an unbelievable price. Included in this set are classic issues from X-Men, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and more! 10 Sealed Packs of Non-Sports Collector Cards and 6 randomly chosen Sealed Packs of Non-Sports Collector Cards are also included. Alone, this set could easily cost upwards of $500 but for today only, you can own it for a fraction of the cost!

That’s right, trading cards that are worth even less as well. Many comics fans will know to stay away, but those looking to buy for the comic book fan may not. Will you see such a pack from Uncle Fred and Aunt Ada at Christmas this year?

If so, someone saw them coming…


Did This Black Friday Comics Deal See You Coming?

Guillem March Tells You How To Draw The Muscles On Wonder Woman’s Legs

Guillem March has been breaking down the cover to Superman/Wonder Woman #3 cover that caused a certain amount of controversy on release.

Notice post-coital Superman, who must have expended a lot of “energy” here judging by the super-stain on his pants, is absorbing solar radiation to “recharge,” while Wonder Woman appears to have visited Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon for a nose job, and had her eyes replaced with those of a Japanese anime sex doll. – The Outhouse.

So what was happening 10 minutes before the moment depicted in this Superman/Wonder Woman #3 variant cover by Guillem March?

And in space no less!? - Newsarama

Let’s ignore that March still draws his characters as if human anatomy is a loose guideline. Let’s ignore WTF is going on with Wonder Woman’s legs. Let’s ignore that Wonder Woman is drawn with more make-up than a Khadashian. Let’s ignore the fact that they have Wonder Woman apparently wrapping herself in Superman’s cape which is basically one of the most iconic Lois Lane images ever. But, hey, maybe it’s not his cape. Maybe it’s hers. Oh wait, she doesn’t wear one. Okay, maybe it’s a sheet. You know because they just came across one in space. Space sheets – now in aisle one at Target.

But what I can’t ignore is the cliched gendered poses they’ve gone with. – DC Women Kicking Ass

Well, on the leg point, Guillem March would like you to see what muscled women’s legs actually look like. We’re talking heavy on the calves…

But he also looks at the covers that could have been..


I’m guessing the “Hey, Don’t Look At Me” cover with Superman on the Daily Planet logo staring at Wonder Woman’s butt was just too much for DC?

Here is the Superman-added version of issue 3′s cover that they went with. Interesting, the original sketch wouldn’t have been interpreted as an “I’ve just had sex in space” shot at all, would it? More like “I’ve just been flashing Greenwich Observatory.”

Oh and the original pencils and inks…


Guillem March Tells You How To Draw The Muscles On Wonder Woman’s Legs

Spike Lee, Juan Luis Garcia, And Oldboy – Friday Trending Topics

Interest in this one is still pretty intense. This is really just a sad story. A freelance artist claims to have been commissioned by the ad agency working on marketing Spike Lee’s new Oldboy to do some mock ups for an eventual one sheet, but that it then went really disastrously wrong. The artist, Juan Luis Garcia, has penned an open letter to the director, telling his side of the story.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Saturday:

Spike Lee Dismisses Juan Luis Garcia With A Single, Flat-Out Cold Tweet (UPDATE) 

If this is all Spike Lee has to say about Juan Luis Garcia’s allegations, then I’m not sure I have anything else to say about Spike Lee.

Graphic Designer Pens Open Letter To Spike Lee Over Oldboy Poster Dispute

This is really just a sad story. A freelance artist claims to have been commissioned by the ad agency working on marketing Spike Lee’s new Oldboy to do some mock ups for an eventual one sheet, but that it then went really disastrously wrong. The artist, Juan Luis Garcia, has penned an open letter to the director, telling his side of the story.

“Why Don’t You Pay Me For Your Stupid Text On Thanksgiving Day?”

That’s right, Mike, pay Spike Lee for your stupid text. Or something.

Most-Read Comic Stories Saturday:

There’s A New Batman In Town, And He’s Kind Of Big…

You’ve got to pay close attention to the website as Bob Harras likes to tease some pretty cool images over there. Yesterday he put out the following image of Mr. Back-Breaker himself trying on a new suit…

Ghost Driver – Ghost Rider #1 Covers Revealed And He Gets A Car

Marvel revealed on Comic Book Resources the covers to the new Ghost Rider series coming from Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore. The regular cover is by Moore while the second cover is by Smith, who regularly draws manga books.


