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DIGITAL COMICS: DC to Brick and Mortar stores on digital day and date

superman2081With all the hubbub surrounding the announcement that DC Comics is taking its superhero line to digital day and date release, Senior Vice President, Sales, Bob Wayne has stepped up to reassure comic shops that DC Entertainment is not abandoning … Continue reading

Episode 110: Man Down! Man Down!

This week in On Shelves Now we review the Wolverine and Jubilee Mini-Series, Uncanny 536, Uncanny X-Force 8, and X-Factor 218.

We then pound through a Fastball Special.

And in Retro Reviews we continue through Inferno talking about X-Terminators 4 and New Mutants 72.

You can download the episode right here, or on iTunes.

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X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Special Screening LIVE!

FOX is hosting what is calls a "special event screening" of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. Hit the red carpet LIVE courtesy

Post Game TV Recap: DOCTOR WHO S6E5 "Rebel Flesh"

Clones! Recaps! New Theories inspired by Twitter! It's all here in our latest post game for Doctor Who.

BBC America Delays Two DOCTOR WHO Eps Due to Memorial Day

The final two episodes of Season 6.1 will be delayed by one week each in the US due to the Memorial Day holiday.

Michael Bay and James Cameron Talk the 3D of TRANSFORMERS

The two marquee directors discussed 3D on Wednesday night, specifically how it relates to TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON

Hey, That’s My Cape! – Mixed SMALLVILLE Finale Emotions

Jill dissects last week's series finale of the long-running series that made her "happy, mad and a little sad"

THOR Positions Marvel Studios Well … For Now

With two weeks at #1, THOR is guiding Marvel Studios to victory, or so it seems at the moment.

Marvel & ABC Make CASTLE Graphic Novel Official

Marvel and ABC Television are now sister subsidiaries of Disney and they're team for a OGN adaptation of the ABC program CASTLE.


Neil Gaiman's episode of Doctor Who has finally arrived, and we have the recap of this moving hour of sci-fi!