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Cosplay All Over The World – More C2E2 From Christopher Troy

Christopher Troy writes;

Special thanks to Scott Whipple (and friends) who aside from organized these various Marvel and DC gatherings, made the Onslaught, Captain America, Mojo, Apocalypse, Juggernaut & Stryfe costumes, not mention several smaller ones. Also thanks to photographers DTJAAAAM, Pat Loika and for supplying the images, as well as all the cosplayers involved. And for the record, I’m the Cyclops and HAWKGUY in some of these images, please be gentle in the comments section.

Rich adds: If you recognise yourself in the photos, let us know and we’ll add your credit!

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Which Girls Star is Up for Fantastic Four Reboot?

One of HBO's Girls is reportedly in the running to star in Fox's Fantastic Four reboot.

Deadline claims that Allison Williams, who plays Marnie Michaels on the hit series, is "on the short list for the Fantastic Four reboot, which is in the very early talking stage."

It would stand to reason the role she's up for would be that of Susan Storm, aka the Invisible Woman, played in the previous films by Jessica Alba.

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A Comic Show – We’ll Have To Wait Until 2099 To Get Peter Back!

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Aaron Haaland writes;

Hey Fandom, it’s me, Aaron! This is A Comic Show’s New Comics Now where I talk about the books I liked each week. I just got back from c2e2 and am loving comics!

Action is still bitter sweet. Animal Man had a great twist ending. Aquaman also had a WTF ending with Mera! The Movement is modern and relevant super powered young people by Gail Simone, this is the Edge I want! And Swamp Thing was the end of a quick and awesome two part story. Snyder can do a great 18 issue epic, but Soule got in and out in two issues and won me over for his entire run!

Marvel had a few good books, and one insanely good one: Hawkeye! Again, try this issue of Hawkeye, just this one. Even if you haven’t read what’s come before, you’ll love it and be ready for more (binge on the volume one if that’s the case). Thanos was brutal. And Superior Spider-man leaves us without and hope…in this era…

Bedlam and Great Pacific volume one’s are out, value priced and with dollar first issues that I’ll give my people free! Image makes it so easy to try something new! Ten Grand by JMS and Templesmith was creepy cool. Yes it felt like Hellblazer minus London and plus love, but I enjoyed it. Black Bat was pulp hero grit that Dynamite has almost cornered the market on (Black Beetle is Super Noir though). And Shadowman #0 shows other companies what a zero issue should be and when it should be released (back story of the antagonist and at least an arc in so that we have time to care).

Thanks for watching and I hope to see a lot of you on Free Comic Book Day!

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Did The Jedi High Council Of Seattle Lose Something?

We know Seattle has its superheroes, with the likes of Phoenix Jones. But it seems it may also have its Jedi as well…

This suspect device that closed Seattle’s downtown transit tunnel last night, turned out to be a home made light saber, consisting of a torch, a battery and some tape and string.

Maybe these guys could shed some light on the situation?

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Goofy, A Powerpuff Girl, Professor Xavier And Bob The Seahorse Voice Mystery Pixar Film

Of the animation voices that Bill Farmer has provided in the past, he seems most proud of Goofy. I guess so, anyway, as his Twitter handle is GoofyBill.

He used that account to share the following, apparently revealing a good chunk of cast for some as-yet unspecified Pixar project.

If you want to decipher the headline, each role I name there refers to one of those voice actors, in the same sequence.

Disney have previously, and very proudly, declared Stage B to be the premiere ADR studio in the industry.

As it’s an ADR stage – with a screen for playback – you might guess that Farmer and co. were providing voices for already completed footage. If so, the film in question would surely be Monsters University or The Good Dinosaur as nothing else should have any completed shots.

But I expect, in fact, that they were using Stage B so that they could all record together. That seems to be what Farmer is implying with a whole list of names. I wonder who he’s missing out by referring to “the good people”?