A Very Mad March Magneto Monstering On Its Way From Marvel

There will be spoilers for Uncanny Avengers #14 here. It’s unavoidable discussing this rumour, but if you haven’t read the book, you might want to put this article on hold for a little.

Spike Lee, Juan Luis Garcia, And Oldboy – Friday Trending Topics

Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – The End Of Infinity

A collation of the top ten charts of a number of disparate stores, measuring sales on Wednesdays and Thursday, measuring the buying patterns of those who can’t wait till the weekend to buy their comics. A indication of unstoppable desire…

  1. INFINITY #6
  3. WALKING DEAD #117
  4. ALL NEW X-MEN #19
  5. SAGA #16
  10. HAWKEYE #14

Retailer comments:

In what was one of the craziest new comic days of 2013, every publisher delivered in a big way, except for DC. The finale to Infinity brought out Marvel fans like mad. The social media hype around the big events in Uncanny Avengers brought in a bunch too. Image Comics newest, Black Science #1 sold great and we had people coming in specifically for it. Also seemed like everyone who bought Saga gave Black Science a try. Lots of Walking Dead fans flooded in for the new issue and stuck around to chat about the show. All in all a crazy, excellent week in comics!

All the DC Year Zero tie-in books have been selling great. It seems like once they try out one, people have been interested to see what’s going on in the rest of them. Also seen a huge jump in Batman & Robin sales over the last few weeks. People who love Snyders Batman run have come in and said they keep seeing him say how good B&R is so they try out the first trade and then end up scooping up tons of back issues.

Marvel takes 6 spots, However Walking Dead Takes the #1 spot.  To no surprise Letter 44 #2 was our 3rd best seller. Dc continues to slide some in the store. We are hoping for December for them to Be back in the top 5 spots.

Thanks for the shout out this morning really help our business so far today.  Over 30 people have come in by just seeing the video and wanting to be part of the sale.

Mad rush of customers on Wednesday thanks to being closed on thanksgiving. Walking dead is still great at drawing in first time comic readers. Superior Spiderman has increased interest thanks to rumors that parker will be coming back. Uncanny avenger had a few more readers but the average fan seemed to think hero “deaths” have been overdone in the last few years. And with human torch, Bucky, Thor, and more having “died” only to return so soon the death card seems over done.

Oddly enough out of the blue crisis on infinite earths issues have been sought out. Magic the gathering comics have also seen new out of the blue interest.

The final issue of Avengers Arena was just edged out of the top 10, as was Aquaman #25

Last two weeks sales have been sluggish. Is everyone playing on their new X-Box One’s & PS4′s to forget new comics Wednesday? Thanksgiving we were closed, so that’s a whole days sales lost.

Bleeding Cool Bestseller List: Has Bane Broken The Back of Infinity?

A collation of the top ten charts of a number if disparate stores, measuring sales on Wednesdays and Thursdays only, those who can’t wait till the weekend to buy their comics. An indication of unstoppable desire….

Is this an indication that Infinity is slipping in demand? Not only did Penguin #1 beat it last week, but the crossovers this week don’t even make it onto the charts. DC place seven in the top ten with the top four to themselves… the non-Infinitied Guardians Of The Galaxy places, alongside the Battle Of The Atom Wolverine & The X-Men, and the new Saga makes a welcome appearance too.

