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Countdown To The Eisners – Best Writer/Artist

By Cameron Hatheway

Sometimes you may have a great idea for a comic, but don’t have the funds to afford an artist to make your vision come to life. Why not do it yourself? Everyone has their own style, and while it may not resemble a Samnee or a Deodato, if you do everything yourself you can tell whatever stories you wish. However doing everything can also be very time consuming, so some creators focus on one or the other to make way for multiple projects. The creators in this category show some true talent in taking on both writer and artist duties, and deserve tremendous amounts of praise because of it. Today I’ll be focusing on the Best Writer/Artist category. If you need a reminder of what’s been nominated, you can find the entire list right here, and see what I chose last time right here.

Keep in mind I cannot vote for who wins (nor can you, probably), as per the rules. However, that’s not keeping me from being vocal regardless!

Who is not eligible to vote?

  • Comics press or reviewers (unless they are nominees)
  • Non-creative publisher staff members (PR, marketing, assistants, etc.)
  • Fans

Before I get back to applying Wite-Out to Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising and filling in my name so I can be eligible for next year, let the games begin!


Best Writer/Artist

Charles Burns, The Hive (Pantheon)

Taking place in past, present, and in dreams, Burns overwhelms the senses with his macabre characters and settings, making you feel uncomfortable yet intrigued at the same time. The imagery and radicalized shading is Burns’ signature look, and while it’s been a few years since X’ed Out it feels nice succumbing to his madness once more.

Gilbert Hernandez, Love and Rockets New Stories, vol. 5 (Fantagraphics)

Gilbert really loves his women, and it shows when he’s illustrating them in all their exaggerated glory. While certain body parts for his characters are slightly more highlighted than others, Hernandez still maintains a crisp, clean look while highlighting a fun story simultaneously. He makes black and white look good on anything.

Jaime Hernandez, Love and Rockets New Stories, vol. 5 (Fantagraphics)

Like his brother, Jaime has his own unique style (although both Jaime and Gilbert’s illustrations transition flawlessly into one another). Jaime loves his women figures too, only he remains a little more grounded in the execution. The story Jaime tells is a tad more serious as well, with humor sprinkled about at just the right times. Jaime is an ally/master of the black and whites as well.

Luke Pearson, Hilda and the Midnight Giant, Everything We Miss (Nobrow)

The world Pearson has created is an exciting and magical one, reminding me slightly of Hayao Miyazaki with bits of Brandon Graham. The story in Hilda is just as captivating as the art, and Pearson does a wonderful job blending both together flawlessly. There’s still familiar elements mixed with the magic, but bottom line being I strive to get lost in this world again. Pearson provides a product that can be enjoyed equally by young readers and longtime ones.

C. Tyler, You’ll Never Know, Book 3: A Soldier’s Heart (Fantagraphics)

It’s one thing to be an artist, but another to illustrate your own memoirs. C. Tyler finds that perfect balance and does a superb job illustrating the journey she went through in You’ll Never Know. The settings are beautiful, the characters unique, and the dream sequences far out. The format alone of how she transitions the panels and pages is worthy of the nomination.

Chris Ware, Building Stories (Pantheon)

Chris Ware looked at the format for the traditional graphic novel, said “fuck it,” and went about making his own enthralling creation like the mad scientist he is. Everything from the presentation to the fourteen assorted stories on the inside was refreshing, for it’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure for comic book fans who are so used to linear storytelling. Following an unnamed woman with one leg doesn’t seem like much to write home about, but Ware is able to make you care deeply for her no matter what story you read first.

Who I think should win:
Chris Ware, Building Stories (Pantheon)

A work ten years in the making, it definitely shows that Chris Ware worked tirelessly on it. No matter what parcel you were reading (14 different stories on a variety of formats), his art continuously ravished your eyes and moved on to an all-out assault on the rest of your senses. To tell a story in the format he presented and still have it all make sense no matter where you started takes immense talent, something Ware has in spades obviously.