As he calls the project “the very new Pixar film” I’d guess it’s something earlier in development. The voices sound like a good match for Pete Docter’s The Inside Out, maybe – if you expect very different characters for the various “emotion characters.”

Though it could be anything. Phil Proctor has done voice work in several Pixar films but his big role, I suppose, would have been Bob the Seahorse in Finding Nemo. Finding Dory would count as very new, wouldn’t it?

Though I’m just guessing, really. Still – whatever film it is, it seems like we now know some of the voice cast, and that they’ve been working on the one stage together. It’s not the norm for animated films to be produced this way, but it has certainly been used to great effect before.

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Making The Panel Work For Its Supper: Chin Music #1 by Steve Niles and Tony Harris

Tomorrow sees the publication of Ten Grand #1 by JMS and Ben Templesmith, published by Image. I talked about it here. A private investigator in an undetermined city being hired to deal with crime, demons and angels, under the surface.

Well next week, Image also publish Chin Music #1, featuring a man in Chicago dealing with crime and demons, under the surface.

But they approach comics in remarkably different fashions.

Ten Grand goes for the private dick potboiler, given a rich, oppressive and depressing location that could be anywhere, events superseding the form. Gutters are black, you can’t see the borders, the panels burst out from the darkness in standard rectangles. Lit from behind.

Chin Music goes to the past, Chicago during the prohibition with Ness and Capone, but also Ancient Eqypt, giving the comic book temporal layers, reflected in the use of the comic book form. Here, the panel borders becomes objects of art in and of themselves, less borders but frames, there to spotlight, to isolate, to highlight characters and events as specific points, stringing them together in the book like an album. Just as the comic has magical symbols, so the very panels seem to take that structure on. They change depending on the time period they are in, reflecting contemporary styles, but always working as a narrative. The comic takes its time as well, moments are slow and detailed, where Ben Templesmith blurs, giving impressions, letting the reader fill in the grimness in their heads, Tony Harris brings it all out in sharp detail, an almost pornographic obsessions with flesh in forced perspective, and then hangs the results almost above the page. It’s similar to what Jae Lee achieved in Before Watchmen: Ozymandias, but with more obvious uses of design. There’s even a touch of the superhero, suddenly and unexpectedly, yet a natural progression of sudden bursts of action.

The comic treats its moment of schlock horror with the same reverence it accords to slow moments of bullet being slowly carved. Events being recorded, preserved, lingered upon, with the horror of the voyeur who can’t look away. Even in that, and especially given the moments of slowness in some parts of the comic, it also finds incredibly efficient and inventive ways to move the narrative on at a lick of a pace.

There’s a relatively simple narrative I can grab in Ten Grand. But in Chin Music, there are disconnected scenes, set centuries apart, but beautifully strung together. I haven’t a hell of an idea what’s going on but, right now, I don’t need to. I’m looking forward to discovering more.

Enough chin music, I’m going to go and read it again.

Chin Music #1 by Steve Niles and Tony Harris is published next week by Image Comics.

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Hugh Jackman Tries Out Wolverine’s Leather On The Set Of X-Men: Days Of Future Past

The latest Twitter missive from director Bryan Singer is… well, it’s the back of Hugh Jackman‘s head. And some green. And some onlookers admiring his mutton chops, as you would.

Well, I certainly would.


I believe that’s costume designer Louise Mingenbach with the crossed arms.

There’s no fur trim so it’s not the classic jacket from the Days of Future Past strip.

The more I learn about Days of Future Past the more excited I am. I’m not saying this new image has set off fireworks, exactly, but it’s all part of the big picture, coming to focus and looking good.

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Witness The Secret Origin Of Nathan Fillion

Fun fact: This was the alternate opening to the "Firefly" pilot episode!

What happens when a couple of nerds unlock the secret to their true, inner beauty? Well, they become some strange mutant that looks exactly like Nathan Fillion!