  1. Batman #23.4 Bane #1
  2. Batman Superman #3.1 Doomsday #1
  3. Detective Comics #23.4 Man Bat #1
  4. Justice League #23.4 Secret Society #1
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy #6
  6. Wolverine And The X-Men #36
  7. Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4 Joker’s Daughter #1
  8. Saga #14
  9. JLA #7.4 Black Adam #1
  10. Batman & Robin #23.4 Killer Croc #1

Data provided by the following retailers:

Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – The End Of Infinity

Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Old Pilots And Bold Pilots Edition

Last evening, my daughter insisted that we had to watch ‘Despicable Me 2′, regardless of whether or not Daddy had any patience left after double-shifting holidays, flagrantly ignoring the stack of recorded television already on the DVR.  Still, when it comes to the Widget, I seldom argue too hard, as her instincts are pretty spot-on about stuff we’ll both like.  Still, given the choice, I’d join the legions of whiny know-it-alls who want to know why we don’t have a sequel to ‘The Incredibles’ yet, or perhaps start my own legion of people who think we should revisit Swan and …

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If You Had The Power To Change History, Would You? The Legend Of Novo Needs Your Support To Make History!

Amir Avitzur writes for Bleeding Cool:

Hello All

My name is Amir Avitzur and I am the creator of the Legend of Novo. Thirty five years ago, I received my first comic book (Tarzan). I still remember my curiosity and excitement when I held it in my hands. I was hooked. I was inspired. Heck, I still am! Writing and producing a comic book was a dream of mine ever since.

I had done quite a bit throughout my life. I had my share of successes and a few failures, or as people like to call them “learnings”. However, I never truly pursued my childhood dream. I never had the courage to go ahead and write a comic book. You know, I had many excuses, I had many obligations. I had too many reasons why not to.

It’s an interesting position to be in. How does one overcome the logic and follow the heart.

So my plan was to fight logic with logic…

It was a 3 step plan (as any logical plan should be):

Step 1:

Go back to my homeland, find and buy the comic book that started it all for me, and see if it is all just a dream of past feelings or do I really like, am I still inspired?

So I took off 6 months ago, it took me a while. At the end I found the comic book as part of an old lady’s estate sale. It was not in great shape but when I saw it, wow, it was like having a flashback. I felt it again, I felt the excitement. I had to contain myself, otherwise I would have paid 10 times the amount the lady requested…

Here’s the book:

Step 2:

Write the story and see if you are excited by it, thrilled to see how it ends…It took me several months, I had all these ideas but I had to make sure it is a great story, a story I would read more than once, more than twice. A great story! So I decided it requires more than one book and it turns out that this story I had in my mind for all those years can fill an entire comic book series. I was thrilled.

Step 3:

Find an illustrator, I have to say that this was easier than planned. I was working with a very talented illustrator on a small business blog I was writing for a year now (Sage did the comic strips) and he agreed and was excited to be part of the venture.

So there I was. I had the logical backing I needed. I had a great story, I had a very talented illustrator so what do I do next?

I wanted to get the validation, I wanted to see if more people believe and can support my dream, so I started 18 days ago my Kickstarter campaign.

A few words about the story –

If you had the power to change history, would you?

The Legend of Novo book series is about ordinary people with extraordinary gifts. It is a story of time traveling and the power to observe humanity’s past mistakes at the risk of creating new ones. The first book is about Ashley’s journey back in time to the era of fear and witch-hunting in Europe, an era where common logic was not really…well…very common, confronting the inevitable question: if you had the power to change history, would you?

I believe the Legend of Novo will change my history and maybe the history of its readers!

I feel very grateful for the 120 plus backers and the $6,000 I already raised. I am getting close but not there yet. I heard so much about Bleeding Cool and I wanted to see if my story is cool enough, so here I am putting my story and my book on display for you to judge J

There are only 12 more days to make my thirty five year dream a reality. I believe in The Legend of Novo and now I need you!

Now for the fun part…if we can make what many naysayers think as achieving the impossible…If the project reaches $10,000 by the end of this weekend, I will create and include in the book an exclusive (for Kickstarter backers only) 3 page story about Ashley’s past…before her visit to the library, to all backers as well as deliver an amazing Legend of Novo bookmark to everyone who donated $25 or more.

Maybe a few parting words, for all who are thinking about writing and never found the time, place, idea, support or courage, I would like to say: Ignore the nonbelievers, the naysayers, the doubters, the ones who want you to live a small life. There is a legend inside each one of us. Find your legend!

Thank you!!!


If You Had The Power To Change History, Would You? The Legend Of Novo Needs Your Support To Make History!