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The New Green Lantern – Is He Called Baz… Or Barry?

Here’s the solicitation for Green Lantern #13 from Diamond’s website;

Green Lantern #13
(W) Geoff Johns (A) Doug Mahnke, Mark Irwin (CA) Ivan Reis, Joe Prado
  •  ”Rise of the Third Army”!
  • Baz, Earth’s NEW Green Lantern, battles The Justice League!
  • Meanwhile, The Guardians begin their final step in the destruction of the Lanterns by releasing the first of the Third Army soldiers!


Thing is, where I come from, that’s just short for Barry.

Are we really going to get Barry The Green Lantern?

No wonder he’s packing.

UPDATE: And yes, I’m told Baz is a popular Arabic name, that means Falcon. And he does have Arabic tattoos on his skin. But dammit, I’m not giving up. Everyone call him Barry The Green Lantern and it might just stick.

New James Bond SKYFALL International Trailer

James Bond 007 is back and here's the new international trailer for his next adventure SKYFALL.

MARVEL NOW!: Thor rebootlaunchnow team revealed


When Thor gets the Marvel NOW! treatment in November, look for Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic to run the show.

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Marvel Teases New Thor Series

After teasing the new Iron Man creative team yesterday, Marvel is continuing the slow information drip with a new teaser for what we presume is a new Thor series.


Jason Aaron? Esad Ribic? I'll bite. I would expect more of these kind of teasers throughout the week.

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Gary Friedrich Launches Appeal Over Ghost Rider Ownership

Gary Friedrich, co-creator of Ghost Rider, has filed his appeal against Marvel Comics after their court win over the ownership of the character. The case concluded with an agreement that Gary Friedrich would have to pay Marvel $17,000 because he sold signed Ghost Rider work and represented himself as the creator of the character.

The appeal seems to focus on the belief that Gary Friedrich did not transfer his ownership to the company, and that the decision was based on this court assumption, and they were wrong to do so. Daniel Best, who puts up the files, adds that the existence of a Silver Surfer graphic novel from the late seventies that is copyright to both Stan Lee and Moebius, sheds doubt on assumptions made in the court case that there were no allowances made for creator ownership at the company at the time.

There is also the argument of duress, that Friedrich was made to eventually sign a Marvel contract with the threat that he would get no more work if he did not so. He signed… and then got no more work.

Immonen Illustrates Classic and Current X-MEN in Marvel NOW!

The ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and NEW AVENGERS artist details his visual approach to the Bendis-written X-Men in the Marvel NOW! era

New Dark Knight Returns Trailer

The upcoming animated adaptation of Frank Miller's classic tale, featuring the voice of Robocop's Peter Weller as Batman.

NEW CRUSADERS Weekly #4 Act 1 Sneak Peek

Here's your weekly exclusive look at the latest from NEW CRUSADERS, going live on Archie's Red Circle app on Wednesday