I think this is going to be Ware’s year, as I predict he takes home multiple Eisners for Building Stories. Now if only he could design an aesthetically pleasing awards shelf to display them all.

Who I think could win:
Charles Burns, The Hive (Pantheon)

Whether you love The Hive or hate it, you can’t deny that Burns illustrates a damn fine story, one that you would kill to have original art of. While the story is sometimes hard to follow, it’s intentional to keep you guessing until the third book (which comes out in a few years) for Burns’ has a master plan he’s bringing to fruition flawlessly.

The fact that it’s in a slightly oversized format is the cherry on top.

Who I think should have been nominated:
Jeff Lemire, Lost Dogs, The Underwater Welder (Top Shelf), Animal Man (DC), Sweet Tooth (DC/Vertigo).

Jeff Lemire goes and has a tremendous 2012, and doesn’t get one nomination in any of the Eisner categories. Something is tremendously awry here. This category in particular was made for him to dominate.

Who do you think should win / been nominated?

Cameron Hatheway is the host of Cammy’s Comic Corner and Arts & Entertainment Editor of the Sonoma State STAR. You can witness his crude attempts at illustrating comics on Twitter @CamComicCorner.

Countdown To The Eisners – Best Writer/Artist

TEASER: One month until Midnight

Matthew and I reviewed Captain Midnight #0 on a recent installment of Dueling Review, and we are both keen on getting the first issue that arrives in a month. Dark Horse Comics doesn’t want us to forget about it …

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See Two New Mickey Mouse Shorts – No Service And Yodelberg

As premiered on US TV over the weekend, here are two new Mickey Mouse shorts.

The first is No Service, which makes great hay out of the clothing conventions of cartoon characters. And then there’s Yodelberg which is just… I can’t really say goofy in this context without being confusing, I suppose, but, hey, it’s goofy.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

If you can’t see those, you probably just need a little bit of help

There’s a bunch more of these to come over the Summer. I won’t keep posting them here, honest, it’s just a pretty big deal for me right now that Mickey Mouse is back.

See Two New Mickey Mouse Shorts – No Service And Yodelberg

REVIEW: The Green Team – Teen Trillionaires #2

Or – “Okay, So Where’s My Prez?”

Joe Simon may not be known for the kind of wacky and boundless creativity that his longtime artistic partner Jack Kirby was, but he was a man clearly ahead of his time.  Though …

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Neil Gaiman Makes It Sound Really, Really Like Good Omens Is Back In Terry Gilliam’s Hands Again

Terry Gilliam has been wanting to make a film of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett‘s novel Good Omens since before it was published. Indeed, there’s a video from The Daily Beast that you’ll get to in a couple of paragraphs in which Gaiman tells the story of how a copy was sent to Gilliam looking for a quote and but instead inspired his passion to turn it into a film.

Elsewhere in the same clip you’ll see Gaiman talk about the possible adaptation. The exchange goes like this:

Gaiman: If a Good Omens adaptation happens we would like it to happen while Terry [Pratchett] can still see it.

Interviewer: With Terry Gilliam?

Gaiman: I can say nothing. Nothing. I will say nothing, My lips are sealed. Put it this way: I’m an enormous fan of Terry Gilliam’s and Terry has been trying to make it in one form or another since about 1989.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Last we heard, Good Omens was headed to TV as a four-part mini-series, under the auspices of the other Monty Python Terry, Mr. Jones.

My guess would be that this is exactly the same project, and that Jones and Gavin Scott will be providing the script while Gilliam steps behind the camera. Terry Pratchett’s own company, Narrativia, would be producing.

Or maybe it will be a movie again… though, yeah, we’ve all heard the increasingly well-rehearsed comments on TV showing more balls that cinema right now. It’s somehow much easier to believe Good Omens is about to become a miniseries than one of those major motion picture.

