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EXCLUSIVE! Check Out These Retro Star Trek Prints

Each month, has been posting some neat, retro looking art prints inspired by the Enterprise and company from artist Juan Ortiz. Four new prints are revealed each month, going on sale on the first of the month... But lucky you, we've got a look at two of those prints before they go live later today.

Here's the official description of the project:

Influenced by psychedelic bands like The Beatles and Grateful Dead, minimalist artists, and classic pulp movie posters, artist Juan Ortiz designed these retro, often trippy images with Star Trek characters and allusions, recalling some of the more visceral elements of The Original Series and the era. Ortiz’s interpretations are uniquely stylized to reflect cultural prints and graphics developed and made famous in the 1960s.

And here's the art! If you want one of the 18 x 24 inch prints, you can head to on October 1st.

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Major Spoilers Week in Review for September 24 – 30, 2012

What makes a week a Major Spoilers Week? When the week is filled with so much goodness you can’t help but tell everyone about it, and you don’t care if they haven’t heard the news yet. Marc Webb is directing … Continue reading

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RETRO REVIEW: Uncanny X-Men #183 (July 1984)

Or – “When You Boil It Down, Much Of The Marvel Universe Is About High School…” There is a theory I’ve heard that ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ was popular not because of its supernatural overtones, but that because the series … Continue reading

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STAN LEE: Stan Lee recovering after pace-maker procedure

Many were fearing the worst when Stan Lee abruptly canceled several appearances, but now we have more information. Mr. Lee underwent surgery to have a pace-maker put in, and according to the comic writer, he is doing fine. Attention, Troops! … Continue reading

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You Gotta Catch All Of This Pokémon Stuff!

Want to see all of the coolest stuff Pokémon fans can buy? Then join Naomi as she shows off some sweet Pokéballs, a hoodie, and more!

MOVIES: Marc Webb to direct Spider-Man 2

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Brett Booth’s New… Ish Look For Red Robin

Check this out here,
and more… and why this deisgn may have been rejected quite some time ago.

Latest Skyfall Videoblog Takes The Fight Underwater

Roger Deakins is the director of photography on Skyfall, but seeing as his skills appear to be restricted to stuff above the waterline, he needs a counterpart for the wet stuff. That’s where Mike Valentine comes in.

In this latest production vlog, Valentine and various other members of the team explain what it takes to stage a James Bond action sequence underwater.

We see Bond plunge into water after taking a bullet in the trailers, but he’s not dressed the same as in this sequence, so this seems to come later. Add to that the stuff we’ve seen of him hanging out at the hotel pool and I think we’re on for the wettest Bond since For Your Eyes Only.

TRIPWIRE: 10 Questions With Eddie Campbell In 2002

Before Bleeding Cool, there was TRIPWIRE magazine. In 2012, it celebrates its 20th anniversary and so it’s crowd funding at Unbound ( to get a lavish hardcover edition published to commemorate this as well as doing a regular paperback through Diamond Distributors. And this week’s regular delve into its archive  is our chat with independent superstar Eddie Campbell (Bacchus, From Hell), published in TRIPWIRE Volume 4 #12, way back in August 2002…

An Eighteenth Cover For Uncanny Avengers #1 For Hallowe’en

Not sure what the occasion is, but here’s an eighteenth cover for Uncanny Avengers #1. The other seventeen are here