The above video, "Sexy Pool Party" comes from Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher's comedy group BriTANicK and stars Christian Ani, Mariel Booth, Amanda Crew, Frankie the Bulldog, Christian Guidi, and Nathan Fillion!


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Podcast Beyond: Concerns and Questions about Batman: Arkham Origins

PlayStation. Does the word send a chill down your spine? Does it caress your senses with wave upon wave of irresistible pleasure? No? Do you like PlayStation? Then you're certainly in the right place. Welcome to Podcast Beyond, your link to the IGN crew that pushes news, opinions and utter hilarity straight to your ears (and subsequently, your brain).

What's wrong with Soul Sacrifice? Are we worried about Batman: Arkham Origins? How awesome will Podcast Beyond 300 be live? The Beyond boys assemble to answer all these questions and more. We even make the show audible this week!

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Revolution Flat, Hannibal Troughing, Scandal Peaking – The Week In TV Ratings

On Monday, The Following rose up to a 2.4, which highlights the shaky-ground that any hit network drama might be on now. After looking wobbly with a series-low last week, the drama seems in much better shape as it airs its penultimate episode.

Also rising up, Castle scored a 2.2, maintaining a massive overall audience at 11 million. On the other end of the spectrum, hitting similar demo numbers but with a much weaker overall shape was Revolution on NBC.

Overall audiences don’t count for much, and again and again, shows with large overall audiences get canned due to lack of the important demo, but it’s notable here. Revolution garnered an audience of around 6 million. Larger-than-life shows like Revolution often need similarly large numbers in both demo and audience to survive, and while it could be doing a lot worse, having such an average number for an important show isn’t promising for the future.

Hart of Dixie, now renewed for a third season, hit a series low on Tuesday at a 0.4. Meanwhile, NCIS on CBS did a solid 2.7, and its spinoff NCIS: LAscored a 2.6.

On ABC, freshmen hit How To Live With Your Parents drastically fell again to a 1.5 on Wednesday. However, unlike its previous outings, it lost some of its Modern Family lead-in, with Family coming in at 1.8. Over on The CW, both Supernatural and Arrow stayed more or less around their average, at 1.0.

A quiet couple nights, for the most part, but then Thursday brought more weight, as all of the nets aired originals. Unfortunately for CBS, this didn’t bring great numbers all round, with every show receiving a series low.

First up, The Big Bang Theory aired, losing a full rating point, to a 4.2. Similarly, Two And A Half Men also got a series low at 2.8. In the 9PM and 10PM drama hours, Person Of Interest got a 2.4 and Elementary hit a low 2.0.

Amusingly, this was the week NBC finally had something in common with CBS – though not for the best of reasons – because NBC also had a night rich in lows. Community tied its series low once again at 1.0, Parks And Recreation hit a season low at 1.3 and Hannibal… oh, Hannibal. The drama fell hard to a 1.0.

In Shonda Rhimes news, Grey’s Anatomy earned a 2.7, while Scandal matched its series high at 2.8 at ABC.

The Vampire Diaries aired a backdoor pilot for its recently picked-up spinoff, The Originals, scoring a 0.9.

A double feature of Happy Endings on Friday scored a poor, but now expected, 0.5 and 0.6 respectively. The season finale is airing next week, and the show is probably too far gone for a come back. I’m leeping my fingers crossed for a USA network pickup if ABC throws in the towel for this ridiculously funny cult comedy.

On SaturdaySmash sung low, sweet chariot, maintaining its series floor of 0.4.

And then a busy night on Sunday had ABC’s Once Upon A Time scoring another series low, this time at 2.0, while Revenge hit a solid 1.7. Also earning a low was the very much gone, gone, gone Red Widow at 10PM, hitting just 0.7.

Over on CBS, the acclaimed season finale of The Good Wife scored a 1.6, which is a number that I guess CBS can live with on Sunday nights right now. The Mentalist also detected a 1.5 rating. Nothing special there.

See you next week, with more ratings and stuff.

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