Gaiman and Gilliam have been meeting a lot of late, both in London and in the US. I’ve been having conversations with a friend – hey Jerome – about the likelihood of them being at work on Good Omens. Until I saw the video above, I didn’t believe it.

Now, though, I think it’s happening. And that’s fantastic.

If you haven’t read Good Omens, jump on it. It’s tremendously fun.

Neil Gaiman Makes It Sound Really, Really Like Good Omens Is Back In Terry Gilliam’s Hands Again

Kicking With Cactus by Chad Hindahl #54

Kicking With Cactus by Chad Hindahl #54

VARIANT: Valiant offers up even more 8-bit covers

Press Release

Valiant is proud to announce Valiant 8-Bit Level Two – a new wave of 8-bit-inspired covers by artists Matthew Waite and Donovan Santiago hitting comic shops everywhere this October! Debuting today at Topless Robot, the Valiant 8-Bit Level …

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REVIEW: Hawkeye #11

Or – “The Wave Of Comics’ Future.”

Hawkeye has been a revelation from the very first issue, with experimentation in terms of story structure, art and narrative.  This issue promises something completely different, as the entire issue is told from …

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Mike Le Han Is Back And Looking To Crowdfund The Time Travel Short, Breaker

One of the most buzzed-about British shorts in recent years was Mike Le Han‘s Mrs. Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room, a rather stylish little fantasy picture.

Now Le Han is back and looking to “elevate” the production of his follow-up sci-fi short Breaker with a crowdfunding boost.

Once you find out that Breaker is a time travel picture, the title’s similarity to Looper really jumps out. It makes sense though, as they’re like the end result of opposite thought processes, really: Looper refers to time loops in that film’s story, Breaker refers to breaking down the chain of cause and effect.

Here’s Le Han’s blurb:

Breaker is set 2000 years in the future; Earth now resembles that of Mars mainly due to humanity draining the planet of its precious resources. Society now live in vast futuristic pods to survive and the world is run by one global government.

This government creates TRP, the ripple project and build a race of beings called Breakers who are part human and part robotic that have the ability to time travel. The objective is to send these beings back in time to eradicate or collect people who have had a hand in Earth’s demise. The hope is to affect history changing the future, replenishing the planet back into a more habitable place, hence The Ripple Effect.

So far cast is Marshall Bell, who played Kuato in the original Total Recall; the crew includes Shane Daly as cinematographer, Lorne Balfe as composer and Paul Gerrard as concept artist. You can see some of Gerrard’s work throughout this post.

I asked Le Han a few questions about his campaign, and about the film he’s trying to make. Here’s some of what he had to tell me.

After researching the best funding platform I decided to go with because they are the only crowd funding platform that actively promote your campaign. they don’t just let you use their site to raise money then  take their 9%, they promote you, back you and support you in many ways. Also it’s a brand new platform with Donald Trump attached as an investor who also, once a month, looks at the new campaigns and chooses three to invest in. Let’s hope he chooses Breaker.

My last short film Mrs Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room was done on a tiny budget for the scale of the project. Fantasy and Scifi are both the most expensive genres to make, but also have the highest viewing figures, but the film still needed funds to make it. Luckily I managed to raise the relevant monies to make that project through savings, friends, family and an investor.

This time round, the project is much bigger and way more adventurous and needs more funds to make it. From practical to scale props and set builds, extensive visual effects and having elements like the special time travel suit our protagonist wears costs a lot of money, but having formed relationships in the industry I have managed to secure all these for far less than it would usually cost a tentpole pic.

Breaker is based on a feature concept I am developing, and being a huge fan of this genre I have always wanted to make science fiction films. This is a project that I believe will really push the boundaries of short film making and the objective is to rival that of tentpole pictures. Not only will the film visually look stunning shooting on the RED Epic and anamorphic lenses, it’ll also be full of action, drama and tension with some awesome vfx heavy scenes.

