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New The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

“My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men.”

Click here to view the embedded video.

More Batman, more Bane, and more Catwoman in this new The Dark Knight Rises trailer for the conclusion of Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy.

And in case you need a refresher:  Dark Knight Rises Trailer #1, and Dark Knight Rises Trailer #2.

TOYS: Toy Guru talks Vykron

W8912_VykronBarbarian_1-THUMBA few days ago we showed you what Mattel had in store for Masters of the Universe fans at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  Now we get a better explanation, and look, at Vykron.


crimson_harvest_THUMBThere are few artists whose work I could stare at for hours.  Francesco Francavilla is one of them, and his latest Batman inspired piece is a marvel to behold. Hello Pulp Friends, superbusy with Swamp Thing and The Black Beetle … Continue reading

REVIEW: Uncanny X-Men #11

XMThumbOr – “Hey, Didja Know The Heroes Are Gonna Fight?” Juggolossus goes mano-rojo-a-mano-rojo with The Red Hulk.  Whatever else happens, the colorist will probably wear out his lens flare filter… UNCANNY X-MEN #11 Writer: Kieron Gillen Penciler: Greg Land Inker: … Continue reading

Wednesday Watch: MUST-READ New Releases For 5/2/12

Trying to decide what to pick up this week? Here's our look at 10 of the most noteworthy new comics and trades

$10,000 For Sam Kieth Drawing Jim Lee And Rob Liefeld?

It’s a great piece of original art. Sam Kieth drawing Jim Lee’s Deathblow and Rob Liefeld’s Bloodwulf as well has his own Maxx in a series that predated The Maxx. Sam Kieth rarely sells his own art, so this is quite the rarity, and basically the first appearance of all these characters…

And it’s on eBay for $10,000. Anyone fancy it?

Is it worth ten grand? Well?

Live Action Halo Web Series – First Look Image From Forward Unto Dawn

Microsoft are once again trying again to get a live action adaptation of Halo up and running. This won’t be a feature film, unlike the well documented “clusterf*ck” that wasted Neill Blomkamp‘s time a few years ago, but a serial intended for online streaming.

Variety say that Microsoft intend for this web series to make the next Halo game accessible for people who haven’t played the series before. They also say that the web show is going to premiere on Machinima.

I’m getting mixed signals.

Somebody hasn’t thought this through.

The series’ storyline will apparently tell of a young UNSC cadet “inspired to leadership aboard the UNSC Infinity spacecraft by Master Chief.”

Halo 4 is due out in November, and we can expect the five, fifteen minute instalments of Forward Unto Dawn to roll out as part its promotional barrage. Also: expect more details at Comic-Con – perhaps the name of a director, or perhaps some of the onscreen talent.

But, for now, courtesy of Microsoft, I can bring you the first promotional image for Forward Unto Dawn which, ironically, is anything but forward (and you can make your own dawn/place where the sun don’t shine joke too, if you can work out its mechanics better than I could.)

Click on this to see it in its full, HQ glory.

FCBD 2012: Famous Faces & Funnies In West Melbourne, Florida

We continue to look at comic stores going above and beyond for Free Comic Book Day next Saturday. Well, Rebekah Isaacs, Jim Fern, Nelson Ortega, Joe Kuzma, Sebastian Piccione and Neil Jorge will be signing and sketching on Free Comic Book Day at Famous Faces & Funnies in West Melbourne, Florida, giving away ten free comics per person.

And the shop will be continuing activities through the month, as Free Comic Book May, giving away free graphic novels with $3 purchases with more free comic book giveaways every Saturday in the month.


The writer talks about what's coming up in Batgirl at C2E2 in Chicago.

KICKSTARTER: Zenescope reaches animated series funding goal

kickstarterad-581x900Press Release Zenescope Entertainment is proud to announce that Grimm Fairy Tales the Animated Series Kickstarter project has reached its goal of $175,000 on Sunday, April 29th. The project, based on Zenescope’s popular Grimm Fairy Tales comic book series created … Continue reading