With all projects I undertake, I think about what would an audience want to see, what is going to get them engaged, or what is the commercial viability of a project. Sure, I have to be excited about a story, but fundamentally, I’m not the audience and they’re the ones who will be watching. So Breaker is something I believe has viable commercial  potential and, if executed right, will generate a large number of viewers. Once the film is made I’ll be releasing it online for free.

My professional objective is to make feature films in the genres that excite me, but it’s all about steps and creating a strong backbone to give assurances to potential producers who might be willing to hire you to make their film. So I’m really busy writing scripts in the hope they will either get picked up or sell and I get attached to direct one of them, but also taking independent meetings with producers and production companies with the hope someone will take that risk in hiring me to take on their project.

Maybe I’d have been more personally hooked if Le Han had tried to sell me on the themes the film – there’s a lot of potentially interesting stuff lurking under that plot blurb – but I think he’s trying to pitch this at a more mainstream audience than want to hear about even easily soluble stuff like character arcs and subtext. I’m not saying the film will be without any or all of these things – we’ll just have to wait and see – just that they’re missing from the pitch so far. I guess that’s the way.

And also as you’d expect with  crowdfunding endeavours, backers are being offered rewards. This will include prop weapons and suits from the film as well as the typical downloads and producer credits; you can check the full list out at FundAnything, which is also where you can see Le Han’s video pitch and pledge your support, should you wish.

It remains to be seen if Breaker will be the springboard to feature films that many tipped Mrs. Peppercorn to be, but it certainly looks interesting in its own right. I look forward to hearing more.

Mike Le Han Is Back And Looking To Crowdfund The Time Travel Short, Breaker

The Diamond Graphic Novel Common Core List For Teachers And Librarians

Diamond Book Distributors has launched their Diamond Graphic Novel Common Core List for teachers and librarians, with a series of graphic novels distributed by DBD each aligned to a specific school year. It was created by Ellen Myrick, President of Myrick Marketing & Media.

Here’s the books they have picked… lots from Eureka Productions, with good showings from Dark Horse, Archaia, IDW and Oni. And the likes of Zenescope punches well above its weight.

Expect content controvery over the likes of 300, A Tale Of One Bad Rat and Blankets

Pre-K through First Grade
Title Publisher
Power Lunch: First Course Oni Press
Johnny Boo Does Something Top Shelf Productions

Second Grade and Up
Title Publisher
The Wonderland Alphabet: Alice’s Adventures Through the ABCs and What She Found There Archaia Entertainment
Michael Recycle and the Treetop Cops IDW Publishing
Michael Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug IDW Publishing
Mermin Book One Oni Press
Sketch Monsters Volume 1: Escape of the Scribbles Oni Press
Sketch Monsters Volume 2: The New Kid Oni Press


Third Grade and Up
Title Publisher
Age of Reptiles Omnibus Dark Horse Comics
Complete Alice In Wonderland HC Dynamite Entertainment
First In Space Oni Press
Xoc: The Journey of a Great White Oni Press
Animal Planet: World’s Most Dangerous Animals Zenescope
Discovery Channel’s Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Predators Zenescope
Discovery Channel’s Great White Sharks Zenescope
Discovery Channel’s Top 10 Deadliest Sharks GN Zenescope
MANKIND: The Story of All of Us Volume 1 Zenescope
MANKIND: The Story of All of Us Volume 2 Zenescope


Fourth Grade and Up
Title Publisher
Return of the Dapper Men Archaia Entertainment
Scary Godmother Dark Horse Comics
Graphic Classics Volume 19: Christmas Classics Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 20: Western Classics Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 21: Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 23: Halloween Classics Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 9: Robert Louis Stevenson (2nd Edition) Eureka Productions
The Last Unicorn IDW Publishing


Fifth Grade and Up
Title Publisher
A Christmas Carol: The Night That Changed the Life of Eliza Scrooge Dark Horse Comics
Cow Boy: A Boy and His Horse Archaia Entertainment
I’m Not a Plastic Bag Archaia Entertainment
Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Archaia Entertainment
Graphic Classics Volume 11: O. Henry Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 12: Adventure Classics Eureka Productions
Crogan’s Loyalty Oni Press
Crogan’s March Oni Press
Crogan’s Vengeance Oni Press
Play Ball! Oni Press



Sixth Grade and Up
Title Publisher
Fagin the Jew Dark Horse Comics
The Last Dragon Dark Horse Comics
Graphic Classics Volume 13: Rafael Sabatini Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 2: Arthur Conan Doyle – 2nd Edition Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 22: African-American Classics Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 4: H. P. Lovecraft – 2nd Edition Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 5: Jack London – 2nd Edition Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 8: Mark Twain – 2nd Edition Eureka Productions
Native American Classics Eureka Productions
Two-Fisted Science G.T. Labs
Fractured Fables Image Comics
Parade (With Fireworks) Image Comics

Seventh Grade and Up
Title Publisher
Graphic Classics Volume 1: Edgar Allan Poe Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 10: Horror Classics Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 14: Gothic Classics Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 16: Oscar Wilde Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 17: Science Fiction Classics Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 18: Louisa May Alcott Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 6: Ambrose Bierce Eureka Productions
Bone Sharps, Cowboys, And Thunder Lizards G.T. Labs
Dignifying Science: Stories About Women Scientists G.T. Labs
Fallout: J. Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard, and The Political Science Of The Atomic Bomb G.T. Labs
Levitation: Physics And Psychology In The Service Of Deception G.T. Labs
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn IDW Publishing
Krishna: A Journey Within Image Comics


Ninth Grade and Up
Title Publisher
First Moon AiT/PlanetLar
Jim Henson’s The Storyteller Archaia Entertainment
Hatter M Volume 1: The Looking Glass Wars Automatic Pictures
Hatter M Volume 2: Mad With Wonder Automatic Pictures
Hatter M Volume 3: The Nature of Wonder Automatic Pictures
Hatter M Volume 4: Zen of Wonder Automatic Pictures
Heart Transplant Dark Horse Comics
Graphic Classics Volume 7: Bram Stoker Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Volume 15: Fantasy Classics Eureka Productions
Suspended In Language: Niels Bohrs Life, Discoveries, And The Century He Shaped G.T. Labs
Wire Mothers & Inanimate Arms: Harry Harlow And The Science Of Love G.T. Labs
Nevsky IDW Publishing
The Raven and Other Stories by Edgar Allan Poe IDW Publishing
I Kill Giants Image Comics
Northwest Passage: The Annotated Softcover Edition Oni Press
August Moon Top Shelf Productions
March (Book One) Top Shelf Productions


Tenth Grade and Up
Title Publisher
An Elegy for Amelia Johnson Archaia Entertainment
Siegfried Volume 1 Archaia Entertainment
Siegfried Volume 2: The Valykrie Archaia Entertainment
300 Dark Horse Comics
Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes Dark Horse Comics
Green River Killer: A True Detective Story Dark Horse Comics
The Tale of One Bad Rat Dark Horse Comics
Code Word: Geronimo IDW Publishing
Comic Book History of Comics IDW Publishing
Kill Shakespeare Volume 1 IDW Publishing
Kill Shakespeare Volume 2 IDW Publishing
Age Of Bronze Volume 1: A Thousand Ships Image Comics
Age Of Bronze Volume 2: Sacrifice Image Comics
Age Of Bronze Volume 3: Betrayal Image Comics
Capote in Kansas Oni Press
Blankets Top Shelf Productions
Carnet De Voyage Top Shelf Productions
Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland Top Shelf Productions
The Lovely Horrible Stuff: My Book About Money Top Shelf Productions
Underwater Welder Top Shelf Productions



The Diamond Graphic Novel Common Core List For Teachers And Librarians